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Glitchtrap FNAF Guide

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We have seen all sorts of monsters in Five Nights at Freddy’s. We have seen animatronics built to lure and murder children, like Funtime Freddy and Balloon Boy. We have also seen possessed animatronics like Springtrap and Circus Baby. There are also human monsters like William Afton, the main villain in FNAF.

But, there are also homicidal viruses. This is where Glitchtrap comes in.

Glitchtrap, or Spring Bonnie Man, stands out because:

  • He is a sentient computer virus
  • He is the digital version of William Afton

Glitchtrap Appearance

Glitchtrap FNAF

Glitchtrap is golden yellow, while his snout, torso, and ears are a lighter shade. He has purple eyes, whiskers, a wide grin, rabbit-like teeth, and wears a purple vest with a matching bowtie. Because he is in digital form, we don’t see any exposed wires or electronic parts. In fact, the only imperfections you can see are the stitches on his joints, ears, and hands.

We only see Glitchtrap fully formed later in the game, Help Wanted. This happens as you collect more tapes and coins (more info below). At first, he is translucent and ghostly, and even his animation is not smooth. The only clear things about his figure are his purple eyes and green color. But he grows more substantial as you complete objectives.

Bottom Line Up Front

Since Glitchtrap is a computer virus, he does not feature in many FNAF games. So, his prominent appearance is in Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted.

Glitchtrap shows up in the Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery trailer. However, even though he’s mentioned, we don’t see him in the main game and in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, he is only referenced.

Glitchtrap is a unique enemy you have to face in an already-distinct VR game. His lore is exciting, and he is a worthy foe.

Glitchtrap Lore

Tape Girl is a game developer who was part of the team that developed the Fazbear Virtual Experience game. Tape Girl’s fellow developer, Jeremy, receives objects from Fazbear Entertainment to scan into the game. However, they soon retrieve these objects in the middle of the night after Jeremy has scanned them.

Jeremy then encounters code in the game that acts on its own. He starts having nightmares and soon becomes pale and starts talking to someone while in-game (probably Glitchtrap).

Tape Girl figures that he will be replaced soon, and she is next in line to test the game. The higher-ups figure out that Jeremy has probably seen something ominous, so they discredit him and make a case to fire him.

Jeremy is fired, but he tries to warn the other developers about something wrong with the game before he goes. However, the other developers see this as a challenge to find the problem and fix it themselves, including Tape Girl.

She reads an e-mail from Fazbear Entertainment that was sent to her accidentally that reveals a former rogue developer leveled various accusations at them. So, they want this new VR game made so they can cover things up and discredit the developer.

She looks for the anomaly, Glitchtrap, to isolate it and give the next developer a chance to destroy it. However, the monster attaches himself to the tapes she is making. Tape Girl tries to delete the recordings but is not successful. She then runs a fragmentation program on the tapes to scramble them, hoping that this will make Glitchtrap harmless. However, doing this destroys her warnings.

On Tape 15, she warns you not to reassemble the tapes because this will reassemble Glitchtrap. However, on the final tape, Tape 16, she changes her mind. She asks you to let Glitchtrap leave the game through you so you can kill it by using the emergency disconnect switch to force a hard restart.

When you unlock the Pizza Party ending, Glitchtrap leads you to a stage. This is how William Afton used to lure children to their deaths in the original games, showing that Glitchtrap is the same serial killer. After Springtrap malfunctioned and killed William Afton, the haunted animatronics were later burned, freeing their spirits. However, Afton’s soul still existed in some circuit boards.

These are likely the boards Fazbear Entertainment asked Jeremy to scan into Fazbear Virtual Experience. They were trying to trap Afton’s soul in the game so he couldn’t physically harm more people. Jeremy failed to do this, so he was discredited and fired. The same thing happened to Tape Girl when she also was unable to imprison and destroy Glitchtrap.


Glitchtrap FNAF

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

In Help Wanted, Glitchtrap becomes increasingly visible as you collect more Faz-Coins and play more tapes. Glitchtrap also moves closer to you. After collecting all 16 tapes, Glitchtrap fully materializes and tries to take over your body so he can escape the game.

If you follow the final tape’s instructions, you will appear in front of a metal door. You can open it through the sliding lock, and Glitchtrap appears. He looks at you, shushes you, and returns to the darkness. When you return to the main area, you will see a Glitchtrap plush on the floor to your right.

If you finish the Pizza Party minigame on the Hard or Nightmare mode, you will get access to a room with Chica and Bonnie on a stage. Glitchtrap appears from the stage and motions you to follow him. If you do, you will transform into a Freddy Fazbear suit, and you will perform as the game’s end credits roll.

In The Curse of Dreadbear DLC, we learn that Glitchtrap has possessed a beta tester called Vanessa. She is now his vessel, and Glitchtrap continues to kill through her.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

We don’t get to see Glitchtrap in this game. But, he is mentioned in the game’s e-mails.

Steven Wilson, a Fazbear Funtime Service employee, reveals that he was locked out of the system after uploading circuits from his coworker. However, he learns that this isn’t a glitch. Instead, it’s a virus that’s more than likely Glitchtrap.


Glitchtrap VS Lefty

William Afton

It is William Afton’s soul that makes up Glitchtrap. He is the main villain in FNAF, first as a human and then an animatronic. Afton co-founded Fazbear Entertainment, and he made animatronics that later became possessed by the souls of his child victims.


This form only appears in Security Breach’s Afton Ending. It is probably William Afton’s consciousness downloaded into his old animatronic suit—the one he died in. Burntrap wears the Spring Bonnie suit that’s now greenish-brown, burned, and tattered. His skull is exposed at the lower jaw, and fur is missing from most of his suit, exposing his charred remains.


This is the first William Afton incarnation. His corpse is still inside the Spring Bonnie suit, though it’s withered. We see Springtrap in Help Wanted and Special Delivery, and he is the main villain in FNAF 3.



Question: Does Glitchtrap Have A Real Name?

Answer: Yes. Glitchtrap’s real name is William Afton. Afton’s soul was uploaded into a game, Fazbear Virtual Experience, and it took on the form of a virus called Glitchtrap.

Question: How Did Glitchtrap Become a Virus?

Answer: When William Afton died in the Spring Bonnie suit, his soul remained in the animatronic’s circuit boards. Fazbear Entertainment commissioned a company to make a VR game, Fazbear Virtual Experience. They wanted the circuit boards scanned and uploaded into the game.
Their goal was to trap William Afton’s soul inside the game so he couldn’t kill any more people. But, this failed, and William became a sentient virus intent on escaping the game by possessing a host.

Question: What Does Glitchtrap Say?

Answer: Glitchtrap speaks in garbles. But, we learn that some of those garbles are actually lines from Tape Girl. It has been decoded to say “I always come back. Let me out.”

Glitchtrap FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Glitchtrap is a unique enemy to face in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Because he is a sentient virus hellbent on escaping his virtual prison, he brings a new dimension to the enemies you face in the franchise.

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