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Glamrock Chica FNAF Guide

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Even though Five Nights at Freddy’s is consistently introducing us to new characters, they must remember the characters which made the game so scary in the first place. Of course, we all know Freddy, and it would be hard to release a game he doesn’t feature in, but there are more members to the original crew than just the loveable Fazbear. 

Since the original game was released, Chica has been a core member of the Five Nights at Freddy’s gang. Since then, she has appeared in every mainline title in several different forms and variations. So when Security Breach was announced, Chica was one of the first characters to receive a glamorous makeover. 

Glamrock Chica is one of the main antagonists in Security Breach and arguably one of my favorites. I’ve always loved her character, even when it’s sent shivers down my spine, but something about her Glamrock variation hits the nail on the head. Even when her beak is missing, and her joints are shattered.

Glamrock Chica in Security Breach

As one of the core members of the animatronic family, Chica received a well-deserved glamorous update in Security Breach. Due to the massive eighties inspiration that the pizza plex is themed off, it was only appropriate for the antagonists to receive a similar look. 

Security Breach titled the makeover as ‘glamrock.’ Essentially, this means brighter, more friendly-looking designs and outfits while also having an 80’s rock edge.

For example, neon colors and vivid animal prints are something Security Breach doesn’t shy away from. While they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s impossible to say that our favorite cast of terrifying animatronics didn’t pull it off. 

However, with a new look comes an entirely new role. I’ll dive into this in more detail later, but Chica has never been so animated in a FNaF title. She maintains many characteristics that we know (and love) her for. This includes her great junk food obsession, which I can relate to, and her frustration with hunting Gregory covers up her friendly tone. 

Although there are multiple animatronics who end up hot on your tail, Chica is one of the main four. Alongside Mongomery Gator, Glamrock Freddy, and Roxanne Wolf, Glamrock Chica is one of the only animatronics to follow in your footsteps consistently.

Additionally, she is one of the characters you need to upgrade Freddy towards the end of the game. Which also makes for a pretty terrifying one-on-one experience with her. As she is one of the most recognizable faces in the game, primarily since we have known her since the first Five Night’s at Freddy’s title, it was pretty integral for her to play a significant role in Security Breach.

Even though her new look initially makes her feel more approachable and friendly, there’s an air of precaution around her. She may often state to Gregory that she will help him escape, but we all know from previous experiences not to trust her. 

Glamrock Chica is remarkably deceptive as a character. It’s hard to trust any characters in this franchise since they’ve been set on killing you since the first game. However, Chica puts up an argument. I struggled to understand who I was meant to trust in Security Breach, especially since Freddy, the operation leader, is your ticket out of the pizza plex. 

When Chica started saying that she could help, I leaned towards her a little bit. Luckily, Security Breach does an excellent job of warning you when danger is near, so when the music spikes and suddenly Glamrock Chica was bounding towards me in a fit of rage, I realized not to trust my instinct. 

I love how every character in this game, especially Chica, plays on your childlike willingness to trust the first friendly person (or, in this case, robot) you find in a scary situation. Since you take on the role of Gregory, you see the world from his innocent perspective.

The scale of the pizza plex compared to his height makes an incredibly immersive experience; it’s only when you’re being lured with the false promise of candy that you snap out of it. 

Glamrock Chica’s Appearance

Glamrock Chica fnaf

As I’ve already mentioned, Glamrock Chica received an incredible makeover for Security Breach. Her design in this game completely contrasts her original yellow design, and I’d say it suits her more. Although she doesn’t look as scary when you first meet her, the fear begins to set in throughout the entire game while her design shifts and changes. 

When we were introduced to Glamrock Chica, either in the game or in the launch trailer, the thing that stood out to me first was her size. Obviously, these animatronics would be much larger than the children, but I didn’t expect them to tower over them.

The animatronics have always seemed massive in Five Nights at Freddy’s titles, but now we can get up close and personal with them; all the details we may have missed from a distance are now emphasized up-close. Even though most of her design is different from the Chica we met in the first Five Nights at Freddy’s title, there are still several features that form the base of her character.

First, she is still based on a chicken; however, instead of being yellow, she’s white. Additionally, she has three ‘feathers’ that poke out the top of her head, a feature of her animatronic across every FNaF title. But to accompany the Glamrock theme, the base of her feathers homes a large, hot pink bow. 

Her beak and feet are orange, and she has two huge blue eyes, and below both eyes are two pink triangles. Chica’s face is painted to look like she’s also wearing makeup. So her eyelids are purple, and she has pink eyeshadow on her right eye to match her clothing.

To emphasize her eyes, she also has black eyelashes – which I find a bit unsettling since it makes her appear oddly humanoid. Additionally, the tip of her beak is painted purple to look like lipstick. Unlike her previous design in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, Glamrock Chica’s body strays from its initial rounded design. Instead, she appears curvier, feeding my fear of how humanoid she appears in Security Breach.

Additionally, her body is segmented with ball joints, meaning she can move much more freely than in previous games, where her movement was limited. This feature makes her incredibly terrifying, so it’s a blessing that there are many places to dive into and hide throughout the pizza plex. 

To emphasize her newly improved, curvier body, Chica’s is adorned with 80’s inspired fashion. Her torso, chest, and shoulder plates are pink, which is meant to resemble a sleeved leotard, and her lower legs are painted as though she is wearing leg warmers.

In addition, her left leg is neon green with leopard print, and her right leg is hot pink with tiger stripes. This entire outfit screams roller disco to me, but I’d rather not encounter Chica on a pair of skates. 

On both her wrists, she wears a black spiked bracelet (putting the rock in glamrock), and both her hands have green panels, which represent fingerless gloves. However, this bright, friendly design slowly deteriorates during Security Breach, and the horror element of the franchise begins to dominate her entire design. 

As you complete tasks and dive further into Security Breach, the animatronics fill with an unmatchable rage, and Gregory must do all he can to save himself. Unfortunately, more often than not, this results in destroying elements of the animatronics. In doing so, their designs are massively altered.

In Chica’s case, she adopts another design titled ‘shattered.’ Even though this form is pretty self-explanatory, it’s terrifying when you first experience it, so it deserves some more attention. 

Glamrock Chica’s shattered appearance occurs after the trash compactor has crushed her. In doing this, you break elements of her body – so she appears cracked and slightly crooked. Most of her joints are cracked, and vast chunks of her torso are missing.

The main focus of this form is the massive hole in Chica’s face where her beak has been ripped out. Aside from being a barbaric act from Gregory, removing this element of Chica’s animatronic is integral to the gameplay. Either way, you’ll have to face shattered Chica. 

Interestingly, when her body comes out of the trash compactor, it appears as if she’s bleeding. Due to having experience with horror games outside of FNaF, I didn’t think much of this at first. Still, after realizing robots can’t bleed, I found this element of her design particularly intriguing.

Unfortunately, it’s never covered what the liquid seeping out of her wounds is, but the rich lore surrounding Five Nights at Freddy’s once more feeds into the speculation of it being blood. Of course, it is always possible to be oil or a similar mechanical liquid. 

The trash compactor also destroys Chica’s right arm, which exposes the mechanical workings underneath the shell. However, her hand remains intact – which may be a plus as I can’t imagine the skeleton of her animatronic would be very soft if she were to grab hold of you.

On the other hand, the paint on her body appears chipped and faded, and chunks have gone missing. Pretty terrifying as a whole, if you ask me. 

Glamrock Chica’s Role

Glamrock Chica

Glamrock Chica is one of the four primary animatronics to hunt down Gregory, as I’ve already mentioned. This is her primary role in the game, so she’s a character which you will always be running from. Her main aim is to find and subsequently destroy Gregory for an unclear reason; however, it can be assumed this is due to him being exposed to the truth behind the pizza plex and technically trespassing on the facility. 

Outside of Chica’s hostile attitude, she is an amiable character. This element of her personality is what makes fans find her so lovable. Chica immediately rushes to help Glamrock Freddy in the opening scene of Security Breach when he collapses.

This leads me to believe her aggression towards Gregory may come from a position of jealousy. Gregory quickly becomes Freddy’s obsession to protect, and we know Chica has jealous traits. 

Additionally, Chica is the poster face for Mazercise. Even though this area is used to access the catwalks in Monty Golf, Mazercise is primarily a fitness area in the pizza plex that encourages visitors to work out while promoting deals on junk food.

It’s an ironic juxtaposition, but it seems appropriate to advertise due to Chica’s deceptive nature and obsession with junk food. Due to this obsession, Chica also tends to eat out of trash cans around the map. Gregory must use this as a tactic to distract Chica when she comes a little too close for comfort.

I have relied on this distraction many times during the game, and every time I hold my breath, hoping that Chica would rather destroy a discarded pizza than me. When Chica does come a little too close, she’s a relatively simple character to stun. When using the Fazblaster or Fazcamera, Chica will squark like a chicken when she’s been stunned.

However, she’ll make an unintelligible, glitching noise upon losing her voice box. Aside from this element, she is a robust animatronic, a trait she shares with Roxanne Wolf. Even after being crushed by a trash compactor and having a go-cart crash into her, Chica will still put up a chase with Gregory. 

Glamrock Chica’s Hidden Appearances

Glamrock Chica

Aside from appearing as one of the main animatronics in Security Breach, there are several appearances from Chica throughout promotional material scattered around the map. Like the other three primary animatronics, Chica has her designated section to run. We’ve already spoken about Mazercise and its importance to the game. Luckily, there’s more to Glamrock Chica than just her robot. 

Throughout the pizza plex, any food or food hall mention usually results in an advert featuring Chica. Despite her curvy figure, she’s the face of food in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Several posters advertise pizza and deals on junk food around the map, and there are accompanying posters for Mazercise. If you weren’t aware of Chica’s food obsession yet, you should be now. This bird loves to eat. 

Since she is such a prominent and recognizable face of the pizza plex, a few locations also stock Chica-themed merchandise. Plushies of every animatronic within Security Breach are found within the pizza plex, and a hommage to Chica’s cupcake is also spotted within a gift shop. 

As terrifying as I find some of these characters, their in-game plush equivalents are cute. I think it’s because they aren’t so tall and slender but instead adopt a soft, rounded design. 

Of the four primary animatronics, I’d say Chica has the better-looking merchandise. Her design is simple yet translates into marketable plush toys and figures well. Additionally, she can be found on several pieces of apparel in Glamrock Gifts. I’d wear a Glamrock Chica hoodie for sure. 

However, my favorite not-so-hidden appearance from Glamrock Chica has to be her accompanying popsicle. There’s something about these popsicles that ignites my inner child. Their design looks exactly like the character popsicles you’d get when you were younger, even down to their candy eyes being slightly wonky. 

Finding these for each character scattered across the map was one of my favorite elements of Security Breach. What’s even more impressive is how Gregory puts them in his pockets and never complains about how they’ve melted. 

Glamrock Chica’s Counterparts

Glamrock Chica fnaf

The original Chica design is incredibly rounded compared to its Glamrock equivalent. Rather than being white, she is a mustard yellow and looks more grainy. Her beak and feet are similarly orange, but her eyes are purple instead of blue.

She still has three feathers on top of her head, but they aren’t as stylized as Glamrock Chica. She has thick brown eyebrows and a set of oddly human teeth within her beak. Furthermore, her front panel has a bib-like appearance, reading “Let’s Eat!” to reinforce her food obsession. 

Chica has more counterparts throughout eight mainline FNaF titles, but only two of her designs have been closely considered counterparts of her Glamrock design. Funtime Chica and Toy Chica are the best representation and comparison to her Glamrock rendition, while other variations are more reflective of the original Chica design. 

Here are all of the counterparts to the original Chica design featured in mainline FNaF titles :

  • Withered Chica
  • Toy Chica
  • Phantom Chica
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Jack-O-Chica
  • Rockstar Chica
  • Funtime Chica
  • Neon Chica
  • Glamrock Chica

Funtime Chica originally appeared in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator and has the same curvier form as Glamrock Chica. Additionally, she is entirely white rather than the same yellow as the original Chica. Funtime Chica has orange and pink calves, and across her body are segmented areas to reinforce the mechanical nature of the animatronic compared to the ball-joints of Glamrock robots. 

This segmented approach to the animatronic’s design is less humanoid than the robots in Security Breach, making them slightly less fear-inducing. I don’t feel as physically anxious about Funtime Chica as I do Glamrock Chica, but when you’re dealing with children’s parties – that’s probably the approach you want to have. 

Funtime Chica has eight plates that make up her face, including a prominent orange beak filled with teeth. Much like her Glamrock counterpart, Funtime Chica has lipstick on the end of her bek and thick black eyelashes. She also has pink eyelids and two round pink cheeks. The center of her torso features a round speaker, so her voice comes out of her stomach rather than her beak. 

However, Toy Chica contradicts this friendly design approach but replaces it with something more menacing and similar to the original Chica. 

Toy Chica first appeared in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, before Funtime Chica. Hence, rather than following the same white body, she goes back to the original yellow color. However, she has the same curvier design, so I think these two Chica variants, in particular, are a more appropriate counterpart to Glamrock Chica than others. 

Toy Chica has the same orange feet and beak and three feathers atop her head alongside her curvy body. She has the same blue eyes as Glamrock Chica, and luckily her beak lacks the human teeth implemented again in later FNaF games.

But, unusually, this is only how Chica appears when she is on stage. As soon as Chica leaves the stage, she removes her eyes and beak – which is HORRIFYING. 

Removing her beak and eyes leaves Toy Chica with three hollow holes in her head, exposing two pin-prick white lights in her eye sockets and some teeth in her smiling mouth. I find this design unsettling, which has landed it as one of my least favorite Five Night’s at Freddy’s animatronics because of it.  

To offset the ominous element of her design, Toy Chica has two rounded pink cheeks, much like the Funtime variation. In addition, Toy Chica has a similar front panel to the original Chica, which looks like a bib. But instead of reading ‘Let’s Eat!’ it says ‘Let’s Party!’

If I watched this animatronic remove its mouth and eyes as soon as it stepped off the stage, the last thing I’d want to do is party with it. As well as having the same bib design, Toy Chica also carries the same pink cupcake as the original Chica. 

I love how many variations there are of one character in this franchise. I find that Five Nights at Freddy’s always presents an appropriate take of its most favored characters depending on the game, and they always manage to top one another.

Chica is a perfect example of how in-depth this franchise treats its character design, and I really can’t wait to see which variation of Chica we get next. However, as much as I’d love to see something cute and not so horrendous, I feel like that defeats the game’s entire purpose. 


Question: How do You Distract Glamrock Chica?

Answer: The best way to distract Glamrock Chica is with her one true love – food! In Security Breach, Glamrock Chica is known to rummage through trash cans and eat the leftovers guests may have discarded throughout the day.
By bringing attention to these trash cans, Chica’s attention will divert from hunting Gregory to getting a good feed. Later in the game, Glamrock Chica needs to be lured into a trash compactor by using Monty Mix.

Question: Which Five Nights at Freddy’s Games has Glamrock Chica Appeared in?

Answer: Glamrock Chica debuted in Security Breach, so it’s the only game she’s appeared in as of now. Five Nights at Freddy’s tend to keep variations of characters exclusive to the mainline games they appeared in.
However, DLCs for Security Breach are planned to release in the future, and I’d imagine Glamrock Chica would play an essential role in them. 

Question: How do I Hide from Glamrock Chica?

Answer: Within the Pizza plex, various locations are used as hiding spots from the animatronics. You would hide from Glamrock Chica the same way you would any other animatronic. Such as hiding in a buggy or in a closed concession stand.
However, despite how easy it sounds, both Chica and Roxanne tend to check locations you can hide in randomly. So even though there are loads of places to check, you may occasionally find yourself getting unlucky and hiding exactly where they look!

Glamrock Chica FNAF: Summary 

I love the amount of thought and effort that goes into every single variation of Chica. From her original appearance to the Glamrock version, she is one of the most recognizable and essential characters in the Five Nights at Freddy’s timeline. I can’t wait to see where her character is taken in the future. 

Glamrock Chica’s personality is equal parts fun and freaky, and the same can be said about her design. I look forward to the Security Breach DLC and her appearance in it!

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