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After discovering the first Five Nights of Freddy’s game, I quickly played through the whole franchise and eagerly awaited new releases. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a new FNAF game since 2021’s Security Breach–and I’m waiting breathlessly for that game’s DLC, Ruin.

In the meantime, I’ve read books and FNAF fanfiction, played mods, tried similar games, and played Roblox games. Yes, there are dozens of fan-made FNAF games on Roblox. However, since they are fan-made, there is hardly any quality control. So, instead of wasting your time trying countless games, I’ve compiled this list of the best FNAF Roblox games.

roblox fnaf games

Bottom Line Up Front

Many excellent FNAF Roblox games exist, but Forgotten Memories and Five Nights at Marcus 2 are the most complete, immersive, and fun games.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a social gaming platform that lets you create games and chat with others. The platform is free, though some creators charge for their games. However, with millions of user-made games, Roblox has plenty of free games. When you’re this spoilt for choice, you can save time by checking out the best FNAF Roblox games.

Selection Criteria

When choosing the best FNAF Roblox games, I considered the following options:

  1. Faithfulness to the source material. Some players are looking for that dread you get in FNAF games, so I searched for FNAF Roblox games that capture the immersion and tension of FNAF.
  2. They try something new. Other gamers want a change of pace from FNAF. They want to experience it as an RPG, shooter, or action game.
  3. Quality. Since anyone can make a Roblox game, the quality control could be better. The best FNAF Roblox games won’t keep crashing every time you boot them.
  4. Ratings. Do Roblox users like these games? The higher the rating a game gets, the better it often is.

Now you know how I picked the best FNAF Roblox games, let’s dive in!

Game Recommendations

Forgotten Memories

best fnaf roblox games forgotten memories
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Qubix Games
  • User Ratings: 94%
  • Genre: Horror

In Forgotten Memories, four friends get a job at an abandoned Freddy’s Pizzeria, currently undergoing renovation. However, they soon unearth the reasons why the pizzeria closed. Like the first few FNAF games, Forgotten Memories has a Phone Guy who explains the animatronics and how they work.

In the game, you manage the ventilation and power. However, they are located on different sides of the pizzeria, so you must explore the location while avoiding animatronics like Freddy, Bonnie, and Foxy.

You can play Forgotten Memories cooperatively with your friends. Online coop is a fantastic feature I would love to see in the next FNAF game, primarily since it’s worked so well in other horror games like Evil Dead and Dead by Daylight.

FNaF Under Roblox Standards

best fnaf roblox games fnaf under roblox standards
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Kypher Studios
  • User Ratings: 92%
  • Genre: Horror

Some gamers want to replay the first few FNAF games but in a different way. If that sounds like you, FNaF Under Roblox Standards is the game you should play ASAP. This Roblox game recreates the first three FNAF games but with exciting additions–and they don’t include roleplaying if you’re worried about that.

You can join other gamers and try to survive together. However, if that lessens your immersion, you can also go solo on a private server. What I enjoyed most about FNaF Under Roblox Standards is that you’re not stuck in the Office the whole night. Instead, you can freely explore the pizzeria as the animatronics move, though I don’t suggest getting too close to them.

If an immersive horror experience is what you’re after, FNaF Under Roblox Standards is the best game you can play. The game even uses Phone Guy’s voice-over, and the animatronics act like they would in the original FNAF games.

Burgers and Fries Roleplay: The Restaurant

best fnaf roblox games burgers and fries roleplay the restaurant
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Kypher Studios
  • User Ratings: 92%
  • Genre: Horror, Roleplaying

Burgers and Fries Roleplay: The Restaurant is a roleplaying game. You can play as a human or animatronic character–the animatronics have cute names like Candy the Cat and Chester the Chimpanzee. The game also includes reinterpretations of FNAF animatronics like Puppet, Springtrap, and Bonnie.

You can make the animatronics perform or sing by clicking a button. You can also deactivate them or activate a jump scare. Meanwhile, the human players include employees like the Day Guard, Repairman, Cook and civilians like an Adult, Child, Teenager, and Toddler. The humans’ actions involve sitting down, dancing, and striking a death pose.

The game has a day-night cycle. Like FNAF, the animatronics become active at night–though the lights also go out. You can also look at various areas in the building through cameras. Best of all, you can play Burgers and Fries Roleplay: The Restaurant with other gamers.

Faz Theme Park

best fnaf roblox games faz theme park
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: MarsFriday
  • User Ratings: 92%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

Faz Theme Park is another RPG. You can play as a human, animatronic, fan art, or original character you can upload. Animatronics include the classics, toy animatronics, hallucinations, and nightmares. Human characters have generic ones and characters from the games, like William Afton.

The game has a few buildings like Fazbear’s Pizza and Faz Shop. While at Fazbear’s Pizza, you can enjoy the arcade games or go on a theme park-inspired ride. If you’re up for it, you can also search for Badges–a fun but tasking endeavor to collect them all.

I enjoyed Faz Theme Park for the roleplaying elements. It doesn’t hold a candle to the main FNAF games in terms of scares, but the game offers fun activities. With Faz Theme Park, you’ll feel like one of the kids visiting a Pizzeria. It’s fun during the day but spooky at night.

Fazbear Frights Roleplay (FNAF: FFRP)

best fnaf roblox games fazbear frights roleplay fnaf ffrp
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Animatronic Explorers
  • User Ratings: 79%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

The Fazbear Frights books are spooky and have many exciting stories. However, only some people are into books or even comics. There are no signs of Fazbear Frights turning into games, but that’s on the official channels. In the meantime, Roblox offers an in-between: a digital recreation of the Fazbear Frights locations.

Instead of locking you to one character, Fazbear Frights Roleplay lets you play as various Fazbear Frights characters like Fetch and Eleanor. The world is also open so you can explore it to your heart’s desires. The game’s locations include the train station, cave, waterfall, Crucker’s Scrap Shop, and more.

FNaF 2: The New Arrivals

best fnaf roblox games fnaf 2 the new arrivals
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Hywel Playz Official
  • User Ratings: 88%
  • Genre: Horror

If FNAF 2 is your favorite game in the franchise, you’re in luck! FNaF 2: The New Arrivals recreates the game that introduced us to Toy Animatronics and adds some twists.

You play the game in a third-person perspective, for instance. You also play in online multiplayer as either a human or animatronic. If you’re a human, you have to survive until dawn. However, if you’re an animatronic, your goal is to hunt humans. The game lets you explore the pizzeria and the area outside, which can lead to surprising encounters. If you’re tired of being hunted in FNAF and have always wanted to be the hunter, the best FNAF Roblox games let you.

Multi-Universe: Fredbear Central

best fnaf roblox games multi-universe fredbear central
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Wil Productions
  • User Ratings: 79%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

Fredbear Central is part of the Multi-Universe collection of games. The other games include FNAF adaptations and games inspired by different IPs.

Like many other FNAF Roblox games, you can pick a human or animatronic character to play. The animatronics include Lolbit, Bonnet, Goldfang, Fredbear, and Spring Bonnie. Meanwhile, the human characters are stereotypes like a citizen, a chef, and a security guard.

Fredbear Central plays like a traditional RPG. It has an open world–nothing on the scale of today’s mind-boggling games, but still impressive for Roblox. Several NPCs will give you quests when you interact with them. The game occasionally has events, and it even has a fun original storyline.

The Beginning of Fazbear Ent

best fnaf roblox games the beginning of fazbear ent
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: FredGoneFazey
  • User Ratings: 98%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

The Beginning of Fazbear Ent is among the highest-rated Roblox games, and you’ll always find a few people online when you log in. The game has several adventures and events in different locations and with various characters. The developers also composed the game’s music and sounds.

You can replay an event once it’s passed, though the developers have locked some events behind paywalls. The Beginning of Fazbear Ent also has an original animatronic character, Benny, with a compelling story.

The Beginning of Fazbear Ent is among the most immersive FNAF Roblox games, and you can easily get lost in it for hours. Try it, and you’ll see why the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Circus Baby’s Pizza World Roleplay

best fnaf roblox games circus babys pizza world roleplay
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Ins1dious_Tim
  • User Ratings: 86%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

Did you love Circus Baby’s Pizza World so much that you’d love to explore it without facing sinister animatronics? Then Circus Baby’s Pizza World Roleplay is for you.

In this Roblox game, you have more than 40 characters to play, each with its distinct movements and mechanisms. Characters include Toy Animatronics, Funtime Animatronics, Nightmare Animatronics, and more. You can explore the pizzeria with your favorite character from the game and modify them however the game lets you.

Fazbear’s Revamp Part 2

best fnaf roblox games fazbear’s revamp part 2
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Chumbbles
  • User Ratings: 91%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

In Fazbear’s Revamp Part 2, play as humans, animatronics, or unlockable characters. The game’s graphics are reminiscent of Minecraft, so you’ll love it if you’re a fan. However, Fazbear’s Revamp Part 2 is the developers’ take on FNAF, so they’ve taken liberties with the characters and locations.

For instance, many characters are reimaginings of FNAF animatronics like The Puppet. However, the developers made them adorable and colorful.

You can enjoy the attractions, like riding the carousel and collecting badges for an hour or two.

Archived Nights

best fnaf roblox games archived nights
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Etesian Dreams
  • User Ratings: 92%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

Archived Nights might be your cup of tea if you prefer quality over quantity. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have as much content as the other best FNAF Roblox games–the map is small, there are few badges, and the game doesn’t have many characters.

However, the developers devoted their time to crafting complex characters with animations that rival the official FNAF games. They also composed the music of Archived Nights, and finding badges is always a treat. The game also has security cameras that mirror the ones in the FNAF games.

The Pizzeria Roleplay Remastered (TPRR)

best fnaf roblox games the pizzeria roleplay remastered tprr
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: The Pizzeria Roleplay: Remastered
  • User Ratings: 87%
  • Genre: Roleplaying, Adventure

If roleplaying is your goal, The Pizzeria Roleplay Remastered is among the best FNAF Roblox games you can experience. TPRR is among the best Roblox games, FNAF or not.

The developers lovingly recreated the game’s locations and characters based on Security Breach. They packed the game with animatronics, humans, and original characters. In addition, the developers intricately recreated the areas.

To keep players coming back, the developers have events, updates, and daily tasks to complete. As a result, you will discover something new whenever you return to The Pizzeria Roleplay Remastered.

Animatronic World

best fnaf roblox games animatronic world
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Gommy_Renard
  • User Ratings: 90%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

Have you ever wished you were in the shoes of William Afton or Henry Emily when they designed animatronics for their pizzerias? You can fulfill that wish with Animatronic World.

The game lets you design your animatronics inside the Factory. You can spend countless hours crafting weird, cute, or downright horrifying animatronics that would haunt anyone’s dreams. The animation style is also blocky but detailed, which should entice Minecraft fans.

When you finish making your animatronics, use them to explore the game world. Hang out with other online players, eat junk food, and explore different locations.

Return to Animatronica

best fnaf roblox games return to animatronica
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Fazbear’s Funtime Services
  • User Ratings: 87%
  • Genre: Action, Roleplaying

Return to Animatronica is the FNAF action RPG you never knew you needed. The game world has a blocky, Minecraft-inspired aesthetic and lets you play as your favorite FNAF characters.

Explore the game world and fight enemies that randomly spawn using your unique skillset. For instance, FNAF 1’s Freddy can toss his microphone and pizza wheel at enemies, while Foxy jumpscares and attacks with his hook. You can also fight bosses that need some strategy and patience to defeat. However, that depends on how strong your animatronic is–Nightmare deals more damage than Bonnie, for instance.

Return to Animatronica is among the unique FNAF Roblox games, and Scott Cawthon should use it as inspiration for making a FNAF JRPG.

Freddy’s Playground

best fnaf roblox games freddy’s playground
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Memes of Dreams
  • User Ratings: 75%
  • Genre: Action, Survival

Freddy’s Playground offers an original twist on FNAF. You still have to survive five nights at the pizzeria. However, the game doesn’t lock you in the Office. Instead, you can explore the restaurant while completing different objectives and avoiding the animatronics. Whether you play alone or with others, the game is still tense and has progressively more formidable challenges.

Freddy’s Playground has original voices, music, characters, and challenges. If you’re tired of roleplaying but still want to experience FNAF in a fun way, this is your game.

The developers are also active, adding new content almost weekly. The only thing I didn’t like so much about Freddy’s Playground is that it’s not scary. That makes it fun for all ages, but I was hoping for a grittier experience, especially considering how good the gameplay is.

FNAF Online

best fnaf roblox games fnaf online

  • Developer: FNAF Online
  • User Ratings: 87%
  • Genre: Roleplaying

FNAF Online lets you explore FNAF creatively. The game enables you to roleplay as any FNAF character. However, you can also design your distinct animatronic in the game’s character creator. FNAF Online has plenty of game modes inspired by the official FNAF games, and you can unlock many secrets. If you’re patient, you can easily spend hours in FNAF Online making characters and exploring the game world.

PROJECT Five Nights at Freddy’s DOOM

best fnaf roblox games project five nights at freddy’s doom

  • Developer: Gr0gGr0g
  • User Ratings: 93%
  • Genre: Horror, Survival

Sometimes, the best changes are minor ones. For example, PROJECT Five Nights at Freddy’s DOOM was originally a Doom mod, but the developer ported it to Roblox–making it one of the best FNAF Roblox games.

The game is identical to FNAF and reuses assets like Phone Guy’s voice. However, you can explore the game–in first-person mode. Fleeing from the animatronics as they give chase is one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had in a Roblox game. You can also play PROJECT Five Nights at Freddy’s DOOM in single-player mode to maximize the claustrophobia the game creates. If white-knuckled terror is what you’re after, this game delivers in bucketloads.

Freddy’s after Hours

best fnaf roblox games freddy’s after hours
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: hooligan productions
  • User Ratings: 93%
  • Genre: PvP

Freddy’s After Hours is still developing, but it’s already playable and shows immense promise. The game offers a PvP experience where you can play as a human or animatronic. If you’re human, evade the animatronics by running away or using the vents, your taser, the cameras, or the doors. If you’re an animatronic, chase the guards and jumpscare them when close.

Freddy’s After Hours is a fun multiplayer game reminiscent of Dead by Daylight. The rules are simple, and the cat-and-mouse aspect offers hours of fun. However, the game is still littered with bugs since it’s not a finished product. Nevertheless, once the developers complete it, Freddy’s After Hours might stand atop the best FNAF Roblox games.

Ultimate Random Night

best fnaf roblox games ultimate random night

  • Developer: grimthesilly
  • User Ratings: 91%
  • Genre: PvP

If FNAF creator Scott Cawthon created a multiplayer version of Ultimate Custom Night, how would it be? Roblox developer grimthesilly answers that question with Ultimate Random Night.

In the game, one security guard faces off against animatronics. The guard has to look at cameras, close doors, and keep the animatronics away. However, the animatronics hunt the guard and can teleport into the Office if he doesn’t look up from the camera.

Ultimate Random Night is a fun experience if you’re an animatronic and a frightening one if you’re the guard. Take turns, and you can easily spend hours on this game.

FNAF Tycoon

best fnaf roblox games fnaf tycoon
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Milktorg Games
  • User Ratings: 70%
  • Genre: Management

FNAF Tycoon is the most underrated game on this list. Inspired by Tycoon Simulator and other management sims, FNAF Tycoon lets you pick a character, choose a plot of land, and construct your pizzeria.

You start with minor income, but you can increase your earnings as the game progresses. You can also craft weapons and attack other players building their restaurants while building your defenses to prevent attacks. I loved leaving the safety of my rapidly-growing pizzeria to duke it out with other players dressed as FNAF animatronics.

The only thing I didn’t like about FNAF Tycoon is how the game tries to get your Robux (Roblox currency) if you can’t afford an upgrade. Yes, you can increase your income rate, but the developers’ eagerness to ask for real money is off-putting.

That said, this is the only flaw in an otherwise stellar game–and I suspect the reason why the User Rating is not high.

Find the Animatronics

best fnaf roblox games find the animatronics
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Find The Animatronics Official Group
  • User Ratings: 92%
  • Genre: Exploration

If FNAF were a kids’ game, it would be Find The Animatronics. This game tasks you with finding all the animatronics scattered around the world.

The game world is gorgeous and colorful, evoking memories of Nintendo classics like Zelda and Super Mario. It also removes the tension from the original games and introduces a fun, upbeat soundtrack. If you want an enjoyable game with simple goals and fantastic visuals, Find The Animatronics is among the best FNAF Roblox games that fit the bill.

FNaF Animatronic Repair

best fnaf roblox games fnaf animatronic repair
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: mateshraje16
  • User Ratings: 100%
  • Genre: Horror

Did you enjoy the sections in FNAF games where you must carefully repair a busted animatronic, and a jumpscare awaited you if you failed? If that sounds like you, download FNaF Animatronic Repair and thank me later.

The game exclusively focuses on fixing animatronics. With Chica, the game asks you to remove the foods on her and lodged in her body. For Bonnie, you have to tune his internals so he can play his guitar in tune. Of course, make one wrong move, and the animatronics will jumpscare you, ending the game.

FNaF Animatronic Repair is still in Beta, so you can only work on Bonnie and Chica. Hopefully, the developers will introduce more animatronics as time passes–and we could even repair custom animatronics we’re unfamiliar with.

Destroy FNaF Animatronics 3

best fnaf roblox games destroy fnaf animatronics 3
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Felipe_Team
  • User Ratings: 68%
  • Genre: Action

I know what you’re thinking: why would I include a game with a 68% rating with the best FNAF Roblox games? Well, I’m glad you asked because the answer is simple: Destroy FNaF Animatronics 3 is a fantastic stress-relief game and one of my guilty pleasures.

If you’re tired of being helpless against animatronics and want to give them a taste of their medicine, 80s-action-star style, this is your game. You get an RPG and explore the pizzeria, blowing up any animatronic you find.

Destroy FNaF Animatronics 3 doesn’t offer much depth, and its graphics are barebones. However, this isn’t meant to be a Call of Duty clone. Load the game, blow up animatronics for five minutes–or yourself if your aim is off–and quit feeling satisfied.

[Remake] FNAF: Coop

best fnaf roblox games fnaf coop
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Z0KTAR
  • User Ratings: 93%
  • Genre: Horror

If you want to play the first four FNAF games for free, download FNAF: Coop. The game recreates FNAF games, but you’re no longer limited to your Office or bedroom. While you can still view the cameras and control the lights, you can also leave the Office and explore the rest of the pizzeria.

However, I don’t recommend leaving the Office as you become significantly more vulnerable to attacks. The animatronics also follow similar attack patterns to the official FNAF games, so you need to be in the Office to survive some attacks.

You can play FNAF: Coop alone or cooperatively with other players. Playing alone offers the purest FNAF experience. However, playing with others is fun to see who will survive the longest and who will perish first.

Five Nights at Marcus 2

best fnaf roblox games five nights at marcus 2
Image by Fredrick Ochami
  • Developer: Zackiify
  • User Ratings: 93%
  • Genre: Horror

Five Nights At Marcus 2 isn’t just one of the best FNAF Roblox games–it’s also one of the best FNAF fangames. Drawing inspiration from the first three FNAF games, Five Nights At Marcus 2 places you inside the Celadon Logistics Warehouse’s main Office. You’re the night guard; your task is to oversee the facility and manage cargo shipments.

However, you must keep a close eye on your cameras because the robots will attack each night. The robots aren’t FNAF rip-offs, but they look fantastic.

If you want to scratch that FNAF itch and survive five nights while facing killer robots, download Five Nights At Marcus 2. The game is tense, has jumpscares, and you must simultaneously handle several tasks. It’s not easy, but completing the fifth night is exhilarating.


Question: What is The Best FNAF Roblox Game?

Answer: Roblox has many excellent FNAF games. However, the game that stands out the most is Forgotten Memories. The game has similar mechanics to FNAF but tells its original story.

Question: What is The Best FNAF Multiplayer Game on Roblox?

Answer: Most FNAF games on Roblox offer multiplayer. However, the highlights include Forgotten Memories, FNaF Under Roblox Standards, Freddy’s After Hours, and FNAF Tycoon.

Question: What are The Best FNAF Single-Player Roblox Games?

Answer: The best FNAF single-player games on Roblox include Five Nights At Marcus 2, Destroy FNaF Animatronics 3, FNaF Animatronic Repair, and Find The Animatronics.

Best FNAF Roblox Games: Conclusion

These are the best FNAF Roblox games for a reason. They offer new experiences FNAF will appreciate. These games are fantastic whether you want a leisurely or intense experience. The games also provide new ideas that FNAF developers should consider when making their next game.

Create your Roblox account and download the games, starting with the excellent Forgotten Memories.

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