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Since day one, the Five Nights at Freddy’s series has been famous for its merchandise. The creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s – Scott Cawthon, partnered early with Funko to massively produce FNAF merchandise. This smart move led to big corporate retailers selling these toys and plushies.

The examples I’m thinking of here are Walmart and Target. Merchandise is one of the biggest income sources for the franchise, which I think was very well set up. Every FNAF game got its series of collectible plushies. Each plushie represents a certain animatronic from the game.

The particular plushies I’m covering today are from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, which came out earlier this year. The fandom quickly fell in love with the new characters introduced to the franchise. But sadly, the game itself is not as good as the set expectations.

I played it immediately when it came out, and personally, it felt more like a walking simulator than a horror game. It got an incredible amount of negative backlash because it didn’t meet the expectations of the hype train. However, although the game wasn’t a big success, the characters that have come out of it are something the community adores.

So today, I’m going to cover the plushies of the new Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach animatronics. I’m going to look to see if they met the expectations, unlike Security Breach. I will list my opinion and all of their pros and cons in this article guide, which you can easily navigate through.

Bottom Line Up Front

One of the plushies that have caught the most of my attention is Glamrock Freddy. In my opinion, it is the one that stands out the most in this collection. Even though the Glamrock Freddy plush has some flaws and inconsistencies with Freddy from the game, he is the best out of all FNAF: Security Breach plushies.

My favorite thing about him is his vibrant color palette perfectly portrays the original Glamrock Freddy from the game. I also like his top hat, which is a unique attachment to his plush. I can’t wait to place him in my collection with other Freddy Fazbear plushies because he will fit in perfectly with all his other counterparts.

As a Five Nights at Freddy’s plushie collector, I think it’s important to have an insight into a product you buy because it often doesn’t have to meet your expectations. This article is the perfect place to find everything you should know about Security Breach plushies, and whether you should buy them or not.

Picking the Best FNAF: Security Breach Plush

FNAF Security Breach Plush The Five Nights at Freddy’s series has released dozens of quality plushies made from cotton – perpetuating the exact texture of plush.  I think this is one of the most important factors when deciding which plush to buy because I personally don’t like vinyl because it isn’t soft enough.

A plushie should be made out of a soft material by default. Funko is the prominent manufacturer and distributor of FNAF plushies. They are the first company to release a series of FNAF plushies whenever a new game comes out. But even though they are a large company, they make mistakes too.

So you should always be cautious whenever buying anything, regardless of the brand and store. I wrote this review to make you aware of these plushies’ ups and downsides, so you can know whether you want to buy them. It’s important to have an insight into a product you are buying because you don’t want to end up with something you will regret later.

Official Distributor

I’m going to review mainly the official Funko FNAF plushies. In most cases, other bootleg manufacturers are not even worth checking out.

They are almost 100% consistently low in quality but cost the same amount as Funko. There are only two plushies on this list that aren’t made by Funko, but they are still chosen with precaution. You can always buy a plushie from one of those unknown distributors, but you’ll, in most cases, end up with a very low-quality plush.

Similarities to the Game

A Five Nights at Freddy’s plush must not differ too much from the character they are based on. So, the plush must keep the almost exact amount of detail the character has in the game. People will enjoy the plush more if it accurately represents the character.

In my opinion, it doesn’t have to completely match all details, as there are limitations because it’s impossible to entirely replicate a video game character. And I think you should always leave some place for artistic expression unless it goes over the important details.

Attention to the Material

The quality of the plush’s material is a really important factor when deciding whenever you want to buy one because you don’t want to order something you can find at your local fair or dollar store.

In most cases, the reviews on the page serve as the best source of information. It’s a great source of information that you are always free to check out, as negative reviews mostly leave a reason for their dislike of the product. 

Nevertheless, that’s the best way for you to find out if the quality and the material are worth it. It’s essential for a plush to be soft and have a plush texture. Natural materials like cotton are highly appreciable. So you should always be out on the look for that fact when ordering.

FNAF: Security Breach Plushies

Glamrock Freddy

funko I don’t think this official Funko plushie of Glamrock Freddy is much different from a bootleg version. It’s like the ones you can find on Amazon, but it’s still the best one in this collection. Many people say over social media that he looks like he has been stung by a couple of bees, which is quite noticeable when you look at him. I don’t like how his face looks bloated.

Also, when you compare him to the original Glamrock Freddy from the game, his jaw looks much softer, and he is missing his light blue face paint. Other important details are also missing, like shoulder pads, which I think they could’ve added without a problem.

He is made out of vinyl which isn’t the best material for a plushie. I think cotton is much better as the plushie would be softer and cuddlier. He is a perfect toy for all ages, as he’s cute and small.


  • Glamrock Freddy isn’t missing any crucial details, and I think his overall design is well done. However, I also think a few details were not included because pulling them off on a plush would’ve been challenging. Or it wouldn’t just look right.
  • His colors are vibrant. He gives the same vibe as Glamrock Freddy from the actual game. Fortunately enough, this time, the colors aren’t misplaced or mismatched.
  • The children who are most of the sales are mostly happy with what they got. They enjoyed the plush regardless of the things that were missing. Which I think is important.


  • To me, Glamrock Freddy looks a little bit bloated on his face. His jaw is much weaker than in the game. It doesn’t look as strong as it should. Overall, he seems much goofier than in the actual game.
  • I don’t like that his bow tie is printed on him, as almost all prior Freddy plushies have real bow-ties attached. It seems like Funko tightened their budget there.
  • The material that he is made of is much cheaper than before. It is scratchy and not pushy at all. I think that’s a big issue since people in the reviews compare it to the quality of the material the plushies would get at a fair.

Montgomery Gator

montgomery This Monty plushie shares the same problems with the Glamrock Freddy one. But the worst thing about him is that he made the Glamrock Freddy plushie look incredible. I don’t like how they were inconsistent with his colors and other small details.

Also, his mohawk is disappointing as it is way thinner than it should be. Overall, he is cute regardless of everything he is missing. I can’t imagine how satisfying it is to finally have him in your Security Breach plush collection, but I’m not the biggest Monty fan.

He isn’t something I would buy as he is also made of vinyl. I don’t like that Funko didn’t use cotton this time, as it did for the previous plushies.


  • Monty’s plushie comes with an alligator tail despite not being seen in this image. I think it’s a well-added detail that makes him unique.
  • Most of the buyers who received him are happy with their purchase. Especially children, who are one of the main targeted demographics. I think it’s important that the majority enjoys the product despite its flaws.


  • I don’t like the inconsistency in detail because it’s a much larger issue when dealing with Monty’s plushie. And there is a lack of real attachments that the previous FNAF plushies had. I don’t like how they are just cheaply printed directly onto the plushie.
  • The color palette is just wrong. If you saw this the first glance, you would most likely think that this is a bootleg version of the real plushie. If you take a closer look, you can see the colors on his chest, hands, and feet just don’t match the ones from the game.
  • The material used in making this plushie is also cheap. I think that’s an unpleasant experience for a long-term Funko plush buyer. The production quality drastically decreased with the Security Breach set, and I’m not a fan of that change.

Roxanne Wolf

Roxanne Wolf By far, the plushie of Roxy is one of the worst, if not the worst, in this entire collection. I think it’s sad to see the quality of the Funko plush downgrade like that.  The inconsistencies of the color palette are major within her, as she has three different shades of purple for her skin.

And details like the face paint weren’t included. So even though it’s the same case with Glamrock Freddy, her face paint is more important, making this a greater loss. It’s not the most visually pleasing plushie, and it isn’t that soft as it’s also made out of vinyl.

But if you love Roxy as a character, it’s still a great pick. So don’t hesitate to buy it if it will make you happy in the end. It can be a nice addition to your collection.


  • I think Roxy has beautifully designed hair. And when you turn her around, her belt is more detailed than expected.
  • Roxy is great for fulfilling your FNAF plushie collection. I like that the majority of the people that have received her fell in love with her even with all of her flaws. The fans enjoy the plushie even though it’s not the best design-wise.
  • Many children adore the plush. You should buy it for your kid or little brother if that’s what you’re looking for.


  • One of the first things you will notice by looking at her is her color palette. I don’t think it was done how it should’ve been. It features three different shades of purple just for her fur. And it doesn’t even match the character from the original game. It’s visually frustrating to look at.
  • She is missing more details than the previous plushies, for example, shoulder pads, arm and leg bands, face painting, and lipstick. So it’s just a poor plushie content-wise.
  • Roxanne Wolf Funko plushie has the same problem with the material as the past two I’ve covered. She is not made out of a material that represents a plush feeling, but instead, it’s a more scratchy fabric.

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica After Glamrock Freddy, I think Glamrock Chica is the second best-looking Security Breach plush. She is the one that I would be genuinely happy spending my money on. I like that there aren’t any significant details missing like on the rest of the plushies.

Everything is exactly like in the game, and they have put all the essential details. Her appearance stays canon to her in FNAF: Security Breach. She has an adorable face that doesn’t look bloated or derpy this time. It’s a great pick if you collect Chica plushies.

Overall, I would happily have her in my collection one day. The only fact I find to be a bit disappointing is that she is made out of vinyl like the rest of the plushies. But if you can come over that fact, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy her.


  • In my opinion, Glamrock Chica is the second-best plushie in the Security Breach collection. She has no major issues that compare her to Roxy or Vanny. Thus I think her design is well done.
  • The colors used on her are pleasant to look at. Her bright pink body and face paint go very well with her colorful pants.


  • The biggest problem in Glamrock Chica’s plushie is the lack of quality material. She isn’t as plushy as a Funko plush is supposed to be, so she is a little bit scratchy. 


funko vannie Vanny’s plushie, on the other hand, is not as disappointing as the majority of this collection. You could say that she looks average, but I think she is closer to a bootleg. She has a derp face expression that kills the entire crazy murderer vibe she has in the game, but it makes her look gentle and cute.

Which I don’t think is that bad. She isn’t missing any major details, but I think the people designing her could’ve done her overall look and colors better. Vanny is also made out of vinyl. I think she looks like something you would get at a fair or something you can win from the claw machine.


  • I think her face is adorable. I just love it. Even though she looks stoned, it’s funny regardless of how you look.
  • The majority also adores this plushie. It has many positive reviews, mostly from grandparents who were buying it for their little grandchildren. Thus the most important part is that the children enjoy the plushie.


  • Her overall design is mostly bland. To me, it looks like there was little to no effort when they were making the patches on her suit. Funko made her look like a sad rabbit, which is a little bit dissapointing, as her face is missing certain important features like the rabbit teeth and mustache.
  • The material used when making this plushie is not of the best quality. She isn’t soft and plushy like prior Funko Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Sun and Moon’s plushies are also one of my favorites in this collection. Surprisingly, they aren’t officially made by Funko, as these are the bootleg versions. I like that they didn’t miss out on any important details. They perfectly portrayed how they look and act in the game.

So it’s probably better that Funko didn’t participate in creating them. This isn’t a perfect product, though, as it has its flaws, for example, the material which is also cheap. But I would still consider buying both as they are pretty unique additions to the collection.


  • Personally, these are one of the better Security Breach plushies that I would consider. The plushies aren’t missing any important details.
  • The color palette is also chosen with precaution, as it perfectly matches the appearance of the original characters.


  • Quality-wise, there aren’t many reviews, but the material is plushy from what I’ve read. One review said how Moon’s hat got ripped within an hour of her giving it to her son. So I think that they still have some flaws quality-wise.

Blacklight Exclusives

Blacklight Exclusives Funko is known for releasing rare versions of Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies called the Blacklights. After the official Security Breach plushie collection launch, Funko has received a plethora of negative backlash regarding the quality of their new plushies. 

They took that as a perfect opportunity to release an exclusive series that would not have any problems quality-wise that the prior plushies had. And thankfully, the original Funko standard was met this time, with the quality being significantly improved.

The plushies part of this collection are Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Monty, and Roxy. I would love to own at least one of these, but that is not as easy as it may sound. Blacklights are collector’s items that were available only in certain locations for a limited amount of time.

Because of that, they became really expensive. Nonetheless, it’s a great gift for a Five Nights at Freddy’s fanatic. They are better quality, as they don’t seem like something you would get at a claw machine. But sadly, the rest of the regular Security Breach collection plushies has that problem.


  • The color design of the Blacklight exclusives is, in my opinion, very well done. They are an excellent collector’s item that is definitely worth buying.
  • The material used to make these plushies is more quality than the one used to make the prior ones. It’s nice to see that they invested more into the production after the criticism. I’m very happy because of that change.


  • Most people will not be able to afford one of these plushies because they are collector’s items. They got sold in a really short amount of time, which can be sad for some people that would love to own one of these, including me.

FNAF Security Breach Plush Guide: FAQs

Question: Where Can I Buy All of these Plushies?

Answer: These plushies are always available on Amazon and Walmart for the average price of $17,99. Check carefully when deciding which one to buy because there are high chances that you accidentally buy a bootleg version.

Question: Where Can I Find the Blacklight Exclusives?

Answer: They were available for quite some time on Hot Topic. You can try to find them on sites like eBay. However, you will have a more challenging time finding them since they are meant to be collector items.

Question: But I don’t See Anything Wrong with these Plushies?

Answer: That is okay. Everyone is subjected to their own opinion, which is how it should be. If you like these plushies, that’s a good thing for you. However, don’t let others lead you to believe something that you disagree with in the first place.

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