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FNAF Yenndo Guide

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I’ve played Five Nights at Freddy’s for a while and have always been curious about the Freddy animatronic and his counterparts. From Golden Freddy to Funtime Freddy, each new iteration never disappoints. However, I wasn’t ready for Yenndo–this animatronic fascinated me, despite having a minor role. 

Before we dive in, let’s look at Yenndo’s bottom line. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Yenndo is a Funtime Animatronic who appears in Sister Location. He doesn’t have a considerable role in the game or its lore, but he remains a fascinating enemy like Golden Freddy. 

Yenndo’s Appearance

FNAF Yenndo

Yenndo is among the most distinct Funtime Animatronics. Structurally, he is similar to Funtime Freddy. They both have the same basic shape, including round ears and a square head.

However, Yenndo has both arms (he doesn’t have his version of Bon-Bon attached to his arm), he doesn’t wear a top hat or hold a microphone, he doesn’t have inner face plates or a speaker on his chest, and his irises are yellow, not blue.

However, the most distinct aspect of Yenndo is that he doesn’t have a suit/shell. Instead, you can see his endoskeleton and wires. He also has a large screw fixed to the top of his head–I think this is a replacement for his top hat. 

Yenndo’s Lore

Because of his minor role in Sister Location, Yenndo’s lore isn’t as significant as other animatronics. However, here’s what we know. 

Fazbear Entertainment co-founder William Afton created Afton Robotics after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed because of the Missing Children Incident. Using Afton Robotics, William built Circus Baby’s Pizza World, a kid-centric restaurant with Circus Baby as the primary attraction.

However, Circus Baby killed William’s daughter, Elizabeth Afton, before the location opened. Because of the incident, Circus Baby’s Pizza World closed before launching. 

William Afton opened a new location, Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. This underground facility allowed people to rent out space for private parties and have animatronics perform for their kids. William moved Circus Baby to the facility and created Funtime Animatronics to help her. 

Yenndo is among the Funtime Animatronics William created, along with:

The animatronics had different AI systems, so they didn’t rely on a human wearing them to function. However, most Funtime Animatronics soon met their end through the Scooping Machine, which removed their endoskeletons to create a new amalgamation called Ennard. 

Yenndo’s fate remains a mystery, but I have some thoughts. 

My Theory

freddy fazbear

When making the Funtime Animatronics, William Afton built Yenndo as a counterpart to Funtime Freddy. However, he never finished Yenndo because he didn’t find a significant role for him–so the animatronic ended up as a spare.

This explains why Yenndo doesn’t have a location in the facility, unlike most other Funtime Animatronics. So, the animatronic lingered in the facility, too scary for kids and without a real purpose.

What Happened After The Animatronics Were Scooped

Ennard scooped Michael Afton–the player character in Sister Location and William Afton’s son. The amalgamation then put itself inside his body and escaped Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. 

However, Yenndo remained at the facility. The humans were no longer available, with the technicians killed and Michael scooped, and neither were the animatronics–especially the possessed ones. Yenndo could finally wander around the facility without fear of stepping into another animatronic’s area. 

The other animatronics went through some tough times outside the facility, but Yenndo had a happy ending.

Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental remained virtually untouched after the animatronics escaped, so Yennndo and the few remaining animatronics (like the Minireenas and Bidybabs) had the place to themselves. This also explains why Yenndo never makes another canonical appearance in future games. 

Yenndo’s Appearances

Sister Location

FNAF Yenndo sisterlocation

Although minor, Sister Location is where Yenndo makes his most significant appearance. On Night 3, you have to maintain Funtime Freddy. However, you must pass through the Funtime Auditorium to reach the animatronic. In the Auditorium, you have a scarce chance–about 1 in 1,000–of encountering Yenndo instead of Funtime Foxy. 

I don’t recommend trying to force an encounter with Yenndo this way. Some players have faced Yenndo after a few tries, while others have never found him, no matter how often they replay Night 3. So trying to encounter Yenndo on Night 3 is almost as futile as winning the lottery. 

However, your odds of encountering this animatronic improve significantly during the Custom Night. Here, Yenndo randomly appears throughout the night. He often shows up when you put down the monitor on the room’s right side. Even if you close the doors, Yenndo still shows up–he teleports into the room, like Golden Freddy in the earlier games. 

When Yenndo arrives, your oxygen level starts to deplete. If you do nothing, you won’t just lose your oxygen supply: the animatronic will also jump-scare you. You can only get rid of him is to raise the monitor again. 

Other Appearances

Unfortunately, Yenndo doesn’t appear in other FNAF games. Even Ultimate Custom Night, which features most animatronics in the franchise, doesn’t have him.

You can play him in mods–like this one, which replaces Ennard with Yenndo. You can also read fanfiction with Yenndo, though finding an engaging story is almost as challenging as encountering Yenndo in Sister Location’s Funtime Auditorium. Yenndo gets the least love in FNAF, which I consider a pity. 


freddy fazbear

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy is the most evident counterpart to Yenndo because they have physical similarities in their endoskeletons. However, that’s where their similarities end. Funtime Freddy is missing one hand, though this is where Bon-Bon comes in. He has a black bowtie, a speaker in the middle of his chest, wears a top hat, and holds a microphone in his only hand. 

However, the most apparent difference between Funtime Freddy and Yenndo is that he has an outer shell, and his endoskeleton is not exposed. Funtime Freddy’s outer shell is white, with purple shades on his inner ear, torso, elbows, knees, and more. 

Gameplay-wise, Funtime Freddy also has a significant role. He first appears on Night 2 in the Breaker Room–you can only distract him by playing audio. Then, on Night 3, you perform maintenance on Funtime Freddy. 

Lore-wise, Funtime Freddy is part of the animatronics who get scooped and turned into Ennard. After escaping from the facility, Michael Afton’s host body degrades until they are dumped into the sewer. There, they separate from Circus Baby

If Yenndo had even a fraction of Funtime Freddy’s impact in Sister Location, he would be a solid addition to the franchise. 

Freddy Fazbear

You can’t have Yenndo without mentioning the original Freddy Fazbear. He is a brown animatronic bear with a black top hat and bowtie, holding a microphone in his right hand. He has black eyebrows, black freckles, and large, square teeth. Unfortunately, Freddy’s appearance is not as striking as his counterparts, who all stand out somehow. 

Freddy Fazbear appears in several FNAF games and books and is the mascot of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Gabriel possesses him in the games–Gabriel is one of William Afton’s victims. After the murder, William hid Gabriel’s body inside Freddy Fazbear. However, the child’s soul didn’t move on, instead possessing the animatronic. 

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy and Yenndo aren’t similar because they are Freddy Fazbear’s counterparts. However, they also share similar behaviors in the games.

For instance, both of these animatronics randomly appear in the Office in front of you, and you must take action to get rid of them. Golden Freddy is a mysterious figure like Yenndo, without much lore. However, I believe Cassidy–another child William Afton killed–possesses him. 

When considering the impact Golden Freddy has, I find Yenndo criminally underused. He should have had a more significant role in Sister Location or another FNAF game. 


Question: Who Is Yenndo in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Yenndo is a Funtime Animatronic appearing in Sister Location. If you’re lucky, he only appears in the game’s Custom Night and on Night 3. Yenndo plays no part in the game’s lore but attacks you on Custom Night.

Question: Who Possesses Yenndo? 

Answer: No one possesses Yenndo. William Afton created the animatronic for Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental as an entertainer–and secretly to capture and kill children. However, he never finished making the animatronic for reasons we don’t know. That explains why Yenndo doesn’t have an outer shell, exposing his endoskeleton.

Yenndo is too creepy to lure children (unlike the other friendly-looking Funtime Animatronics), so he likely never had the chance to find and kill one. In addition, Yenndo plays a minor, almost insignificant role in Sister Location–a role that would have been at least on par with Golden Freddy if a child’s soul possessed him. 

Question: Does Yenndo Get Scooped?

Answer: We don’t know for sure. However, it’s unlikely Yenndo was scooped because Ennard doesn’t have a body part we can connect to him. You can detect the other Funtime Animatronics’ parts in Ennard, like Circus Baby’s voice box and green eye or Funtime Foxy’s yellow eye.

FNAF Yenndo Guide: Conclusion

The concept of an unfinished Freddy animatronic is fascinating, especially since he teleports like Golden Freddy. However, I wish FNAF creator Scott Cawthon had given Yenndo a more significant role–or even an appearance in Ultimate Custom Night. So, I recommend playing Sister Location and making it through the Custom Night so you can face this elusive animatronic.

Yenndo might have a more primary role in upcoming FNAF games, but I’d also like to learn about him in the Fazbear Frights books–since they flesh out minor characters in the franchise. 

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