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Being a night security guard is not the most glamorous job. After all…

  • You work throughout the night
  • You get paid a measly salary
  • You put your life at risk
  • You are not equipped to deal with better-armed intruders

The odds are stacked against you. But that’s a walk in the park compared to being a night security guard in the Five Nights at Freddy’s world. And suppose you work at one of William Afton’s establishments. In that case, Murphy’s Law becomes a horrifying reality: if things can go wrong, they almost always do.

Most security guards die painfully or get too traumatized to return to their old selves. It’s a deal few would take, no matter how desperate they were—unless they had ulterior motives, like William’s son, Michael Afton.

So, this brings us to Jeremy, or Jeremy Fitzgerald, in full.

What’s his deal?

Jeremy Quick Facts

  • Jeremy is the night security guard in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  • He is also the player character in that game
  • He worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987
  • There are rumors that Jeremy might be the victim of the infamous Bite of ‘87

As the player character, you naturally root for Jeremy. And he goes through a lot as a security guard. But, by the time he finishes his shift and reaches the custom night, you can’t help but feel relieved.

Jeremy’s Appearance

Jeremy's Appearance
Image From FNAF Fandom

Since Jeremy is the player character in FNAF 2 and this is the first-person-perspective game, we never get to see him. And when Jeremy dies in your playthrough, he gets stuffed into a Freddy suit, and you see the Game Over screen from his eyes.

Jeremy also doesn’t appear in any minigames. So, his appearance has been a mystery for as long as I’ve followed the franchise.

Jeremy Lore

Jeremy landed a night security guard job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He started work on November 8th, 1987. On his first night, Phone Guy called Jeremy and revealed that the guard he was replacing had moved to the day shift. He also disclosed that the animatronics had tried to enter the guard’s office.

But why were the animatronics moving around at night? According to Phone Guy, they did not receive any kind of “night mode” programming. Unfortunately, this meant they couldn’t deactivate at night. So instead, they wandered the halls like lost souls, searching for people.

There was a music box at the Prize Corner as a temporary solution to keep them at bay. During Jeremy’s shift, the animatronics also made their way to him. But he often wore the empty Freddy Fazbear head to confuse them. And when that didn’t work, he shone the flashlight on the animatronics.

On the fourth night of Jeremy’s shift, he learned that someone had messed with the animatronics’ facial recognition systems. This led to the authorities investigating the restaurant; depending on how the investigation went, they might have to temporarily close Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

And on the fifth night, things took a dark turn. The restaurant was completely locked down, and no one could enter or leave. Jeremy was trapped with the animatronics, and only his wits helped him out of that situation.

Jeremy survived the night; after his shift, he received his check: $100.50. This was a relatively okay sum of money in 1987. However, I’d say risking your life each night against inhuman monsters needed much more compensation.

Anyway, after getting paid, Phone Guy told Jeremy that the restaurant would be closed down after hosting one last event. This would be a birthday party scheduled for the next day. So the pay would be $20.10, and his work at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza would end.

Jeremy likely took the job, and this birthday is probably where the infamous Bite of ’87 incident occurred. We still don’t have the precise details, but we know that one of the animatronics bit into someone’s head at the party, tearing off their brain’s frontal lobe.

But miraculously, Jeremy (or whoever was bitten) survived. Naturally, this incident had devastating effects on Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. If the restaurant was in danger, the final nail had been hammered. The new animatronics were scrapped—though the original ones survived in case the company reorganized in the future. And the restaurant officially closed.

If Jeremy was indeed the bite victim, chances are that even if he survived, he was probably in a vegetative state. Losing your frontal lobe is not a minor injury, after all. But it seems like this is one of those mysteries fans will keep speculating about until creator Scott Cawthon sheds light on what really happened.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

This game occurs some years before the events of FNAF 1, but unlike its predecessor, a lot of things are going on gameplay-wise. As usual, you work the night shift from midnight to 6 am. During this time, there are 11 animatronics you have to face. But on top of this, you also have to wind up the music box, ensure the vents are clear, and deal with the animatronics. To make things a bit easier, below are tips on how you can deal with each animatronic, according to the FNAF Ultimate Guide Book.

1. Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy
Image From FNAF Fandom

Once he starts to move, he will either giggle or call out “Hi!” or “Hello.” The fourth time he does this, Balloon Boy will appear in the Left Vent. And if he enters the office, you should wear the Freddy mask to chase him away.

Otherwise, he will disable the vent lights and flashlights, which will give the other animatronics an easier time getting to you. I found Balloon Boy the most infuriating enemy because even though he doesn’t directly kill you, he still giggles and mocks you while he keeps you from using your lights.

2. Mangle

Image From FNAF Fandom

He becomes active on Night 2 and often appears in the Hallway, but he won’t enter the office this way. Instead, he will try to enter through the Right Vent. Wear the Freddy mask to keep him away. But if he enters the office, he will stay there until your game ends.

I found Mangle the most unnerving animatronic because once he’s in the office, he hangs from the ceiling, waiting. Maybe it’s his faulty programming, but he doesn’t immediately jump scare you. And if you’re lucky, you might actually make it to the end of the night with Mangle in the office.

It’s unnerving and personally hampered my focus on the other approaching animatronics, so I recommend keeping him from entering the office.

3. The Puppet (Marionette)

The Puppet (Marionette)
Image From FNAF Fandom

he is inside the Prize Corner’s gift box. You must keep him there by constantly winding the music box so the music doesn’t stop playing. If he disappears, expect a nasty jump scare.

4. Withered Freddy

Withered Freddy
Image From FNAF Fandom

You don’t have to worry about him at first because he starts moving around on Night 2. But he becomes more active on Night 3, so that’s when you should become wary of Withered Freddy. He typically approaches through the hallway, and when he enters the office, you must quickly wear the Freddy mask.

I messed this up a few times before I got the timing right, so don’t worry if the same happens to you. Just keep a close eye on Withered Freddy once he enters the hallway, and the moment he gets into the office, wear the Freddy mask as fast as you can.

5. Withered Foxy

Withered Foxy
Image From FNAF Fandom

this is a tough one. When I first faced Withered Foxy, I thought I could chase him off with the Freddy mask like most of the other animatronics. Big mistake.

A few restarts and jump scares later, I learned that Withered Foxy doesn’t react to the Freddy mask. Instead, you should shine the flashlight on him. And you should flash it a couple of times in quick succession, just to be safe. And, of course, you’d better hope that Balloon Boy isn’t stuck in the office with you when Withered Foxy is moving around.

6. Withered Chica

Withered Chica
Image From FNAF Fandom

She is a sly one. She appears in the blind spot of the Right Vent. From there, she will move to your office. The moment she enters it, wear the mask. If you delay even a second (Especially in the later nights), she will kill you.

7. Withered Bonnie

Withered Bonnie
Image From FNAF Fandom

You have to keep an eye on this one. He can either appear from the Left Vent or the Hallway. If he chooses the Left Vent, he will enter its blind spot. So, you must quickly wear your mask. If you move too slowly, he might remove your mask and give you a jump scare. But thankfully, you don’t have to face him until Night 3.

8. Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie
Image From FNAF Fandom

He is one of the first animatronics you will have to face on Night 1. But later on, when the withered animatronics become more active, you will have to worry less about Toy Bonnie (he becomes more inactive).

When I first saw him in the vent and the lights were flickering, I freaked out. But I soon learned that if you wear the Freddy mask, he will simply pass you. And you’ll know the coast is clear when the lights stop flickering. So, I hope that helps!

9. Toy Freddie

Toy Freddie
Image From FNAF Fandom

while he is still a threat, he is among the least active animatronics in FNAF 2. So, you don’t have to pay him as much attention as the others. Just wear the Freddy head if he makes it to the office, and you’ll be fine. He also follows the same movement as Withered Freddy, so if you can follow my tip above, Toy Freddie won’t be too much trouble.

10. Toy Chica

Toy Chica
Image From FNAF Fandom

Like Toy Bonnie, she is most active during the first few nights. Just keep your head, wear the Freddy mask when she gets close, and you’ll be fine.

11. Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy
Image From FNAF Fandom

He is a secret animatronic who appears in the Custom Night and on Night 6. I found Golden Freddy unnerving because his appearances are unpredictable; his ghostly head can appear in the Hallway, or his crumpled suit can suddenly appear in the office. If you see him, you must act fast. So, quickly wear the Freddy mask and he will soon teleport away.

12. Shadow Freddy

Shadow Freddy
Image From FNAF Fandom

This is another secret animatronic. He often appears in the Service Room.

13. Shadow Bonnie (RWQFSFASXC)

Shadow Bonnie (RWQFSFASXC)
Image From FNAF Fandom

This is a shadow version of Bonnie, who is all black with white teeth. He sometimes shows up on the left side of the office. Try not to look at him for too long because this will make your game crash (no kidding).

14. Endoskeleton

Image From FNAF Fandom

Yep. This game has a bare endoskeleton hanging around, and we don’t know which animatronic it belongs to. You can see it in the Left Vent and Prize Corner. But thankfully, it won’t attack you.

15. JJ

Image From FNAF Fandom

If you find Balloon Boy annoying like me, you won’t find JJ any more likable. He is basically a Balloon Boy reskin but with pink eyes. And he only appears in the office, often peeking at you from under the desk. Like Balloon Boy, JJ can’t kill you; but that won’t keep him from getting on your nerves.

Pro Tip

This might sound obvious, but no matter which animatronic you face, I suggest acting fast. Like, really fast. As FNAF 2 progresses, you will have less time to react. So, my advice is to act like every animatronic will give you a jump scare the moment it enters the office. This will make for a hectic experience, but it worked in my case.


Because night security guards don’t get a lot of love in FNAF, I thought I should add them as Jeremy’s counterparts.

1. Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt
Image From FNAF Fandom

He appears in the first FNAF game, and we believe him to be William Afton’s son, Michael. He worked as a security guard between 7th and 14th November 1993, confirming that FNAF 2 is a prequel to FNAF 1.

Like Jeremy, Mike received tips from Phone Guy as he fended off the wandering animatronics. But Mike also suffered from hallucinations as he worked. And on Night 4, he heard Phone Guy die. Nevertheless, when he finished the sixth night, Mike was named “Employee of the Month.”

But he wasn’t done.

On the 7th night, Mike messed with the animatronics’ AI. As you’d expect, this promptly got him fired. To rub salt in the wound, his employers added that they also fired Mike because he stank and was unprofessional.

2. Fritz Smith

Fritz Smith
Image From FNAF Fandom

As it happens, Jeremy Fitzgerald is not the only security guard you play as in FNAF 2. You will also play Fritz Smith. Fritz Smith only works for one night, but it’s a heck of an intense one. The Toy Animatronics have become possessed and have more killing intent than ever. The other animatronics are also roaming around.

Despite this, Fritz apparently tampered with the animatronics during the day. And he survived his entire shift for the night.

But he was fired after his shift for messing with the suits and having a foul odor. I find this interesting because it mirrors Mike Schmidt, who also messed with the animatronics and whose employer said he stank. Could it be the same person but with different aliases?

3. Phone Guy

Phone Guy
Image From FNAF Fandom

Everyone who’s played FNAF knows Phone Guy. He’s the guy who calls, persuades you to stay, and offers tips. In FNAF 2, he’s not that worried about the animatronics. But this makes sense because he was probably working the day shift when the animatronics didn’t have an excessive murderous intent. He insists that Jeremy shouldn’t be worried and that the restaurant is committed to keeping employees safe.

But in FNAF 1, Phone Guy has experienced the night shift. He insists there’s nothing to worry about, though this might be just to keep Mike calm.

4. Vanessa

Image From FNAF Fandom

Vanessa is a security guard and beta tester who appears in Help Wanted and Security Breach. And unlike the previous security guards, we know how Vanessa looks. She used to work at Fazbear Entertainment Inc as the Senior IT Representative. But she then moved to Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex to become a security guard.

Despite her impressive resume, Vanessa was still unqualified to become a security guard because she didn’t have any experience. Her interviewer said as much, but Vanessa still got the job.

Glitchtrap (William Afton’s digital consciousness in the Fazbear Virtual Experience) tries to possess Vanessa to escape his virtual prison, and he partially succeeds. He latches onto Vanessa, becoming a voice inside her head, and makes her do things she otherwise wouldn’t.

The Other Jeremy

On a side note, there are two Jeremys in FNAF, so don’t confuse Jeremy Fitzgerald with Jeremy from the books. While the two share the same name, the Jeremy I focus on in this article is a security guard. But the Jeremy from the books is a child who was abducted and killed by William Afton.

He is part of the Missing Children Incident, where Afton kidnapped several kids (Jeremy, Gabriel, Cassidy, Fritz, and Susie) after luring them with a Spring Bonnie suit.

And when they were alone and terrified, he killed them. The sicko then stuffed their bodies into the available animatronics, and the children’s souls ended up possessing those animatronics. Sadly, the cops didn’t even notice that the missing children were Afton’s victims because no one was allowed to lay a hand on the animatronic suits.

It was the perfect crime for Afton, but it backfired when the children’s souls possessed the animatronics and became vengeful spirits out for blood.

Jeremy is thought to possess the Original Bonnie animatronic.


Question: Who is Jeremy in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Jeremy Fitzgerald was a security guard who worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987.

Question: Is Jeremy the Bite Victim of 1987?

Answer: We aren’t certain, but we know he was at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza when the Bite of ’87 occurred. He was either the victim, or he witnessed the incident happen.

Question: Is Jeremy a Child in FNAF?

Answer: There are two Jeremys in FNAF: one Jeremy Fitzgerald is a security guard who worked at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in 1987, the other is a child that William Afton abducted and killed during the Missing Children Incident.

Question: Which Animatronic Was Behind the Bite of ’87?

Answer: We still don’t know that. But there is plenty of speculation that Mangle did it.

Jeremy FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Jeremy Fitzgerald is a brave security guard who risked life and limb for a paycheck. I respect how he returned to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza after the first night, despite the evident danger to his life. He also didn’t become affected to the point he started hallucinating, like Mike Schmidt.

I highly recommend playing Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 to know firsthand what Jeremy went through. It’s a more challenging game than the first one and far scarier.

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