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FNAF Minireena Guide

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In the years I’ve known and played Five Nights at Freddy’s, one thing has never stopped amazing me: the sheer creativity of the animatronics. From the mysterious Golden Freddy to the hulking DJ Music Man, you have to accept that the animatronics are the main attractions of each FNAF game. Unfortunately, however, some animatronics don’t receive the attention they deserve. This could be because they aren’t part of the franchise lore or have minor roles.

Minireenas are standout examples. Hardly anyone remembers them because, well, there’s not a lot to remember. However, here’s what you should know about them:

  • Minireenas are several tiny animatronic dolls
  • They follow Ballora and dance with her

If you don’t have time to read through the full article, here’s the bottom line of Minireenas.


Bottom Line Up Front

Minireenas are small animatronics resembling ballet dancers. They are close to Ballora and attack you by draining your oxygen or blocking your view of the Office.

Minireenas’ Looks

The Minireenas are tiny feminine animatronics. These animatronics have white, mask-like faces, black eyes, and black lips with no teeth. They have bare brown torsos and pointed feet like ballerinas. The only clothes they wear are removable white tutus. In addition, the Minireenas hold their hands above their heads in a ballerina’s dancing pose.

The Minireenas are remarkably similar to the Puppet, especially in the face. However, with their minimalist design and lack of clothes, they look like afterthoughts. Seeing them dance alongside Ballora is among the creepiest things you’ll see in FNAF: they contrast her beauty with scary smiles.

minireena look

Minireenas’ Behavior

The Minireenas resemble mannequins made by a sinister designer. So, you won’t be surprised that they behave like they look: like sinister small animatronics. They have maniacal laughs in Sister Location’s Custom Night Mode and Ultimate Custom Night, and they will jump-scare you if you ignore them.

Minireeras’ Lore

Since they are minor characters with limited appearances, Minireenas don’t have much lore. However, since we often see them around Ballora, their stories are likely tied together.

Minireenas are Funtime Animatronics. The co-creator of Fazbear Entertainment and main FNAF villain, William Afton, created these animatronics for his new pizzeria, Circus Baby’s Pizza World. He made Ballora and the Minireenas after Funtime Freddy, Circus Baby, and Funtime Foxy.

William opened Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rentals, which had an underground space that customers could rent for their kids’ parties and events. He stationed the Minireenas in the Ballora Gallery with Ballora.

William Afton’s son, Michael Afton, disguised himself as a security guard and infiltrated the facility. He eventually discovered the Scooping Room–where the Scooper removed the endoskeletons of animatronics and merged them into a single entity called Ennard. Michael saw the Scooper work on Ballora, destroying her. The Minireenas probably followed Ballora after she was brought to the Scooping Room, but arrived after the Scooper had done the damage.

After Ballora was Scooped, the Minireenas went on a rampage, crawling and giggling as they attacked. However, Michael survived their attacks.

That’s the last we see of the Minireenas.

minireena screamer

My Theory

William Afton created the Minireenas to perform alongside Ballora in Ballora’s Gallery. On Night 3 in Sister Location, the Minireenas hold pieces of Ballora’s disassembled body. While others theorize that they took her apart, my theory is someone else–probably Circus Baby–took Ballora apart. However, the Minireenas saved Ballora’s parts, so nothing went missing.

However, once the Scooper removed Ballora’s endoskeleton, the Minireenas lost their purpose. I think their attack on Michael was automatic because he was the only human in the Scooping Room with them and Ballora. They probably thought he was responsible for Ballora’s destruction–and this time, they couldn’t put Ballora together again.

However, after their attack failed, they probably returned to Ballora’s Gallery, hoping for a replacement to perform with.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

Sister Location marks the debut FNAF appearance of the Minireenas. They first appear on Night 1 at the Ballora Gallery Party Room and Dance Studio. Press the blue button on the keypad to your left, and you’ll see an empty stage through the left window. However, press the red button to shock Ballora. When you press the blue button again, she will appear on stage with the Minireenas, dancing–the shock likely worked on all of them.

On Night 2, you won’t see the Minireenas or Ballora at first–instead, you can only see Ballora’s silhouette on the stage. Therefore, administering a shock to them won’t work this time. Instead, this action will cause a glitch and the buttons will stop working.

To fix the malfunction, you will eventually pass through Ballora’s Gallery as you head to the Breaker Room. However, this is a taut section of the game. The whole Gallery is dark, and Ballora and the Minireenas dance around the room. Ballora’s music plays when you’re close; you must watch out for them. Make a sound, and a jump scare awaits, so you should be quiet and sneaky.

Once you fix the breakers, go back through Ballora’s Gallery. She will notice your presence and mention it, so maintain silence. You won’t see the Minireenas here, but they are still present–something I found unnerving.

On Night 3, you will see the Minireenas and Ballora on stage when you press the blue button. However, her body is in pieces, and the Minireenas hold different parts.

The Minireenas appear again on Night 4. Circus Baby has put you in a spring lock suit in the Scooping Room. Two technicians bring Ballora into the room, and she’s back together again–which is why I think the Minireenas put her together. However, their efforts are for naught as Scooper rips out her endoskeleton. The Minireenas appear soon after and attack you–without their tutus. You must shake them off while keeping the spring locks wound to avoid a jump scare.

The Minireenas pose a significant challenge in Custom Night. They come in two versions: let’s call them Minireenas 1 and Minireenas 2.

Minireenas 1 attack in groups of three. You’ll see them on Camera 06. If you let them be, Minireenas 1 will drain the oxygen tanks and deprive you of air. Once your oxygen levels run out, you will pass out, and it’s game over. However, you can stop them by administering a shock. The shock will disintegrate the animatronics, but they won’t be out. Minireenas 1 will reform randomly throughout the night, so watch your oxygen levels until dawn.

I found Minireenas 2 more challenging than Minireenas 1. They don’t attack your oxygen supply but randomly appear and block your screen. Up to five Minireenas 2 can show up and limit your sight of the Office. The animatronics also laugh, which keeps you from hearing other animatronics advancing toward the Office. Worst of all, you can’t stop them or keep them away. I honestly found Minireenas 2 nearly as annoying as Balloon Boy.

However, this isn’t the last of the Minireenas in Sister Location. Once you finish a night and watch a TV show, Minireenas can randomly appear. So you can see one Minireena on your popcorn bowl. However, this is a rare occurrence and not one you should expect to see in your first playthrough.

dancing minireena

Ultimate Custom Night

You can also encounter Minireenas in Ultimate Custom Night. With over fifty animatronics to face, it’s natural for these creepy dolls to appear. However, they are secret characters you can’t play when you wish. So instead, you must hope that Dee Dee appears during your shift.

When Dee Dee randomly appears, she can sing a song promising to add a new enemy for you to face.

However, Minireenas aren’t the only animatronics Dee Dee can summon. They include Start Screen characters or secret characters like:

  • Plushtrap
  • Bonnet
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Minireenas
  • Lolbit

Four Minireenas will appear if you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to get them. They won’t drain your oxygen supply but will appear on your screen, blocking most of the Office and laughing.

ultimate custom night minireenas

Five Night at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery

The Minireenas appear alongside Ballora in Special Delivery. The Minireenas will crawl on you. Shake them off and avoid looking at the static that might appear on your screen. Some Minireenas will fall once you shake them off–by shaking your phone–and remain stationary on the floor. Pick three Minireenas and look at the static. Ballora will attack to give you a jump scare but will electrocute herself instead.

frosted minireena

Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 AM

The Minireenas appear in the third Fazbear Frights book, titled 1:35 AM. Specifically, they are characters in the book’s second story, Room for One More.

The story follows four nights in the life of Stanley, a grumpy security guard at a secret underground facility. His job description is to ensure nothing leaves or escapes from the facility.

On the first night, Stanley sleeps in the facility for the first few hours. When Stanley wakes up, a Minireena is lying on his desk. Bored, he plays with the Minireena and learns it can speak in a limited capacity: it can say a few phrases. Stanley finds the Minireena so fascinating that he considers taking it home.

He soon nods off but has a nightmare. In Stanley’s nightmare, the spaghetti he’s eating transforms into worms, and he sees his ex going out with someone else. When Stanley wakes up, the Minireena is gone. However, his left arm has swollen, and he has a sore throat.

The next night, the Minireena reappears after his usual nap. He promises the animatronic to take it home if it remains on the table after his next nap.

Stanley nods off again and has another nightmare. In the dream, Stanley is late to work. He hails a taxi, but the driver is Funtime Foxy, who attacks Stanley. When he wakes up, the Minireena is gone. His right arm has swollen, and his sore throat feels worse.

The next night, Stanley wakes up to find another Minireena. He threatens to take the animatronic home if it doesn’t vanish when he wakes up. In his nap, Stanley has a terrifying nightmare of a blackout at work. He wanders around with a flashlight and encounters Funtime Freddy. The animatronic attacks him, and the dream ends. This time, both of Stanley’s legs have swollen.

On the fourth night, Stanley is terrified he will have a heart attack–the Minireenas are getting to him. He writes his ex a letter and nods off. When he wakes up, the Minireena has returned to torment him, though an arm is missing. Stanley realizes he’s seen a different Minireena each night for the past four nights.

Stanley hides the Minireena in his desk despite his unease and dozes off. Unsurprisingly, he has another nightmare.

This time, Stanley is inside a dentist’s Office. He is strapped tightly to a chair, and his dentist is a super-sized Minireena, while Ballora is the nurse. The Minireena forces Stanley’s mouth open wide.

Stanley wakes up to find a Minireena entering his mouth. He swats it away and realizes: the Minireenas entered his body each night, and the body part each Minireena inhabited grew swollen.

Panicking, Stanley flees. However, the Minireenas already inside his body squirm, and the one-armed Minireena asks if his body has room for one more.

Stanley loses his mind, screaming, and the last Minireena enters his body.

fnaf fazbear frights


Clockwork Minireenas

clockwork minireena

Clockwork Minireenas come with the Clockwork Ballora skin. They don’t transform as significantly as Ballora, as they still have the same mask and body. However, instead of wearing the default tutus, the ones they have look like a clock’s gears. They also have smaller gears around their elbows and knees. The Clockwork Minireenas also have white eyes, green pupils, and dark brown bodies. They also sound like gears when they crawl on you.

Unfortunately, there are no Minireena skins that accompany Arctic Ballora. So your only choice is Clockwork Minireena.


The Minireenas don’t have clear counterparts, but the ones below have significant similarities.

The Puppet

the puppet fnaf

The Puppet is the most obvious counterpart to the Minireenas. First appearing in FNAF 2, The Puppet (or Marionette) has a similar face. It has a white mask-like face, hollow black eyes, an open grinning mouth, red cheeks, and purple stripes from its eyes to its lips. In addition, the Puppet has a slim waist, a black bodysuit with white stripes on its forearms and legs, and three white buttons on its chest.

The spirit of the daughter of Fazbear Entertainment’s co-founder, Henry Emily, possesses The Puppet. Unfortunately, Charlotte Emily makes The Puppet sadistic, especially towards night security guards–she probably mistakes them for William Afton, who killed her and several other children.


bon bon fnaf

Bon-Bon is to Funtime Freddy what the Minireenas are to Ballora. While the Minireenas perform with Ballora, show concern for her, and attack together, Bon-Bon is attached to Funtime Freddy’s hand and helps the more massive animatronic attack you.

Bon-Bon resembles Toy Bonnie. He is blue with lighter shades on his inner ears, muzzle, palms, and stomach. He has red cheeks, a red bowtie with a black button underneath, and square, human-like teeth. Like the Minireenas, Bon-Bon’s first appearance is in Sister Location.

Bon-Bon has a calming effect on the excitable Funtime Freddy. Thanks to him, Funtime Freddy isn’t as tough as he would be otherwise. However, in Sister Location’s Custom Night, he attacks you according to Funtime Freddy’s cues.

Bon-Bon has a female counterpart called Bonnet. She is identical to Bon-Bon but has a pink profile instead of a blue one. Bonnet first appears in Sister Location’s Custom Night and is another character Dee-Dee summons in Ultimate Custom Night.



It’s like half of Sister Location’s main characters have tiny companions. Ballora has the Minireenas, Funtime Freddy has Bon-Bon, and Circus Baby has the Bidybabs. These are two tiny animatronics resembling babies. They have square teeth, orange noses, orange eyelids, small ears, and orange lower lips, and small ears. They are barefoot and wear brown shorts and shirts.

Bidybabs appear on Night 2 in Sister Location. When you hide under the desk in the Circus Gallery, they will try to open the door. Bidybabs also have electrified variations called Electrobabs. They appear exclusively through Custom Night and drain power. Unfortunately, you can only get rid of Electrobabs by electrocuting them.


Question: Who are The Minireenas in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answers: Minireenas are tiny animatronic dolls that dance alongside Ballora in Ballora’s Gallery. They have mask-like faces, hollow black eyes and mouths, and tutus.

Question: Are The Minireenas Possessed?

Answer: No, the Minireenas are not possessed. They accompany Ballora and are sinister animatronics, but that’s their programming.

Question: How Do You Get Rid of Minireenas?

Answer: Though their role in FNAF is minor, Minireenas are among the most challenging animatronics. If they drain your oxygen, you have to give them a shock. However, they can suddenly appear on your screen, blocking your view of the Office and laughing. You can do nothing when this happens except wait for them to disappear.

FNAF Minireena Guide: Conclusion

Minireenas are surprisingly affectionate animatronics in how they care for Ballora. However, they are foes that offer a refreshing difficulty.

I recommend playing FNAF: Sister Location and Special Delivery–especially the latter. Special Delivery offers an intriguing challenge in how they constantly climb on you and distract you from Ballora, who attacks if you focus too much on the Minireenas and look the wrong way. Seeing them in Ultimate Custom Night is also a treat, though chances of encountering them are incredibly slim.

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