Ballora FNAF Guide

Ballora FNAF Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is a video game that changed how the FNAF story was going forever. From that point on, the series takes a different turn, which will lead to a large number of fun and interesting animatronics.

One of those animatronics was Ballora – a Funtime animatronic. She is animatronic with a mysterious and unexplained origin.

Ballora is something that the series has never seen before. She is one of the first more modern-looking animatronics with a voice that can talk, that is the concept never seen before until Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location came out.

In this article guide, I will give you an overall introduction to everything that you need to know about Ballora. After reading it, you will understand how she is an important character in the story, even though her presence remains a mystery.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Ballora FNAF

Ballora made her debut in the fifth official canon installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s – FNAF: Sister Location. There, she is a secondary antagonist that the player must encounter throughout the entire game. Therefore, her appearance is really important, because you will spend a lot of your time avoiding her.

Ballora is almost always followed by her companions, Minireenas – mini ballerina animatronics. You will see Ballora for the first time on Night 1, where you are administered to give her a controlled shock to get her back on the stage.

After that, on Night 2, you will have to avoid Ballora by going through Ballora’s Gallery to manually restore the power.

There will be no light in her gallery. You must navigate through the dark room, where Ballora will be twirling around you. To avoid her, you must listen closely to know when to stop moving, because if she is coming closer, you will be able to hear her singing, and the music box will get gradually louder.

If you played the game, you would know how scary this moment is. You must focus on the music box and her singing, while in some cases, she is twirling right in front of you. You must stay still and focus on surviving because if you don’t, you will experience one of the scariest jumpscares in Five Nights at Freddy’s.

“Why do you hide inside your walls

When there is music in my halls?

All I see is an empty room

No more joy, an empty tomb

It’s so good to sing all day

To dance, to spin, to fly away…”

Ballora’s song from Night 2

You will encounter her next time on Night 3, where when you look at her stage, you can see the Minireenas holding her disassembled body.

On Night 4, you will be stuck in a spring-lock suit. In front of you is Ballora, you will witness her getting scooped, then leaving her completely unfunctional. After the cutscene ends, your spring-lock suit will open, and you will have to defend yourself from the Minireenas who will try to kill you.

They will try to climb into your suit, and you must will get rid of them by shaking the suit with A and D keys. This is the hardest night in the entire game, because it’s a very challenging process which takes a lot of time, and attempts, to complete.

And, on Night 5, you will be only able to see her disassembled body on the floor in the Scooping Room. That makes this her last appearance in the storyline. But, nonetheless, that won’t be the last you will see of her.

You will be able to play against her in the custom night game mode, where she will approach you from the East and West hall. Then, when you hear a recognizable tune, shut the appropriate door, so she doesn’t jumpscare you. And, if she does, she will not take off her mask this time.

Also, she is the only animatronic that will jumpscare you when you run out of power, serving the same purpose as Freddy in the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Ballora FNAF

In Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, or FNAF 6 for short, Ballora doesn’t make an appearance in her original form. She will be present in the Molten Freddy amalgamation as one of the three animatronics.

Molten Freddy is the descendent of Ennard. He was created because all Funtime animatronics wanted to kick Circus Baby out of the animatronic union, making her become Scrap Baby. That resulted in the main animatronic in control of the amalgamation’s consciousness becoming Funtime Freddy.

Molten Freddy is one of the antagonists in the game, which will make his debut when you get the option to salvage him after finishing the first night.

Ultimate Custom Night

In Ultimate Custom Night, Ballora will act the same way as in the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, custom night game mode. After some time, you will hear her music come from one of the halls, and the screen will start to blink.

To counter her, you will need to quickly figure out where she is coming from and then close the appropriate door. When you do that, you will know that she is gone once you stop hearing her music box.

She is also present within the two animatronic amalgamations – Ennard and Molten Freddy.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Help Wanted

In Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Help Wanted, Ballora is present as one of the antagonists. Beating her may be difficult at first, but all it takes is a little bit of practice. Her companions, the Minireenas, will start climbing up your phone screen during the battle with her. You will want to shake them off, but you must not shake your phone too much, because then, Ballora will jumpscare you.

Try to make as little noise as possible, and let Ballora be behind you, pay a lot of attention to her music box and where the sound is coming from. Once you shake a few Minireenas, you will need to collect exactly 3 from the ground. And once you do that, Ballora will launch at you, dying in the process.

Ballora is also present in the Dark Circus: Encore! DLC for Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery. Once you finish the puzzle behind the Ringmaster Foxy’s booth, Ballora will start crawling towards you. The process of beating her is simple. It’s the same as in the regular game.

Shake the Minireenas, make as little noise as possible, collect the three Minireenas, and you will have her launch towards you only to be shocked at the moment.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Ballora FNAF

In Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Ballora didn’t make a major appearance but rather she was featured just as a cameo.

She is present on the cover art of the Funtime Fantasy arcade cabinet, where she is visible with other Funtime animatronics, such as Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, and Bidybabs and even Pigpatch from the Mediocre Melodies.


Arctic Ballora

In Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery, Ballora got a winter reskin.

The game is known for introducing new animatronics on certain holidays or significant dates, so Ballora got a winter reskin for the Winter Wonderland Event in late 2020.

Her design is completely changed, Ballora’s entire body is now made out of ice. Her tutu is replaced by large ice spikes that cover her waist, and the same spikes are popping out of her head and shoulders. She has pink lipstick across her lips, while pink jewelry is also decorating some parts of her body.

Overall, the reskin is beautiful. It is very well modeled and designed, and it looks elegant and deadly at the same time.

Clockwork Ballora

In Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery, Ballora got another reskin in mid-2021. So that’s her second skin now. It got added during the Screampunk Event on June 24, 2021.

Her body now consists of golden gears which are connecting the entire body.

Instead of her skirt, she has a big gear around her waist, followed by smaller ones right on top of it. She is also wearing a tight black corset, and her shoulders and hair also have gears around them.

She is redesigned in the whole steampunk theme, the yellow and brown color suits her, and the entire concept.


Ballora FNAF


Ballora is not an anthropomorphic animatronic like most Five Nights at Freddy’s characters. She is animatronic that is designed after a human, and by profession, she is a ballerina. Ballora is always seen in the ballet position, where she is on her tiptoes with her arms reaching out above her head.

She has ballet socks and shoes. And tall legs are followed up by her miniature waist, surrounded by a large purple tutu decorated with yellow balls. On her chest, she has jewelry, presumably a necklace, and her face is decorated with more jewelry, pink cheeks, and lipstick.

Ballora’s eyes are almost always closed, they are decorated by her big eyelashes. However, her eyes open when she jumpscares the player.  Her purple hair is in a bun, and it’s decorated with some kind of jewelry, she also has human ears, which have earrings attached to them.


Ballora FNAF

Mrs. Afton

Ballora is one of the most mysterious FNAF characters that is left with almost no background information.

People have brought out many theories, but one that is the closest to the truth is the theory that claims that Ballora is William Afton‘s wife – Mrs. Afton. That is because we never got to see Mrs. Afton present in a FNAF game. 

So, why is Ballora theorized to be Mrs. Afton?

One of the main reasons is that Ballora is animatronic which represents an actual human, an adult woman. Before that point, there weren’t any animatronics that had any resemblance to a grown-up woman.

People think that William Afton made Ballora for the soul of Mrs. Afton or that he could’ve built her in honor of her, the way that she represents his actual wife, so he could mourn her death. MatPat also mentioned this in one of his theories on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The second clue is the song that Ballora is constantly singing.

The song sounds like it is sung to someone, and the lyrics sound like they are directed to William Afton.

The lyrics of the song can be interpreted in many ways, and the meaning of the lyrics is still unknown. But, if you take a listen, it sounds like a direct message for a certain male individual. The song goes:

“Why do you hide inside your walls

When there is music in my halls?

All I see is an empty room

No more joy, an empty tomb

It’s so good to sing all day

To dance, to spin, to fly away…”

Ballora’s song from Night 2

It could be a reference to how he is hiding from the death of his children, either from the death of the Crying Child or Elizabeth. Because Elizabeth’s room is empty in FNAF 4, it makes the song even creepier if you think about it. The lyrics were definitely not written by accident, because everything in the FNAF universe has a much deeper meaning. It is a known fact that Scott Cawthon – the creator, pays close attention to details.

And, the last thing that is worth mentioning as the possible evidence of Ballora being Mrs. Afton is the Afton family Easter egg in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. There is a hidden place in FNAF: Security Breach, where a family of five is sitting at a table, they are meant to visually resemble each member of the Afton family.

The only adult female sitting at the table features the same color palette as Ballora, so it is probably drawing the parallels to her, how she is the animatronic manifestation of Mrs. Afton, or something worse. But still, without any major clue or statement, we will never know.

Her story has time for it to be told. But, unfortunately, it’s a mystery that still awaits to be solved.


Question: Is Ballora Aware of the Position she is in?

Answer: She is one of the most aware characters in the game and the most aggressive. Like Circus Baby, she doesn’t rely on the lines that were pre-recorder for her by the employees. And by choosing not to pretend, as Circus Baby says, she got taken to the scooping room against her will. She said that Ballora is very mature because of this act.

Question: Does She Walk Like a Human when she is not Dancing?

Answer: Not really. To be more specific, Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF said that Ballora walks like Mangle or like a spider. She crawls on the floors and can even stick to the walls.

Question: At the End, who is Ballora Possessed by?

Answer: It is not confirmed who possesses Ballora. It’s something that is still unclear after many years of her existence. But most likely, she is possessed by Mrs. Afton – the wife of William Afton, who never got any screentime. Other than that, there aren’t any major contributing theories.

Ballora FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Ballora is an interesting character. However, the mystery behind her existence and the incomplete backstory drive most of the attention that she has got. Her design is really scary, especially when you encounter her in the actual real game, it is one of the scariest moments in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

Sadly, she never got the chance to make it in Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted. Because if she did, she would have the scariest minigame out there. Maybe we can expect her to come in a DLC or an update, but who knows.

Ballora is one of the FNAF characters that deserves more spotlight in future games. Too bad she doesn’t have any counterparts either, besides the reskin from FNAF AR: Special Delivery. She is definitely one of the most well-designed characters in the series.

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