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Five Nights at Freddy’s had massive amounts of followers since its release – and I am one of them. I still remember when we dared each other to play the game after classes had finished. We record our own ‘Let’s play’ and laugh at how ugly our screams were – we’re at the edge of puberty, so imagine how high-pitched that was.

The Five Nights at Friendly become a far-reaching success because it is the first videogame that successfully taps into our childhood fears regarding animatronics, whether Disneyland or Chuck E. Cheese. Beneath their warm and friendly appearance lies a cold interior made of steel skeleton and complex wirings. Their robotic voice, soulless stare, and mechanical movement make for a frightening sight – it’s a horror goldmine.

But cheap jump scares aside, another reason why the game grew in popularity is because of the game’s lore. When the first game was released, there was an air of mystery surrounding the restaurant. There were plenty of unanswered questions, like the infamous child murders.

The game’s lore continued to develop; many fans began making their own fan arts, fanfics, and even fan games. It was the FNAF community’s way of showing their love for the franchise. One of those original characters or OCs is Righty, who serves as a counterpart to Lefty. Righty continues to become a popular original character, with many fans building up Righty’s lore and how he (or she) fits into the game’s lore.

In this Righty FNAF guide, we will tackle Righty’s different backstories and depictions. We also discuss Righty’s relationship with the franchise’s many characters and how she fits into the game’s lore.

Bottom Line Up Front

As the plot thickens and the mystery begins to unravel, some new characters stand out to become fan favorites due to their contribution to the game’s lore. The revelation on who is inside Lefty (HUGE SPOILER) serves as a gamechanger to the Five Nights at Freddy’s lore.

But wait, if there is a Lefty, would there be a Righty? Unfortunately, there is no Righty in the Canon games and lore. If you feel that there is an imbalance, you’re not the only one. Some fans took it upon their hands and created their own Righty.

Since Righty is an original character, her appearance and backstory differ from person to person. However, the most common depiction of Righty is a white version of Lefty. She also has a connection with the Afton family, and she is a close friend to Lefty.

Righty: Appearance, Personality, Background, and More


righty fnaf

Righty’s usual appearance is based on Lefty’s appearance but with different color variations. Righty is painted white while Lefty is painted black, making them distinct. Righty’s overall color choice is deliberate because it emphasizes them being opposite to one another. Righty’s bowtie, eyelids, top hat, knee joints, and cheeks are painted light blue. Lefty, on the other hand, is painted red.

Another aspect of Lefty was also inverted in Righty’s design. Lefty got her name due to her left eye not lighting up, giving an impression that she was missing an eye. Being an inverse image of Lefty, Righty’s right eye is the one that does not light up. Righty is also right-handed, while Lefty is left-handed.

Lefty and Righty even have different symbols in their stomach. Righty (usually) has a blue crescent moon while Lefty has a yellow star. Righty is also depicted with a yellow or blue star in some fan arts. Other fan works depicted Righty as a white-painted Rockstar Bonny with his bowtie and lighter colored areas being light blue.


Righty is essentially an empty costume before being possessed by a person named Samuel. Fans described Righty as loud, energetic, and courteous. Meanwhile, Lefty was often described as quiet, lazy, and a bit anti-social. Righty is also very friendly towards everyone. According to the ‘Twin Brothers, AU’ Righty disliked Rockstar Freddy due to his sexism but did not show her displeasure openly.

However, things changed after encountering the infamous Afton Family. Williams influenced Righty to become hostile to humans. Her killing machine instinct made her kill anyone she viewed as a threat. She also possesses personal hatred against Henry Emily due to paying more attention to Charlotte than Samuel.

Overall, Righty also possesses her own moral compass like Lefty. Some fan works depicted her helping in Henry and Charlotte’s plan to end the animatronics.


Righty’s backstory is also varied and completely unique. There was no general consensus as to what poor soul was trapped beneath the cold and dark inside of Righty. Here is the following individual who is most likely to possess these haunted animatronics:

Samuel Emily

sammy emily
Five Nights at Freddy’s Fandom

Samuel Emily is the son of Henry Emily and the twin brother of Charlie. Samuel appears in the FNAF novels as a minor character, often appearing in Charlie’s memories. Samuel’s fate was unknown in the novels since it is unconfirmed if he even exists. Henry was trying to mess with the animatronics by manipulating Charlie’s memories.

In the Fourth Closet, Samuel’s grave was nowhere to be found. In the Twin Brothers AU, due to Samuel’s ambiguous situation, many fans made him the soul of Righty (but the same fanfic refers to Righty as a ‘she’). Righty, in some fanfics, has a personal vendetta against Henry Emily due to his jealousy over Henry’s preference for his daughter.

Sometime after his soul was sealed into Righty, he served as Afton’s assassin, where she began to develop a bloodlust against humans.

For me personally, I kind of lean towards Samuel as the perfect soul for Righty. This would explain why the two animatronics are so close to each other. In the Canon Lore, Lefty is controlled by the Puppet, revealed to be Henry’s dead daughter.

The Crying Child

Image from Five Nights At Freddy’s Wiki

The Crying Child is the protagonist of the fourth installment of Five Nights at Freddy’s. He was the unnamed brother of Michael Afton and the younger son of William Afton. He is said to have died after his frontal lobe was bitten off by an animatronic in ’83.

The reason the Crying Child is Righty’s soul is that despite being killed at Freddy’s, his soul was not sealed in any of the canon animatronics. This would mean that they can insert the crying child into their fanfics without breaking the lore.

Julz Studio Bio

Youtuber Julz Studio showcased the different kinds of Lefty in one of his videos. One portion shows his own version of Righty. According to Julz Studio, Righty is described as a failed animatronic. The reason is that Righty’s fur was matted and discolored with paint, making her appear off-putting. Probably the biggest reason she failed is that she lacked a capsule to store the Puppet.

Righty is a prototype developed to store another animatronic. It was stated in Righty’s bio that the company is developing better animatronics which eventually led to the development of Lefty.

The Puppet contained the soul of Henry Emily’s daughter, Charlotte Emily or Charlie. The twist around the Puppet is that she is actually a heroic character. The Puppet and Henry conceived a plan to destroy the last remaining animatronics and free the trapped souls. This bio explained why Righty is notably absent in the lore; she was pretty much an experiment to Henry’s plan.


Since Righty is a fanmade character, her backstory, relationships, and even gender vary from fan to fan. Her relations with other animatronics also differ, most notably her relations with Lefty.


Image from Five Nights at Freddy’s Wiki

Righty was designed to become the counterpart of Lefty. Her design and personality are deliberate to make her an inverse mirror of the latter. Her relationship with Lefty differs from fan to fan, but it was commonly agreed that she has close relations with Lefty.

The majority of fan works usually portray them as close friends, often depicting them as having a duet side-by-side. Deviantart user named Admin64 drew Lefty trying to safeguard Righty from something. Other artists also portray them as siblings.

In Gacha AU, Lefty and Righty (both males) engaged in banter, with Lefty accusing Righty of copying his style. Later in the AU, Lefty vehemently denies that he and Righty are the same. Lefty was offended by Rockstar Freddy after the former was ‘mean and distant’ while Righty is ‘cheerful and bubbly.

Foxy the Pirate

Image from Wiki Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

When Lefty was introduced in the series, many fans began to connect the animatronic with Foxy the Pirate. The reason is that the two animatronics lack an eye. Interestingly, Foxy is missing his right eye while Lefty is missing her left eye. Many fans wonder if there was an altercation between the two animatronics.

In many fanfics that feature Righty, she has some sort of semi-rivalry with Foxy.

Rockstar Freddy

Image from Wiki Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

Rockstar Freddy is often portrayed as the ‘leader’ archetype in many fanfictions and fanart. Righty is often at the corners of the line-up, while Rockstar Freddy is in the middle. Justified because the entire franchise is centered around Freddy and his variations.

Rockstar Freddy and Righty often have a love-hate relationship. In some fanfictions, Freddy often confused Righty with her counterparts to her annoyance.

Righty Appearance in the Games

Righty does not appear in any of the Canon Games because she is a fanmade animatronic. Nonetheless, some games included her model due to her popularity with the fanbase.

FNAF Ultimate Edition 3

FNAF Ultimate Edition is a series of fanmade games made by Stefan25897. The games took the best aspects of the FNAF Canon games and put them in a single game with more animatronics, gameplay, and more challenging than the originals.

Righty is named ‘Eyeless Righty’ and appears in Ultimate Edition 3. Eyeless Righty is essentially reskinned Rockstar Freddy and is almost indistinguishable from Lefty. However, some mods are made to make her appearance the same as what the fans want.

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

FNAF AR: Special Delivery is a canon game made by Scott Cawthorn. It is unique compared to other canon games since it was made for AR, allowing animatronics to make you scream in your own very room. Special Delivery is also the debut game of Lefty, Righty’s canon counterpart.

Righty does not appear in Special Delivery. However, the game has a unique feature; you can customize your own animatronic of your own making! If you can salvage enough parts, you can recreate Righty – and send her to your friends to give them a good fright!

Righty Appearance in Other Media

Although she does not have any presence in the Canon Lore, Righty has a tremendous appeal within the FNAF community. She can be seen in many fanmade FNAF-related contents.


Image from Five Nights at Freddy’s Wiki

A Youtuber named Oobleck created a music video based on the song ‘Crawling.’ Righty does not do much in the video since she only appeared thrice. First was her portrait alongside Lefty. The second time was onstage with Lefty while William Afton was looking at them. The third time is with Righty appearing as a plushie version of herself alongside her counterpart.

The music video heavily implied that Righty went along with Lefty and Henry’s plan to destroy the remaining animatronics once and for all.


There are a lot of fan arts regarding Lefty and Righty scattered across the website. Most Righty fanart shows her having a good time with her counterpart.

Source Film Maker

The FNAF fans also posted their own rendered model of Righty through the SFM. These models can be downloaded via steam workshop.


Question: Is Righty Canon in Five Nights at Freddy’s

Answer: No, Righty is not a canon character within the FNAF lore. Righty is a fanmade animatronic that serves as a counterpart to the actual canon animatronics; Lefty.

Question: Who was inside Righty?

Answer: It depends on what fan works you are reading. Some fans suggested that it was Samuel Emily, the twin brother of Charlotte/Puppet. Others suggest that the crying child was featured in FNAF 4.

Question: What is Righty’s relationship with Lefty?

Answer: It varies from fanwork to fanwork. What is common in most mediums is that Lefty and Righty are very close to each other. If Righty’s soul is Samuel, then that would make her Lefty’s siblings.

Question: Is Morphe considered high end?

Answer: Morphe is high-end quality, but the cost is comparable to drug store products.

Righty FNAF Guide: A Haunting and Creative Character from FNaF Ultimate Edition 3

Righty shows how creative the FNAF community is. She is a fanmade animatronic that has become popular in certain circles. Righty appeared in many media such as fanfictions, fan arts, and music videos.

I love how they designed Righty; I think it was very smart. Her overall color emphasized her inversion to Lefty. Righty is the Yang to Lefty’s Yin. Hopefully, we can hope that one day Scott will notice her and include her in the lore he created.

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