Fredrick Ochami

Fredrick is a huge FNAF fan, not only because horror games are his jam, but also because it is a series that just keeps on giving. Fredrick is a sucker for lore and hidden secrets, and since FNAF is abundant with both, it was a match made in heaven. Outside of FNAF, Fredrick also loves indie games, JRPGs, and will often sit for hours trying to climb the ranks in LOL.

fnaf yenndo

FNAF Yenndo Guide

I’ve played Five Nights at Freddy’s for a while and have always been curious about the Freddy animatronic and his counterparts. From Golden Freddy to Funtime Freddy, each new iteration never disappoints. However, I wasn’t ready for Yenndo–this animatronic fascinated me, despite having a minor role.  Before we dive in, let’s look at Yenndo’s bottom …

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fnaf bidybabs

FNAF Bidybabs Guide

Since I started Five Nights at Freddy’s, I have always looked forward to new animatronics. I loved animatronics like Glamrock Freddy but found ones like Nightmare Mangle exceedingly frightening. Either way, Scott Cawthon should be proud of his insane creations. However, while animatronics like Freddy and his counterparts get all the attention, some barely receive …

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Best Fnaf Roblox Games

After discovering the first Five Nights of Freddy’s game, I quickly played through the whole franchise and eagerly awaited new releases. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a new FNAF game since 2021’s Security Breach–and I’m waiting breathlessly for that game’s DLC, Ruin. In the meantime, I’ve read books and FNAF fanfiction, played mods, tried similar games, and …

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