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FNAF Toy Chica Guide

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When you think of toys, chances are you think of cute, cuddly figurines that kids love to play with.

Not in this case.

Toy Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s are shiny, life-sized enemies eager to murder you.

They might have smiling faces, but there is no warmth in those smiles (kinda like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho).

Not creepy at all

Toy Animatronics are shinier, more kid-friendly upgrades of the original versions. So naturally, this makes Toy Chica the upgraded version of Chica. But what makes her stand out?

  • She is shiny and plasticky
  • She resembles a chicken
  • Toy Chica is also more child-friendly
  • She only has her beak on stage, which is detachable
  • She rarely drops her Cupcake
  • We aren’t sure whether Toy Chica is haunted or not

My Bottom Line Up Front

Toy Chica appears in several FNAF games, and her role changes from being a primary antagonist to having cameos. She is not the most challenging animatronic but is still a worthy adversary. And her detachable beak creeps me out.

Toy Chica’s Appearance

fnaf toy chica guide: appearance

Toy Chica looks more feminine than Chica. She wears an apron with a confetti design and the words “LET’S PARTY!” She has long eyelashes on purple eyelids, pink blushed cheeks, blue eyes, and a curvy figure.

Toy Chica also wears undergarments and carries a pink, big-eyed cupcake similar to the one Chica has. After leaving the Show Stage, Toy Chica removes her eyes and beak. This exposes her human-like teeth and leaves her with a permanent smile.

Toy Chica Lore

Since Toy Chica is a counterpart to Chica, she doesn’t have any lore to speak of. So instead, I’d suggest reading about Chica herself, who features in the franchise canon.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Toy Chica doesn’t speak in FNAF 2. But you have to be wary of her from Night one, and especially on Nights three and four when she is most active.

She starts at the Show Stage but moves to the Main Hall. She often makes her way to the Left Air Vent, though you can also see her in the hallway if you use your flashlight.

The Air Vent has a blind spot, and once Toy Chica reaches it, your best chance is to wear the Freddy Fazbear mask and gaze at her when she appears in the Office. She will look at you, assume you’re Freddy, and move past.

But if you fail to wear the mask and instead use the monitor, she will see you and give you a jump scare, ending your progress.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Toy Chica fnaf

Toy Chica does not have an active role in this game. But we can see her lifeless head in the Office, and we can play her in the Chica’s Party minigame. To access the minigame, head to the Extra menu or find the shadow cupcakes during Night 3 (on CAM 02, 03, 04, and 06).

In Chica’s Party, your goal is to pick up four cupcakes and deliver them to four blue-clothed crying children who are slumped on the ground.

When you supply a cupcake, the receiving child will grin, they will raise their hands up in joy, and their clothes will turn green. After the last child has received their Cupcake, an exit door will show up. Touch it to end the minigame.

The minigame also has a secret ending. After delivering the final cake, head to the secret entrance at the top left side of the screen in the lower section. You will land in another section with a crying child, but this child is grayed out.

Land on the nearest red balloon, so you do not fall. But if you drop down, you will go through the floor into another area with crying cupcakes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

In this game, Toy Chica only has a minor cameo. We see her figurine in the minigames, and that’s it.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

This is similar to FNAF 4 in that Toy Chica only appears in cameos that eagle-eyed players will see. Here, we see her only on posters in the game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

Want to play Toy Chica? You must first lure her through the gifting feature. Then, Toy Chica will show up on the map with a magnet sign on her head.

Ultimate Custom Night

In this game and Special Delivery, Toy Chica can speak. She references her missing beak in one line, saying it’s now lodged in the player’s forehead.

If that wasn’t spooky enough, she also taunts the player by asking if they will ever tire of dying.


Highscore Toy Chica Counterpart


The original female animatronic, Chica, has an enormous appetite. We can see this when she seeks pizza in the kitchens or has a slice of leftover pizza stuck on her apron and cockroaches scurry inside her. But how does an animatronic that doesn’t need food to survive crave pizzas? This is clearly the work of a programmer with a sick sense of humor.

Chica is chunkier than Toy Chica and looks more birdlike than feminine. She also has a different apron, which reads, “LET’S EAT!!!”

Just like Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon, Chica constantly carries her Cupcake.

She appears in:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 3
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Help Wanted

Chica is a significant enemy in FNAF 1 and Ultimate Custom Night. But in Help Wanted and FNAF 3, she appears in the minigames.

Highscore Toy Chica

Highscore Toy Chica

This is a Toy Chica skin in Special Delivery. She has a glowing blue suit instead of yellow, glowing yellow eyes and carries an 8-bit cupcake. Her apron also has new words: “HIGH SCORE.” and her lower body also glows a brighter blue.

When attacking, Highscore Toy Chica’s eyes turn red, her beak vanishes, and her apron text changes to “GAME OVER.” Despite her drastically different visuals, she still moves and attacks similarly to Toy Chica.

Catrina Toy Chica

Catrina Toy Chica

This is another skin exclusive to Special Delivery. It first appeared in the game’s Halloween event and is a celebration of Mexican culture. Her head has flower decorations, a skull pin, a bright red beak, and glowing eyes. She wears a necklace with jade stones and a traditional dress with more flowers around her mid-section.

Her apron reads “ESTAMOS AQUI,” Spanish for “WE’RE HERE” and her Cupcake looks like a Day of the Dead skull decoration. The skin fits the theme, though I think it could have been a tad scarier.

Withered Chica

Withered Chica fnaf

Now, this is a frightening counterpart. Withered Chica is a withered animatronic who first appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. Her hands are missing, with only wires left. There are also several holes in her yellow suit, and we can see both her endoskeleton teeth and costume teeth.

In FNAF 2, Withered Chica starts moving at 2am on Night 3. But she doesn’t pass through the hallway. Instead, Withered Chica heads directly to the vents. When she enters the Office, you must wear the Freddy mask quickly to avoid a jump scare.

Withered Chica also appears in Ultimate Custom Night.

Phantom Chica

Phantom Chica

Phantom Chica is, you guessed it, a phantom animatronic. She is full of burn marks, her yellow skin is charred, and she has smaller teeth than Chica. In addition, part of her left arm is missing, and her irises are pinpricks. Phantom Chica is also the only animatronic in the sequel based on a FNAF 1 model.

She first appears in FNAF 3, which makes her a challenging foe because her movements are random. If that’s not enough, she can also jump scare you if you stare at her for too long through the monitor.

Nightmare Chica

Nightmare Chica

This should be a contender for spookiest FNAF skin. Nightmare Chica has suffered heavy damage, making her look like the stuff of nightmares. Her suit and apron are torn, she has two rows of shark-like teeth, her fingers are withered, and her eyes have also received damage.

She appears in FNAF 4 and her presence alone makes it among the most terrifying games in the franchise.



Who doesn’t love jack-o-lanterns? The developers made full use of that fact to create a distinct-looking skin synonymous with Halloween. Jack-O-Chica has an orange suit instead of yellow, and an orange glow from inside the body. She also carries a jack-o-lantern instead of her Nightmare Cupcake.

Jack-O-Chica appears in FNAF 4: Halloween Edition, Ultimate Custom Night, and Special Delivery, and she acts like Nightmare Chica.

Rockstar Chica

Rockstar Chica fnaf

Rockstar Chica is the FNAF 6 counterpart of Chica. She has blue kneecaps and cheeks with a yellow suit. Her apron reads, “LET’S ROCK!!!” She carries a maraca in each hand and is more chicken-like than Toy Chica.

In Ultimate Custom Night, Rockstar Chica is an annoying enemy. When she reaches your Office, she won’t leave if you shut the door. Instead, she will wait until you open the door or power runs out to jump scare you. The only way to get rid of Rockstar Chica is to put a wet floor sign next to the door.

Liberty Chica

Liberty Chica

The Statue of Liberty in FNAF?

Why not! This is a skin that appears in Special Delivery. Liberty Chica is inspired by the Statue of Liberty and is the second animatronic whose theme is specifically American. She dons a green dress and carries a flaming cupcake.

But is Liberty Chica a parody or homage? I think the former.

Scorching Chica

Scorching Chica

This is another flame-themed skin like Phantom Chica. But Scorching Chica is more flaming than charred. Her suit looks smoldering, like it’s full of burnt rocks. Lava appears through several cracks, and the burnt Cupcake is missing his eyes.

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica isn’t just a glam rock animatronic; she is also Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizza Plex’s guitarist.

Of all Chica’s counterparts, Glamrock Chica looks the most different. She has a pink-and-white suit, wears a pink bow, and wears pink makeup. Glamrock Chica also wears spiked bracelets, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, and pink shoulder pads. Plus, she also carries the guitar she plays.

Little Red Chica

Little Red Chica fnaf

Animatronic skin ideas seemingly come from anywhere, so why not fairy tales?

Little Red Chica is a Special Delivery skin inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. She wears a red hood, has a withered white suit, and her stomach is destroyed. She carries a massive picnic basket covered with a red blanket. Her Cupcake is inside the basket.

The thing about Little Red Chica is she looks like the one ready to devour the Big, Bad Wolf.


Question: Why Does Toy Chica Have No Beak?

Answer: Toy Chica’s beak is removable. She wears it on the Show Stage but removes it when she leaves it. She even references her beak in Ultimate Custom Night. Finally, she asks if you’re wondering where her beak is and answers that it’s now lodged in your forehead.

Question: Is Toy Chica Possessed?

Answer: This is something we don’t yet know since it hasn’t been confirmed by Scott Cawthon.

Question: Is Toy Chica a Guy?

Answer: No, Toy Chica is female. She also has a feminine figure in the games, unlike Chica—who looks more chicken than human.

Question: Who Voices Toy Chica?

Answer: Amber Lee Connors provides the voice for Toy Chica.

FNAF Toy Chica Guide: Conclusion

Toy Chica is a straightforward villain in Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, she is not the most challenging animatronic, so facing her is often a relief from other, more challenging ones. Unless, of course, you crave that challenge from less forgiving animatronics.

I suggest playing FNAF 2 just to experience Toy Chica, though her appearances in other games are also great if you can get those games. Ultimate Custom Night is also fantastic because she speaks in it.

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