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Five Nights at Freddy’s is known for it’s considerable range of scary animatronics. Throughout the timeline of games, we have been introduced to hundreds of characters and become attached to many. Still, as animatronics get decommissioned, we have had to say goodbye to a few familiar faces. The animatronics we bid farewell get replaced as the next game is released.

Roxanne Wolf is one of the newest additions to the animatronic family after debuting in Security Breach. Since then, she has become one of the most famous antagonists and, additionally, one of the most frightening. She has quickly become one of the animatronics I am terrified of in the franchise due to her attitude and appearance.

However, alongside this fear, I find her character genuinely fascinating. This narcissistic wolf is a really valuable addition to Five Nights at Freddy’s, but what exactly is it that makes her character so memorable? With such a large spectrum of characters within the franchise now, you really need to stand out to be unique.

Roxanne Wolf in Security Breach

Roxanne Wolf, commonly referred to as Roxy, is one of the newest additions to the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. She made her debut in Security Breach as one of the main antagonists and has rapidly become one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

Out of all the new characters within Security Breach, Roxanne is the one I feel most scared of. From how she speaks to you to her fang-filled appearance, it’s clear that she is an animatronic with malicious intent. Roxy wastes no time trying to persuade Gregory to expose his location, and she has a firm intention to harm him from the get-go.

What scares me most about Roxy is her persistence, and she won’t quit until she finds you. She is known for her irritable nature, making her appear more human than animatronic. Even though she is supposed to be used for children’s entertainment, she doesn’t feel mechanical. In a way, I find this element of the animatronics more terrifying than their jumpscares.

Roxanne’s Role

Roxanne FNAF

Like her fellow animatronics, Roxy is responsible for finding Gregory once he has been declared trespassing in the Pizza Plex. She is easily the most competitive of the bunch, seeing the chase as a game rather than working together with the others to find him. While roaming around, she’ll recite, “You’re the best; you WILL find him first.”

She’s one of the hardest animatronics to outrun due to her speed, and she will randomly check hiding locations, making it very difficult to hide from her. So my best advice would be just to avoid her at all costs. If she can’t see Gregory, she will sniff the air to find your hiding spot. Once again, I find this feature fascinating since surely an animatronic doesn’t have a sense of smell?

It’s been said that Roxanne was introduced to Security Breach as a replacement for Foxy since he doesn’t make an appearance in the title. Some areas contain hints towards Foxy’s existence, much like they do with Bonnie, but there is no honest exploration of where he’s gone.

Due to her appearance being very similar to Foxy‘s, many players assumed that his animatronic was decommissioned and replaced with Roxy as an updated and less chilling version. Alongside being one of the four primary animatronics to chase Gregory, Roxanne is the face of Roxy’s Raceway, an unfinished map area that Gregory will have to explore to complete specific missions.

Due to the map being under construction, the raceway appears filled with obstacles and potential dangers. However, when you’re in this area, your only threats are S.T.A.F.F bots and Roxy.

Ironically, the reason Roxy inevitably gets shattered is through her raceway. During one mission, in particular, Gregory has to use a S.T.A.F.F bot to crash a kart into Roxy, which will leave her shattered and vulnerable for Gregory to take her eyes.

Once her eyes are removed, she will blindly charge toward where she thinks Gregory will be until she crashes into a wall. This makes it much easier to run from her since her focus on you is no longer so reliable.

Roxanne’s Appearance

Roxanne FNAF

Roxy is a gray wolf with amber eyes, which will glow red when she is enraged. Much like Glamrock Chica, her face has also been painted to look like she’s wearing makeup. Her eyelids and lipstick are purple, and she’s got long black eyelashes. To accompany her mascara, Roxy has thick black eyebrows and two black stripes beneath both eyes.

When I first saw Glamrock Chica and Roxanne, I thought the fact they had been painted to look like they had makeup was a weird feature, and I was worried it would take away the mechanical look of the animatronics—in turn, taking away the thing that makes them scary.

Animatronics, which have exaggerated mechanical features such as toy Chica, is far more frightening than the Glamrocks. However, after seeing it in the game, I think adding this ‘makeup’ to them has brought them to life. Roxy also has incredibly long, silver hair which goes down to her waist and is naturally spiky. However, to reflect on the 80’s theme of the pizza plex, Roxy has a shock streak of neon green at the front of her hair.

She also has a long grey tail with a silver tip to match her hair. Her hands and feet have sharp, purple claws, and her muzzle is filled with fangs.

Each animatronic has additionally been given an outfit to mirror the 80s theme of the location. Roxy’s outfit consists of a red crop top, red shorts, and red shoulder pads. Both shoulder pads and the crop top have a spiky black design on the front, which matches the black studded belt at the waist of her shorts.

Both her forearms are purple to match her flared calves. Each purple section is covered in black tiger stripes to match the ones on her face. On each wrist, she also wears a black studded bracelet and a matching collar. However, within Security Breach – Roxy doesn’t always look the part. Much like Glamrock Chica, Roxy has a shattered equivalent. I’d say that Shattered Roxy is the scariest variation of the four main antagonists.

She loses most of her torso, exposing her mechanical skeleton. Her arms and legs are destroyed at the joints and blackened towards where the cracks are. Her frame is exposed through parts of her broken tail and arms, but her face is the part that takes the most damage. Two holes remain where her eyes have been torn out, and her muzzle is crooked.

Roxanne’s Personality and Behavior

Roxanne FNAF

As I’ve already mentioned, Roxy has a very self-obsessive personality which is shown by the excessive amount of time she spends in her green room and the lines she recites while tracking Gregory.

For example, she frequently states ‘everyone loves you’ and ‘I bet I’m your favorite.’ In addition, when Roxy is seen in her green room, she will be standing in front of her mirror, whispering similar self-affirming phrases to herself.

However, when she gets angry at her failure to capture Gregory, she adopts a cruel personality and begins to lose confidence in her ability. Rather than speaking generously about herself, her voice lines will change to taunts like “I bet you don’t have any friends” and “nobody will miss you.”

Luckily, you can distract her with particular objects or by making noise and hiding somewhere in the opposite direction. I’ll admit, I began to feel a lot of relief when I realized you could distract Roxy.

However, the entire time I played the game, it felt like she was hot on my tail, and I struggled to hide successfully. Unfortunately, she’s one of two animatronics that randomly checks hiding spaces, so you’re never guaranteed safety.

If Roxy does spot you, she’ll declare that she’s found you, which acts as an alarm to the other animatronics and signals them over. She will then run towards you, and since she’s one of the fastest animatronics, you have a small window of time to run.

While she runs, her claws and arms will be outstretched, and she will look as if she is baring her fangs at you. As I’ve already said, she’s one of the hardest animatronics to hide from. If you’re lucky enough to secure a hiding space, she’ll smell the air as if she’s got your scent, much like a wolf tracking its prey.

When Roxy’s eyes are taken, she blindly dashes toward Gregory rather than relying on her vision. This makes it much easier to hide, as you can dart from side to side to avoid her claws. However, she can still hear you, so it’s important to remain quiet. But, her lack of vision makes it much easier to trap her in rooms since you can distract her by rattling trash cans, and she just assumes it’s Gregory.

In her shattered state, she can pounce into boarded walls and break them, which is integral to accessing the backrooms of the pizza plex. When characters like Monty and Chica are shattered, they begin to glitch rather than have their anger enhanced. Roxy is the only character not to show any sign of glitching and instead feels more irritable and upset.

Out of the four main antagonists, Roxy is the only one to mourn her career as an animatronic, and additionally is the only character to cry (or sound like she’s crying, at least.)

Roxanne’s Hidden Appearances

Roxanne FNAF Appearance

Like every other character in Security Breach, Roxanne appears on several posters advertising her raceway and the collaborative musical performance she puts on with the other animatronics. To coincide with her posters, the in-game giftshop, Fazbear Gifts, has a lot of Roxy merch on display. Much like the others, she has a Glamrock Roxy plushie, which looks much like the plushies they made for Foxy.

There are also several pieces of Roxy-themed apparel within the gift shop. Such as a t-shirt or pullover with her on. I would love to have a Roxanne wolf sweater, as even though I’m terrified of her, she is still one of my favorite FNaF characters.

There’s also a mask available in the gift shop, which made me laugh because the eye holes perfectly mirror how Roxy looks at the end of the game.

Additionally, there are a few hidden gifts around the pizza plex which also contain Roxy-themed goodies. One of which being her themed popsicle which I adore. They don’t have many purposes within the game, but they appropriately mirror the 80s theme and bring some humor to the title.

Finally, my favorite piece of hidden Roxy merch is the sweater with the same design as her costume: red with black stars and purple trim. I would love to see this sweater released as official merch in the future.

The following items are also found around the pizza plex:

  • Roxanne Pinata
  • Roxanne Space Keychain
  • Roxy’s Fizzy Faz
  • Roxanne’s Sweater (dark red with neon green trim)
  • Roxanne’s balloon
  • Roxanne’s magnet
  • Roxanne’s action figure

I don’t know how Gregory fits all these prizes in his pockets, nor do I know why he’d want to take them home after these animatronics have been so set on killing him. But after all the strife he goes through when trying to escape, I don’t blame him for taking a consolation prize!


Question: Why do You Take Roxanne’s Eyes?

Answer: Within the game, Freddy tells you that Roxanne’s eyes are what allow her to see through walls and doors to sense movement, which is also why she is so hot on finding Gregory.
You need to take her eyes to upgrade Freddy to escape, and they also help you avoid coming into contact with the other animatronics since you can see them moving through walls.

Question: How many Games Five Nights at Freddy’s Games are there?

Answer: There are nine main-line Five Nights at Freddy’s games, with Security Breach being the most recent release. However, I can’t imagine the franchise will stop producing content just yet due to the popularity of each game!
I can’t wait to see which terrifying endeavors the future of Five Nights at Freddy’s holds.

Question: Is Roxy the Same as Foxy?

Answer: There has been no concrete evidence to suggest Roxy has taken the place of Foxy. Due to his absence in Security Breach and their similarities in both name and appearance, much speculation has surrounded Roxy being a replacement animatronic for Foxy’s decommissioning.
I would love it if more information were released regarding this speculation, but I think it’ll be saved for a future FNaF release or possibly a DLC for Security Breach.

Roxanne FNAF Guide: Summary

Even though she terrifies me, I love Roxy’s character in Security Breach, and I think she deserves the love and attention fans have given her. Since this was her first mainline Five Nights at Freddy’s game, I hope she appears in future releases or possibly ends up having her own spin-off alongside the Glamrock’s.

It would be hard to release the same animatronic into the next game, given the state she is left in when we finally escape the pizza plex. Still, if the developers were brave enough to create a game entirely based on shattered animatronics, I’d put on a brave face and give it a go.

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