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Fetch FNAF Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s has rich, immersive lore that isn’t exclusive to the games. There is, of course, plenty of fanfiction. But the franchise also has several companion novels. Fazbear Frights is the most distinct novel series in the universe, with 12 released novels. It has a main villain who doesn’t disappoint if you enjoy the murderous animatronics from the games; his name is Fetch.

I know. It’s not the most intimidating name when compared to the likes of Mangle, Ennard, and Springtrap. But trust me, Fetch is a fearsome monster in the novels.

Here are a few things about Fetch you should know:

  • His debut appearance was in Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch.
  • He is an animatronic dog.
  • He is the first original Fazbear Frights animatronic.
  • He can hack phones and “fetch” other people’s data.
  • Fetch can also read people’s thoughts.
  • He is faithful to those he considers his owners, to the extent that he will quickly kill anyone who harasses or hurts them.
  • He is so prevalent in the community that he has a song devoted to him on YouTube:

Bottom Line Up Front

Fetch is an animatronic who only appears in one Fazbear Frights novel, but he has more character depth than most animatronics in the main FNAF games. Having a unique way of trying to help his master, he brings sinister new meaning to the word “fetch.”

Fetch’s Appearance

As I mentioned above, Fetch is an animatronic dog. He has brown fur, razor-sharp teeth, yellow eyes, and a red collar with his name on a tag.

Like many game animatronics, Fetch’s design is not flawless. There are exposed patches through which you can see his endoskeleton and exposed wires. His chest also has an old circuit board.

Fetch Lore

Fetch FNAF

High school student Greg breaks into an abandoned Freddy Fazbear Pizza restaurant with his friends, Cyril and Hadi. Unfortunately, they encounter Fetch, and Greg tries to switch it on. But the dog doesn’t respond. Before they have time to tinker with it, a door slams in the background. Panicking, they flee from the restaurant.

The following day, Greg receives text messages from a mysterious sender like links to help him with homework. The sender turns out to be Fetch, and it quickly becomes evident that Fetch is following all of Greg’s actions (which is creepy, to be honest).

Later, Greg receives an assignment about Random Event Generators (REGs). His heart flutters because he gets to do the project with Kimberly, his crush. Greg bikes home, excited, but has an incident on the way. The neighbor’s fierce dog attacks and bites him.

In a bizarre turn of events, Greg finds the dog’s corpse in his backyard the next day. At the same time, Fetch texts him “YW,” meaning “You’re Welcome.” Greg naturally freaks out because this means Fetch is moving about, somehow knows what’s happening to him, and can clearly kill without hesitation.

He gathers his friends, and they return to Freddy Fazbear Pizza. They search the whole place for Fetch, but the dog is gone.

When Greg returns home, he tries to forget about Fetch and instead finds ways to fund his experiments. One of the ways is to rely on a bit of luck: he texts his Uncle Darrin and asks if Darrin can lend him his “Magic Finger of Luck.” This is apparently a lucky finger that has helped his uncle out many times.

However, his uncle doesn’t reply.

The following day, Greg finds a disembodied finger outside his house. He soon learns from his mother that Uncle Darrin is in the hospital after a wild animal attack that left him with one less finger. To Greg, this confirms that Fetch is doing him “favors” that harm others. He wants no part of this and is worried about things escalating.

He soon encounters Fetch, and his rage spills out. Greg grabs a baseball bat and uses it to destroy the dog animatronic. He does this until Fetch is unrecognizable and Greg has blisters on his hands. Greg then buries him beneath a log pile.

The next day, Greg learns that Kimberly is searching for him. When he is getting ready to meet her, he receives another message from Fetch: “Will retrieve.” This should be impossible because he destroyed the animatronic, yet apparently, Greg didn’t damage it enough.

Greg confirms this when he sees that Fetch is missing from where Greg buried him. Furthermore, drag marks are leading away from the scene, which means Fetch is on his way to retrieve Kimberly (possibly killing her in the process).

The message sends alarm bells ringing in Greg’s head, and he rushes to her place to warn her against Fetch. He finds no one home but hides in the bushes, waiting. Kimberly arrives with her parents, and her dad finds Greg in the bushes.

In his panic, he causes a scene. This freaks out Kimberly and her parents. Believing that he’s lost his mind—who would think that a murderous animatronic dog is hunting their daughter, anyway—they call the police on him. The police send Greg home. He heads to the bathroom and finds a figure wrapped in a blood-soaked sheet lying across the doorway: Kimberly.

The phone rings, and after Greg picks it up, he sees one last text from Fetch: “CU.”


Fetch FNAF

Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch

This book is actually comprised of three novella-length stories. Fetch appears in the self-titled first story, and there are implications that Fetch is a REG (Random Event Generator) machine. What supports this is that Fetch appears to read Greg’s mind. Whenever he wants something, Fetch brings it to him or does it for him. He literally “fetches.”

Fetch also doesn’t seem to be intentionally diabolical. This is unlike other animatronics that actively hunt people to kill. Instead, he fetches things for Greg and tries to help him. The only problem is how he offers his help. Since it’s clear that Greg doesn’t kill him in this story, it would be great to see Fetch in a future novel or even in the games.

Fetch FNAF Guide: FAQs

Question: Who Designed The Cover Art for Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch?

Answer: The cover artist of this book is Emese Szigetvári, also called LadyFiszi. She is a fan-favorite artist who has also designed art for FNAF games like Ultimate Custom Night and Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator.

Question: What Does Fetch from FNAF Do?

Answer: Fetch is an animatronic dog that teenager Greg finds. The dog starts sending Greg messages and can even read his mind. The animatronic “fetches” things that Greg wants. However, the form he brings them in is often mangled or dead.

Question: What Animatronic is Fetch?

Answer: Fetch is a brown animatronic that resembles a dog. Fetch also behaves like a dog because he “fetches” things. However, the way he does this tends to be disturbing.

Question: Which FNAF Book is Fetch In?

Answer: Fetch appears in Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch. The book has three novella-length stories, and Fetch’s self-titled story is among them.


Fetch is an interesting animatronic who brings a new dimension to Five Nights at Freddy’s. He tries to be helpful and has shown to be protective, but he ends up doing more harm than good. This is an exciting twist on the murderous animatronics, and Fetch is a character who deserves to appear in a future FNAF game.

Since he appears in a short story, I suggest reading Fazbear Frights 2. Of course, the animatronic will freak you out, but a small part of you might pity him. Just read the book and let me know what you think about this distinct animatronic.

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