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Springtrap Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most interesting (and challenging) franchises I have experienced as a horror game enthusiast. And it has one of the most memorable video game villains of all time: William Afton. He is a child murderer who kept killing, even after death.

That’s where Springtrap comes in. This animatronic stands out because:

  • It is William Afton’s form after dying and coming back to life
  • It used to be a Spring Bonnie suit
  • Unlike most other haunted animatronics, children don’t possess Springtrap

Springtrap Appearance

fnaf springtrap

When William entered the Spring Bonnie suit for the last time, it was still in excellent condition. But now, it is withered. The suit is green in color and full of holes. In addition, the yellow teeth are exposed, most of the left ear is missing, and the endoskeleton is exposed in several parts.

We can see William’s rotten corpse on the exposed top right part of the head. The eyes also look human. The endoskeleton is also fully exposed on the feet.

Bottom Line Up Front

Springtrap is a homicidal animatronic that stands out because it contains the soul of William Afton.

It appears in:

Springtrap Lore

Springtrap started as a Spring Bonnie animatronic suit with spring locks. It used to perform at Fredbear’s Family Diner with Fredbear. The diner closed down in 1983 after the Bite of ’83 occurred. During this incident, Fredbear killed William Afton’s child after the child’s brother and other bullies forced his head into Fredbear’s mouth. Fredbear’s mouth closed, crushing the child’s head.

In 1985, William opened a new restaurant called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He went on a murder spree, killing innocent children by wearing a Spring Bonnie suit and luring them into the restaurant’s back room. To get rid of the evidence, William stuffed the children’s bodies into the restaurant’s other animatronic suits.

But the children didn’t stay dead. Their souls returned and possessed the animatronics William had stuffed them into; Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica. William destroyed the animatronics, but the ghosts pursued him. He fled into an old Spring Bonnie suit, hoping it would keep them away, but the suit malfunctioned and killed him.

Instead of staying dead, though, William’s soul possessed the suit to become Springtrap. 30 years later, the restaurant’s new owners capitalized on its horrific past by creating Fazbear’s Fright: a horror-themed restaurant. They salvaged parts from the old animatronics, including Springtrap.

But Springtrap resurrected and tried to kill the security guard. Six days later, though, the restaurant burned down, destroying everything.


Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

fnaf springtrap

Springtrap is the only real enemy animatronic you face in this game. The rest are phantoms that won’t physically harm you. To keep Springtrap away, you must push a button that plays an audio line from Balloon Boy. This audio will lure Springtrap away.

Springtrap will also try to reach you using the vents. Unfortunately, when he’s in here, the Balloon Boy audio won’t work. Instead, you should find the vent and close it by double-clicking on it. If there is a ventilation error, Springtrap might create a phantom of himself that you’ll see on the cameras. This phantom doesn’t do anything and will vanish once you fix the vents.

Ultimate Custom Night

In this game, Springtrap approaches you through the vents, making for the vent opening facing you. Springtrap doesn’t make any noise when moving, so you won’t hear him approach. But you will see his face in the vent when he’s about to attack. This is your chance to close the vent and prevent the attack, but you must move fast.

Help Wanted

Since Help Wanted is a retread of previous FNaF games, Springtrap’s actions in the FNaF 3 gameplay section are identical. Springtrap also appears in the Vent Repair game mode. We see him in the Ennard level’s Hard Mode. This level is upside down. Springtrap crawls towards you and will jumpscare you if you don’t fix the vents in time.

We can also see Springtrap in the Pizza Party mode. He shows up when you’re in the hallway close to the office. He will enter the office shortly after you and attack if you linger.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Special Delivery

Springtrap is the toughest animatronic you face in Special Delivery. His haywire mode has a twist. Unlike the other animatronics, where you can look away, Springtrap’s haywire demands that you look at him when his eyes are white. Only look away when Springtrap’s eyes turn red.

If you get it, you can put a Springtrap plush suit over an endoskeleton. You can then use it to attack other players—a touch my sadistic side loved.


William Afton

This is the most obvious counterpart. William Afton’s soul is trapped inside Springtrap, after all. As I mentioned earlier, William Afton is the main villain in FNaF. He is a child murderer who co-founded Fazbear Entertainment. He made animatronics that secretly lured and murdered children; he also did the same.

He was arrested but couldn’t be charged because there was no evidence.

Spring Bonnie

This is the spring lock suit that William Afton wore when luring children. Once the children were far from their parents, Afton killed them and stuffed their bodies into the available animatronic suits. When escaping the ghosts of his victims, he wore the Spring Bonnie suit. But the suit malfunctioned and slowly crushed him to death.

Toxic Springtrap

Toxic Springtrap fnaf

This is a skin for Special Delivery. Toxic Springtrap has moldy skin patches, thick veins resembling tentacles, and massive warts, and he releases gassy fumes. Toxic Springtrap is also purple in color.

Flaming Springtrap

This is another Springtrap skin. Here, his eyes glow red, his flesh resembles smoldering coals, and he is—literally—on fire.

Clown Springtrap

Clown Springtrap has a clownish face: white makeup, red nose and lips, and clown makeup around his eyes. He wears big clown shoes and a torn reddish suit with torn pants. He also wields a colossal mallet in his hand.


An Aztec-inspired Springtrap skin? Why not? Curse resembles an Aztec warrior. He has clawed orange hands and legs, a golden chest plate, a big feathered crown, and a golden shield.


Michael Afton, William’s son, salvages a severely damaged Springtrap from the Pizzeria’s back alley. This becomes Scraptrap.

He hunts Michael so he can kill the children inside the Pizzeria. But he eventually burns alongside the Pizzeria’s other animatronics.


Plushtrap fnaf

Plushtrap is a hybrid because he looks like a plushie and an animatronic. He has far less damage than Springtrap and even looks cartoony. You encounter Plushtrap in his exclusive minigame, “Fun with Plushtrap.”


Glitchtrap is a sentient computer virus whose consciousness is likely William Afton’s. He resembles Spring Bonnie but without any imperfections. Glitchtrap’s goal is to escape the virtual world he’s trapped in by possessing the player and taking control of their body.


Question: How Did William Afton Become Springtrap?

Answer: Child murderer William Afton tried to escape the souls of the children he had killed. He hid inside a Spring Bonnie suit, but the suit malfunctioned and killed him. William’s soul and body remained in the suit, becoming Springtrap.

Question: Who Possesses Springtrap?

Answer: William Afton possesses Springtrap. He is a child murderer and the main villain of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Question: Is Springtrap a Bonnie Suit?

Answer: Yes. Springtrap is a damaged and weathered Spring Bonnie suit.

Question: Why Did Purple Guy Enter Springtrap?

Answer: Purple Guy, who we later learned is William Afton, entered the Spring Bonnie suit to escape the ghosts of the children he had killed.

Question: Is Springtrap a Good Guy?

Answer: Definitely not. Springtrap contains the soul of Purple Guy or William Afton. Unfortunately, his goal remains to kill children, so he is still the bad guy.

Question: How Painful is a Spring Lock Failure?

Answer: I imagine it’s excruciating. Numerous spikes impale your body, trapping you inside the suit. Then, death comes slowly and painfully. This is what William Afton went through when he was trapped in the Spring Bonnie suit.

Question: Who Voices Springtrap?

Answer: PJ Heywood voices Springtrap.

Springtrap Guide: Conclusion

Springtrap is a fascinating villain. He shows how evil can keep manifesting itself given a chance. And I love how he uses phantoms for tactical advantage in the games. Using phantoms is a distinct mechanic that will constantly keep you on your toes. It also shows how intelligent Springtrap is (but no surprise there, seeing how Springtrap is William Afton in his post-death form).

I recommend playing FNAF 3, Ultimate Custom Night, and Help Wanted so that you can directly face off against the franchise’s main villain and the unique way he tries to get you.

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