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If you’re familiar with the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, then you’ll know how many different forms each animatronic takes on throughout the timeline of games.

Rather than sticking to one design, our favorite characters have been wrecked, ruined, and rusted while getting new paint jobs, designs, and eras of new outfits. It’s hard to keep up with how many variations of our favorite characters there are!

With each design comes many opportunities for plush toys, which can be said for the Five Nights at Freddy’s crew. For almost every significant change in design, there has been a plush to accompany it. For collectors like me, this is perfect. I love tracking a game’s progress through the merch I’ve collected during its lifespan, so a collection of a variety of original Chica to Glamrock plush is a must-have.

Bottom Line Up Front

Having plushies of your favorite characters is essential for any gamer. They may be for display if you’re an avid collector, or maybe you just want to face your fears with a cuddle. Either way, every fan is bound to add a plush toy to their collection at one point or another.

I’ve been an avid plush collector since I was young, so I am a harsh critic when it comes to deciding on the best of the best. As much as I wish it was a simple process to decide on your cuddle buddy, I know exactly what to look out for in a good plush toy.

Shopping has never been so intense when it comes to joining my collection of the creme-de-la-creme! I wanted to showcase a variety of Chica plushies in this list and show you the reasons behind why they’re notable. With a popular franchise like Five Nights at Freddy’s, the market for merch is saturated by both good and bad items. Which makes knowing your stuff all the more important!

Brands to look out for

POP! Funko
Image From Funko Fandom

 Since Five Nights at Freddy’s has been around since 2014, many companies have had a shot at creating plushies for the franchise. However, as the years have passed, more people are looking for a good quality piece of merchandise. As a result, the bar has been raised, and many companies have given in.

However, a few solid options remain and have been reliable throughout the timeline of the game, which I’ve highlighted in this guide.

 Firstly, Funko is the most apparent option for Five Nights at Freddy’s merch. Since the first few games were released, they have been churning out high-quality and sought-after merchandise for the game. Upon the release of every mainline FNAF game, Funko has been the first company to release plush toys of the characters.

Additionally, their merch is consistently high quality and affordable. Funko is a renowned collector company, too, so their merchandise has a scale of rarity to it, making fans want it more.  Because of this rarity that accompanies Funko merch, it means that products sell out incredibly quality when released, and it takes a while for things to come back into circulation.

For example, I waited for Security Breach plushies to be released when the game came out as I loved the Glamrock design of the characters, but I couldn’t find a Glamrock plush anywhere. They sold out in-store and online almost instantly, which is the case for most Funko branded plush toys.

 If you find yourself in the same position and haven’t had much luck with Funko plush toys, then other brands have your back. One of my favorites is Sanshee, who produced a wave of Five Nights at Freddy’s plush toys when the game was released and has continued to create them since.

Even though the design is limited to the crew of the original game, the charm of their ‘vintage’ look is still adorable. Not to mention how authentic and game-accurate these plushies are! Once again, they are affordable and high-quality.

What makes a good Five Nights at Freddy’s Plush?

 As it would be with collecting plush toys from any franchise, you don’t just settle for the first one you come across. Instead, you need to take into consideration a few factors when it comes to starting or continuing your plush collection.

The plush you’re buying needs to represent the character accurately. If you believe a Chica plush doesn’t look anything like her character, then it probably isn’t worth buying. Luckily the FNAF franchise and the companies in charge of creating the plush toys for the game have honed in on how the plushies sold within the game look.

So, rather than using the actual animatronic as a guide to creating a plush, they use existing plush renditions from each game and recreate them for real-life cuddles.  I always recommend buying officially licensed plush toys as well, due to the quality being much better than any bootleg plush.

Plus, officially licensed merch usually gives the feel that you have bought something from a Five Nights at Freddy’s gift shop – which is always a satisfying feeling. Additionally, official merch means you’re supporting the game directly rather than giving money to a second-hand party – so you’re funding future frights!

 Finally, you need to decide on what the plush you’re buying will be used for. Do you need a cuddle buddy for your next experience with the game? Someone, to help soften the blow of jumpscares? Or is the plushie solely for display? All of this will feed into finding the perfect plushie.

If you want something for display, the stuffing needs to be more solid to make sure it can stand up, and you’ll probably benefit more from a sitting plushie than one standing. However, if you’re looking for something to cuddle, you’ll want something softer. See what I mean when I say it’s not just a grab-and-go with these plushies?

My top picks at a glance

Chica Plush

When looking at the Chica plushies currently available to us, a few stand out as my favorites. It’s a hard decision, especially as an avid plush toy collector myself. But still, even a fanatic must choose their favorites! Starting with the Sanshee Chica and Cupcake plush, which takes my number one spot.

I adore everything about this plush toy. I think it perfectly represents Chica’s character in the first FNaF game, and it’s a bonus that this plush comes with an adorable magnetic cupcake. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but it’s worth every single penny!

My second favorite plushie from this list would have to be the Glamrock Chica by Funko. As much as I’ve engaged with Five Nights at Freddy’s titles in the past, Security Breach had me sinking my teeth back into my love for all things animatronic.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across either of these plushies, I’d recommend buying them instantly! Finally, my last favorite plush from my list would go to Liberty Chica. I know what you’re thinking – how could this make a list of favorites? But I honestly adore its quirky design. I didn’t expect myself to find it so charming, but I can’t deny the fact I do! Plus, it’s an affordable and unique addition to anyone’s collection. How could you go wrong?

An explanation of pricing

 Regarding pricing on these plushies, I tried to find the price upon the first sale for each one. But due to some of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s “first wave” plushies being discontinued as the game’s timeline has progressed, it became a challenge!

The prices within this guide are as close to the original price as I could find, especially for the first half of the list. It’s essential to consider collectors and price increases of these plushies due to rarity.

 For brands like Funko, who are predominantly featured in this guide due to creating the majority of Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies, prices vary via produce due to its rarity. Plushies like the Blacklight Glamrock series were released as part of a promotion for Security Breach, so they’re challenging to come by now.

However, if you are fortunate enough to find one in a store for a reasonable price – snap it up! These plushies are a great addition to any collection. The same can be said for the first wave of FNAF plushies released by Funko. Although they are discontinued now, you’re still likely to find them now and then.

So keep your eyes peeled for this wave if you’re hunting for some authentic and somewhat rare Five Nights at Freddy’s merch. Plus, the quality of a Funko Plush is unmatched.

1. Sanshee Chica and Cupcake $39.99

Five Nights at Freddy's - Chica and Cupcake Plush

For any first-gen Five Nights at Freddy’s fanatic, this is the plushie for you. This nine-inch Chica plushie features every element of her original design in an adorable, rounded chibi design. Taking away the fear factor and her beak full of fangs, I am head over heels for this plush.

Two elements to this plush toy mark it as one of my favorites.  Starting with Chica’s bib, which features the original “Let’s Eat!!” design from the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game. As I mentioned, many companies have focused on producing modern plush equivalents to coincide with the FNAF timeline, so it’s nice to see a plush version of the original animatronic still being created.

 My second favorite feature of this plush is a hidden gem. On the right wing, a magnet connects to the back of a small cupcake plushie, which comes with Chica. I love this element, mainly because it’s unique to this plush toy. Usually, a cupcake would be stitched onto the toy, but the magnet allows her to be displayed with or without. Sure, this plushie is a little on the expensive side, but I’d be willing to pay the price for this feature alone!


  • An incredible, high-quality plush true to the character.
  • Additional magnetic cupcake plushie as an accessory.
  • Embroidered details rather than hard plastic, making it the perfect cuddle buddy!


  • Hard to come by, considered an ‘exclusive’ plush so regularly sold out.
  • On the more expensive side of the scale (but totally worth it!)

2. Funko Chica -$12.00

let's eat toy

CHICA - FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'SAs part of the first wave of Five Nights at Freddy’s plush toys released by Funko, this Chica plush is now considered a rarity. I’ll admit, it’s not one of my favorites, but I understand why people would want it from a collector’s perspective.

However, I find its features are a little too wonky for me, and she has an offputting angry disposition compared to other Chica plushies. Finding this plush for a reasonable price is almost as rare as finding the plush itself. But, as I said, it was part of the first wave of Funko FNAF plush toys, so it’s incredibly challenging to find now.

Nevertheless, second-hand sellers are not shying away from matching the price to this plushies age, so if you are lucky enough to find it at a reasonable price, I’d recommend buying it anyway so that you can say you have it!


  • An homage to the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game.
  • Embroidered details to make it softer.
  • Can be found fairly cheap if re-distributed by companies.


  • A rare addition to your collection so can be hard to find.
  • Small in size, which makes features seem wonky from time to time.

3. Funko Toy Chica$74.99

lets party

However, compared to the original Chica plushie Funko released, the Toy Chica is a step up and one of my favorite plush versions of the character. Rather than having facial features sticking out of the plushie, all of Toy Chica’s facial expressions are embroidered on, which I think increases the quality by a landslide. Additionally, this plushie seems far more proportionate than the previous Chica by Funko.

It’s less rounded and far more accurate to the character. It certainly helps that it doesn’t have furrowed brows! Once again, this plushie is a little more on the expensive side of the scale. But you’re buying the quality and accuracy of the toy more than anything else.

If you wanted an accurate, high-quality, and all-around incredible plushie, this is one of the ones I would recommend in a heartbeat. I’ve wanted to add this one to my collection for quite some time, but it’s considered one of the rarer plushies – so I’m still struggling to find it for a reasonable price. 


  • Different approach to Chica plushies from Funko. Looks good on display.
  • True to character and has high-quality embroidered details.
  • Rounded features so doesn’t have mismatched stitching (unlike Funko’s original Chica!)


  • Expensive due to limited availability.

4. Funko Twisted Chica 

Funko 29701 Plush: FNAF Twisted Ones: Chica Five Nights at Freddy's, Multi

If you’re not looking for a cute equivalent of these animatronic enemies, this may be a plush toy worth adding to your collection. This “Twisted Chica” plushie brings fear to life and shows everything that had you trembling in the game. It’s not necessarily a cute addition, but a worthy one nonetheless.

This plushie shows a level of detail that many others that show Chica’s ‘cuteness’ miss out on. Covered top to bottom in felt and embroidered fangs, this Chica plushie is one of the most unique on this whole list. As I’m someone who adores cute things, I can’t say I love it. But, it would be a great addition to anyone’s FNAF collection – especially considering its accessibility and low price!


  • One of the only variations of Chica plush that show the scary side of her.
  • A specific and unique look.
  • Cheap alternative to buying an FNaF plush.


  • Its detail makes it almost look messy rather than put together.
  • Fangs on the stomach and arms are printed on rather than embroidered.

5. Funko Glamrock Chica & Blacklight Glamrock Chica 

Funko 47383 Plush: Five Nights at Freddys-Pizza Plex-Glamrock Chica Collectible Toy, Multicolour

As I’ve already mentioned, I tried desperately to get ahold of Security Breach plushies, but they sold out almost instantly. I’d say that Security Breach has been Five Nights at Freddy’s most popular game to date, so it’s understandable why the merch is as famous. The Glamrock Chica plushie is my favorite of all the characters released in this collection, mainly because it’s the most accurate depiction of the character, and I love her color scheme.

To coincide with the release of these Glamrock plushies, a series of “Blacklight” plushies were also released by Funko. These blacklight plushies were almost more popular than the initial Glamrock plushies and have continued to be rare. I love the concept and especially how they glow under a blacklight.

However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to add these to my collection. The Glamrock and the Blacklight Glamrock Chica plushies are a great pair of plushies – but don’t expect to find them easily! Even though they are some of the newest releases, they are still considered some of the rarest, so second-hand purchases might be the way to go. 


  • The most recent additions to the plush collection, so the most accurate to the current characters.
  • Very high-quality and features are detailed rather than simplified.
  • Vibrant neon colors rather than relying on standard Chica yellow.


  • Blacklight variation is incredibly difficult to find due to being a limited release.
  • Since they have been released to coincide with Security Breach, they are very popular.
  • Popularity has increased the price, so they’re hard to find for their original price!

6. Funko Jack-O-Chica

Funko Plush: FNAF Dreadbear- Jack-O-Chica

 Similar to the Twisted Chica plushie, this Jack-O-Chica focuses more on the terror of the character than it does the cuter aspect. Rather than being the traditional yellow color of Chica, this plushie takes the color of a pumpkin-like Chica (hence the name), and her embroidered yellow eyes look empty behind.

Several features on the body of the plush give the impression that she’s decomposing, not to mention the beak full of teeth! This plushie is easily the one I’ve come across the most, so it’s safe to say it’s not the most popular design. I can see why, it’s hard to determine which character it is unless you know your stuff.

Unless you’re a mega-fan of the Jack-O series, I can’t say I’d recommend this plush to anyone on the hunt for a good FNAF plush. 


  • A scarier approach to Chica plush, which is a rare thing to find.
  • A common plush to come across.


  • Doesn’t overly look like Chica unless you know your stuff with FNaF.
  • Loses some of its fear factor with simplified details.
  • The style of plush would better suit a figure.

7. Funko Highscore Chica & Inverted Highscore Chica 

Funko Plush - FNAF Special Delivery

The Highscore Chica plush is a super unique plush variation of the character. This may not be for you unless you know your stuff and are particularly passionate about collecting random Chica plushies.

This plush looks nothing like the Chica a lot of fans have learned to love, but she has her unique charm and appearance, making me want to add her to my collection. I love obscure merch, and since this plush still has the cute appearance of other plushies rather than being scary, I could see myself buying her.

 Additionally, much like the Glamrock and Blacklight plush, this Highscore plush collection features an ‘inverted’ variation for all you collectors. This plushie is significantly harder to come across yet costs the same as when it was first released.

I understand its rarity since it’s a one-of-a-kind piece to have, but the color change is pretty insignificant and is the only real difference in design. This pair of plushies is yet another affordable and high-quality option from Funko. 


  • Another unique release from Funko so will eventually become a rarity to own.
  • A pair of unique, retro-style plushies who still maintain traditional Chica features.
  • A beautiful pair of plush toys to display due to their sitting pose.


  • Specific to Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery.
  • The material isn’t as soft as the previous Funko plush. Has a scratchy feel.

8. Funko Liberty Chica£10.00

Funko Plush: Five Nights At Freddy's - Liberty Chica

 Finally, the last installment of Chica’s obscure plush variations is Liberty Chica. I see no reason to want to add this plushie to my collection aside from comedic value and having it for the sake of saying I have it. However, the quality is unmatched for a plush that feels like a joke.

There are so many details that go into this plush, from the crown to the cupcake torch. I wish I didn’t love this plushie as much as I do! To anyone unfamiliar with the FNAF franchise, this plush toy looks like a piece of New York memorabilia and doesn’t seem like a piece of merchandise from the game.

Because it’s such an obscure design, it’s not been too popular among FNAF fanatics and is still regularly for sale. Maybe one day I’ll bite the bullet and decide to rehome this random plushie. 


  • A very unique design.
  • A niche reference for any hardcore Five Nights at Freddy’s fanatic.
  • An affordable plushie to add to your collection – especially because it’s so high-quality.


  • Doesn’t look anything like the original character.
  • Considered a collectible, so will become hard to find in the future.

9. Goodstuff Standing & Sitting Chica -$22.95

Five Nights at Freddy's Chica Plush

I’d say that the Goodstuff Chica plush, standing, and sitting, are two of my least favorite designs and plush renditions of this character. They are incredibly basic and are nowhere near as high quality as the plushies I’ve already mentioned.

They look almost identical to the original Chica plush released by Funko but are wonkier and offputting. They’re smaller, coming up at around six and a half inches, and there are two variations, sitting or standing. The sitting Chica is identical to the Funko Chica, but the standing variation is even worse.

 The Goodstuff Standing Chica plush has no defining features on its design, and rather than having embroidered features; the design is printed directly onto the plush body. Making the entire toy look incredibly flat and cheap. Considering its price, you’d be much better off buying a Funko plush since most of them are the same price, if not more affordable!


  • An alternative to the original Funko Chica plush if you can’t find that one.


  • Large, hard glassy eyes rather than embroidered.
  • Features appear wonky, eyebrows are stitched on at an angle.
  • Doesn’t truly reflect the nature of the character.

10. Hex Chica -$49.99

chica plush

Finally, to end our list, my favorite plushie of the lot. This Hex Chica plush showcases the original look of our famous animatronic chicken with magnetic joints to make all her limbs removable and posable. This plush is the largest on the list, standing at over twelve inches; hence its price, and also has unmatched detail. Rather than having embroidered facial features, this plush has button eyes and an embroidered bib, making it feel incredibly high quality.

Much like the Sanshee plush, this Chica also comes with an accompanying cupcake which is only appropriate for this ‘vintage’ design. The cupcake also has matching button eyes to Chica and has a magnet in its base for Chica to hold.

The plush also comes with a collectors card exclusive to this plush! I know it’s more on the expensive side, but I can’t express how incredible it is. It’s such high quality and has an almost handmade feel with its button eyes. It’s unique, and I think you’d be hard pushed to find anything with a similar look – making it an extraordinary addition to your collection!


  • A wonderful, handmade plush toy to add to your collection.
  • Made by a company other than Funko, so doesn’t have the same look as other Chica plush.
  • Its magnetic joints allow its position to be changed, which makes the display a lot easier.


  • Magnetic joins pop off pretty easily, so it’s not a plush for cuddling.
  • Due to its unique nature, it’s on the more expensive end of the scale.


 Question: Why are some Chica plushies so expensive?

Answer: As I mentioned in my pricing explanation, the price for each of these plushies is dependent on where you get it from. With a character like Chica, who has been a reoccurring character in the FNaF franchise, she’s become a fan favorite. Meaning merch sells out as soon as it hits the shelves. Additionally, with the consistent release of different variations and styles of characters and in turn, their plushies, specific designs cease to be made.
You are making them collectable and rare for any like-minded fanatic. This is why one day you could find an original Chica plushie for a handful of dollars, and the next day it’s tripled in price! You’re buying into a collectors market, and sadly no price is guaranteed unless you purchase a plush from a retailer!

Question: Will Funko release more FNAF plushies?

Answer: As the Five Nights at Freddy’s timeline expands, I find it hard to believe that Funko will cease creating their FNAF range. It’s easily one of the most popular companies regarding plush toys, so they’d be doing themselves a disservice should they stop. Even with Security Breach already having a range of plushies, with collections like the blacklight range, they’re finding a way to keep making plushies. So yes, I’d say we can definitely expect more plushies from Funko in the future!

Question: Which Chica plush is the rarest?

Answer: It’s hard to say which Chica plushie is the rarest since so many factors make a plush toy rare. However, if I were to give a definitive answer on which Chica plush is the rarest, I would have to go with the first Funko plush released for the character. It’s rare primarily because of how old it is compared to some of the modern adaptations of Chica. Additionally, it raises the highest price tag with second-hand sellers – so if I had to decide which was the rarest, I’d go for that one! Funko’s Toy Chica plush also fights for the top spot, but that’s because of how incredible the quality is compared to the first release from the company. 

FNAF Chica Plush Guide: Summary

 There are loads of Chica plushies to choose from. If you’re searching for one to add to your collection, then I’m confident this list will have something for you! No matter your favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s game or your favorite variation of Chica, there is more than likely a plush toy to meet your needs.

Plus, I can imagine cuddling up with one of these while playing the game would take most of the fear away! I’m keen to see which plus variations the future of this game and the future of these companies hold. As much as I adore the range of plushies currently available, I’m excited to see what comes from the future of this game!

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