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Best FNAF AR Skins

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a massively popular franchise, so it should surprise no one that the games have a wide range of skins. However, I find FNAF AR: Special Delivery particularly notable because it has the most exciting skins.

However, the skins aren’t all on the same level. This article shows you which ones are worth getting and most deserving of your hard-earned cash.

Bottom Line Up Front

With over 55 skins, FNAF AR: Special Delivery spoils you with choice. However, not every skin is equal. The ones I’ve listed in this article are distinct enough to belong in your game because of aspects I found that stand out.

FNAF AR: Special Delivery Quick Facts

Before we get to the skins, let’s start with a quick run-through of the game, so you’ll know if it’s your cup of tea. After all, you’ll enjoy the skins more if you find the game interesting.

Fact #1: It Uses Augmented Reality

Yes, the AR in the game’s title stands for Augmented Reality. This means you’ll play the game through your AR-compatible phone, with your real-life surrounding as the game’s setting. Imagine playing this game at home alone at night, and you’ll realize how squeamish you can be.

Fact #2: You Can Deploy Animatronics

For the first time in FNAF history, you have animatronics to deploy to scavenge for parts or fight your friends. You need to get enough Remnant and repair any endoskeletons, and they’ll be part of your robotic army.

Fact #3: Trade Real Money For Faz-Coins

You can get Faz-Coins for real money with bundles starting at $4.99 for 500 Faz-Coins. However, mini-packs and Lures (which contain items like plush suits) cost between 300 Faz-Coins to thousands, so the game can get expensive if you’re not careful.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Clown Springtrap FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom
  1. Clown Springtrap. The look completely changes Springtrap, and clowns are terrifying.
  2. Flamethrower Bare Endo. Rarely does a skin make you feel like you’re trapped in a furnace with a molten monster. This skin does that.
  3. Catrina Toy Chica. This skin celebrates Mexico’s Day of The Dead, and it’s made with so much detail that it’s among the coolest FNAF AR skins.
  4. Swamp Balloon Boy. This skin deserves an award for being the ickiest in FNAF, and I love it.
  5. VR Toy Freddy. This skin makes Toy Freddy look luminous and neon-tinged like he’s in a VR game.

Selection Criteria

You should naturally know how I selected the skins. However, after analyzing the skins, I noticed two factors worth considering.

  1. Appearance. Naturally, each skin must look distinct if you’re spending money on it. Some skins dazzle, while others look like reskins. I avoided the latter and only focused on the skins I would have on my wishlist.
  2. Extras. Does the skin have a pun on something? Is it based on a particular event? Does the skin do something you won’t find elsewhere? These are the extras that elevate a skin, and you bet I was on the lookout for them.

What Are the Best FNAF AR Skins?

Note that since the skins are seasonal releases, you have to wait until they are available to grab them. That said, you can luck out on a decent skin if the animatronic with it attacks, and you beat it.

Let’s jump into the skins. They all offer a fascinating experience and give FNAF AR: Special Delivery an elevated appearance (in no particular order).

Black Ice Frostbear

Black Ice Frostbear FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Winter Wonderland Event

Similar Skins: Arctic Ballora, Frostbite Balloon Boy, Frost Plushtrap

Frostbear is already a fantastic skin, an arctic-themed version of Freddy. However, Black Ice Frostbear kicks things up a notch. The skin is darker and more frigid than Frostbear, and he is covered in significantly more ice. Icy spikes have formed on his legs, shoulders, snout, and arms. His bowtie and top hat are black, and he wields a massive icy spear bigger than him.

Perhaps because of all the ice penetrating his body, Black Ice Frostbear is incredibly aggressive. He will freeze your skin and force you to shake off the ice before you can do anything. I find him a fantastic animatronic if you’re looking for a considerable challenge.


Curse FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Ancient Equinox Event

Similar Skins: Serpent Mangle

FNAF AR skins draw inspiration from different sources, but I did not see an Aztec theme coming. However, the Ancient Equinox Event reimagines Springtrap and Mangle in Aztec attire, and the designers do a fantastic job on both skins.

However, I found that Curse Springtrap edges out Serpent Mangle in memorability. Curse looks like the warrior you would dread meeting if you lived in those times.

He wears a large gold crown topped with green feathers. He has a golden chest plate with a round center, and he carries a decorated shield with feathers on one arm while he brandishes his claws on the other. His legs are golden, and he wears a green skirt.

Flamethrower Bare Endo

Flamethrower Bare Endo FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Sizzling Summer (2020)

Similar Skins: Broiler Baby, Scorching Chica, Flaming Springtrap

I never thought a Bare Endo skin could look this remarkable. The Flamethrower Bare Endo is glowing orange like he’s just come out of a furnace and is about to drip liquid metal. He wears a rusty welding mask and wields a flamethrower attached to two gas canisters on his back. The flamethrower isn’t just an accessory; it shoots flames and be a pain to deal with if you’re playing against him.

The other Sizzling Summer skins are all right, but they have nothing on Flamethrower Bare Endo. Compared to this skin, they are little more than bare reskins (that said, they are still quite good compared to skins from other events, so I’ve included more of them here).

Clockwork Ballora

Clockwork Ballora FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Screampunk Event

Similar Skins: Clockwork Minireena, Aeronaut Toy Freddy, Jetpack Balloon Boy

The Screampunk Event gave us steampunk-themed skins. Clockwork Minireena had a rustic look with tiny gears, Jetpack Balloon Boy wore goggles and a steampunk helmet, while Aeronaut Toy Freddy replaced his toy hat with a mechanical one.

The standout, however, is Clockwork Ballora. Even though her body shape is similar to the original Ballora, it is made almost entirely from golden gears. This makes her look like a mechanical machine more than an animatronic. The more you look at Clockwork Ballora, the more you’ll marvel at how the designers went into such intricate details to make her look this convincing.

Clown Springtrap

Clown Springtrap FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Dark Circus Event

Similar Skins: Magician Mangle, Ringmaster Foxy

Clown Springtrap does it for me when it comes to appearances. As his name suggests, he is dressed like a clown, only the kind of clown that makes you walk faster if you see him in an abandoned circus at night.

Clown Springtrap is the third Dark Circus event skin after Ringmaster Foxy and Magician Mangle. His clown makeup consists of paint around his eyes, a red bowtie, patchy purple hair, a missing ear, and a torn clown costume, and he wields a massive mallet.

You can barely tell the resemblance if you put Clown Springtrap side-by-side with the original Springtrap. However, this skin gives him a refreshing new look and is nightmare fuel for anyone (like me) who finds clowns more terrifying than Nightmare Animatronics. I’m sure many agree because more Americans fear clowns than climate change.

VR Toy Freddy

VR Toy Freddy FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Arcade Mayhem Event

Similar Skins: Highscore Toy Chica, System Error Toy Bonnie

The Arcade Mayhem Event has some of the most visually appealing skins in the game. They all have a futuristic neon glow that works exceptionally well in AR. However, VR Toy Freddy is the standout. He has the same shape as Toy Freddy but has a dark neon silhouette and an animated black texture on his body that looks like electricity and pulses. He also wears a VR headset that covers his eyes and half his face.

I also like that VR Toy Freddy has two forms: his default one, which I’ve just described, and his attack one. In his attack form, VR Toy Freddy becomes Livewire Toy Freddy. He no longer has his VR headset so that you can see glowing green eyes. He also turns orange with luminous yellow textures.

VR Toy Freddy gives you plenty of eye candy you won’t find on other skins, and his two forms make the skin worth getting.

Piranha Plushtrap

Piranha Plushtrap FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Wicked Tides Event

Similar Skins: Dark Water Bare Endo, Sunken Toy Bonnie

What do you get when you merge two of the most intimidating small predators known to humankind: piranhas and Plushtrap? You get Piranha Plushtrap, a sweat-inducing FNAF AR skin.

Instead of fur, Piranha Plushtrap has flesh. He also has natural gums, his eyes glow blue, his mouth is full of shark-like sharp teeth, and he has two orange reptilian gills on the sides of his head. In addition, he has webbed hands, and algae cover his stomach and mouth. He also has massive spikes on his arms and legs.

I also loved his dark, watery environment. Piranha Plushtrap blends in so perfectly that spotting him is a challenge–and you’ll be terrified when he finally shows up.

Magician Mangle

Magician Mangle FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Dark Circus Event

Similar Skins: Clown Springtrap, Ringmaster Foxy

Magician Mangle is the second Dark Circus Event on this list, but I had to include it because it’s just as effective as Clown Springtrap.

Mangle is already an eerie-looking animatronic, so this skin makes them stand out even more. Their fur, for instance, changes from white to green.

They also wear a big black top hat–not small like Freddy’s, but similar. Playing cards are stuck on various parts of their endoskeleton, which also holds a magician’s wand. He also wields a giant saw surrounded by several floating knives.

Toxic Springtrap

Toxic Springtrap FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Wasteland Event

Similar Skins: Radioactive Foxy

Springtrap is the animatronic that series villain William Afton possesses. Since Afton is such a hateful character, Toxic Springtrap feels like the skin that best suits him. He is massively mutated, with warts that look like tumors (with gross sounds), long veins that resemble tentacles, patches of skin covered in mold, and purple color.

Like how William Afton is a challenging foe who never seems to die in the games or books, Toxic Springtrap is also a frustrating enemy.

He has weak static, and you need the flashlight to find him. If he goes Haywire and his eyes are red, you must look away to avoid a jump scare. However, if he goes Haywire and his eyes are white, you should watch him until he vanishes or his eyes turn red.

Firework Freddy

Firework Freddy FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Summer 2020 Event

Similar Skins: Liberty Chica

Good old summer. It’s the perfect time to go to the beach, visit an amusement park, or have a barbecue. Most importantly, though, it’s the best time for distinct FNAF AR skins. The Summer 2020 Event introduced us to skins inspired by the United States. Liberty Chica represents the Statue of Liberty, while Firework Freddy represents fireworks’ joy and visual splendor.

Between the two skins, though, Firework Freddy is the clear winner. Liberty Chica is the Statue of Liberty but with Chica’s head. However, the designers worked harder on Firework Freddy.

Even though he has the same bare body as Freddy, Firework Freddy is wearing a 4th of July-inspired costume. He wears a red bowtie, a top hat with the colors of the American flag, and white-rimmed sunglasses with blue lenses. He also wears a blue tank top with a white star in the center and torn white pants. My favorite part is the lit firecracker he wields, also with an American design.

If Firework Freddy doesn’t inspire you to celebrate the 4th of July, no other FNAF skin will.

Catrina Toy Chica

Catrina Toy Chica FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Halloween Event 2020

Similar Skins: None

The FNAF developers have released skins celebrating American holidays. So, it’s only fitting for them to release skins celebrating other countries and cultures. Catrina Toy Chica is a skin celebrating Mexico’s Day of The Dead. Specifically, the skin is based on the influential La Catrina de Los Toletis, the skeleton of an influential high-class Mexican woman.

Her skin is a dull green-gray with a red-glowing mouth and eyes. She has many flowers and skulls on her head, more flowers wrapped around her shoulders, a turquoise necklace, and a colorful traditional Mexican dress. Her bib has changed to read “ESTAMOS AQUI!” which means “WE’RE HERE!” in English. Most of her body also has patterns and markings.

At her side, the cupcake has changed entirely. Instead of a regular cupcake, it’s now a skull with glowing red eyes, golden teeth, and a candle on top.

Catrina Toy Chica is a well-made skin that you should get even if you don’t celebrate the Day of The Dead.

Swamp Balloon Boy

Swamp Balloon Boy FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Haunted Forest Event

Similar Skins: Woodland Toy Freddy, Boulder Toy Bonnie

What if your favorite Toy Animatronics were woodland critters made from things you only find in the woods? Woodland Toy Freddy, for instance, is made from wood and holds a walking stick instead of a microphone. Boulder Toy Bonnie is made from stone and covered in moss.

However, my favorite is Swamp Balloon Boy. He has the same basic shape as the regular Balloon Boy, but he’s made from mud, covered almost entirely in moss, and roots and vines are growing through his body. His eyes are empty sockets, his head has a crack from his mouth, and his sign reads “ROT.”

Most of the best FNAF AR skins are either fantastic or terrifying. However, Swamp Balloon Boy (along with Toxic Springtrap) is icky. By looking at the animatronic, you want him to stay away from you and shower. That reaction was likely what the designers wanted. So in terms of icky skins, Swamp Balloon Boy is up there.

Little Red Chica

Little Red Chica FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Scary Tales Event

Similar Skins: Big Bad Foxy

What if Little Red Riding Hood took place in the FNAF universe? Wonder no more because that’s what the Scary Tales Event does. The Event reimagines Chica as Little Red Riding Hood and Foxy as the Big Bad Wolf.

While Big Bad Foxy looks like you’d expect–a hulking, fierce Foxy who’s up to no good–Little Red Chica piqued my interest. She looks nothing like the sweet, innocent girl I was expecting. Instead, she looks downright terrifying.

Her beak and body have rust, her eyes have a spooky orange glow, and her stomach is severely damaged. She wears a tattered red cloak with a red hood, and her pants are torn. She carries a giant picnic basket with a red-and-white checkered blanket. Her cupcake is a decayed skull.

The effect is terrifying; one look at Little Red Chica, and you’ll feel like Big Bad Foxy is the one in danger.

Great Escape Golden Freddy

Great Escape Golden Freddy FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: None/DLC-Exclusive Skin

Similar Skins: Fredbear

Great Escape Golden Freddy is a thoughtful skin, thanks to its premise alone. He is an escape artist who’s heavily chained down.

The skin resembles Golden Freddy, but its shade is darker and looks duller like he’s ancient. His body is severely withered as he has multiple holes and frankly looks like he might give you tetanus if you touch him. His eyes are empty sockets, and his top hat is torn.

However, the kicker with this skin is the “great escape” aspect. The animatronic is covered in layers of rusty chains, most of them held together by padlocks. Two balls and chains are also attached to his feet.

Frankly, Great Escape Golden Freddy looks like an animatronic who tried an escape trick, failed, and was left to rust in the water for decades.

Broiler Baby

Broiler Baby FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Sizzling Summer Event

Similar Skins: Flamethrower Bare Endo, Scorching Chica, Flaming Springtrap

Another skin from the Sizzling Summer Event, Broiler Baby might not be as exciting as Flamethrower Bare Endo. However, she still stands out, especially if you compare her to other animatronics and see her merits.

Broiler Baby looks identical to Circus Baby. However, her eyes are coal-red, and soot covers most of her body and hair. She also wields a coal shovel instead of a microphone, and her stomach has been completely replaced with a shovel. In addition, her head lights up from inside, indicating the furnace is more significant than it looks.

When facing Broiler Baby, keep collecting coal to keep her fire alive. If the fire goes out, she will kill you.

Radioactive Foxy

Radioactive Foxy FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Wasteland Event

Similar Skins: Toxic Springtrap

Radioactive Foxy has the same body as regular Foxy. However, his body is translucent, exposing his endoskeleton. His body is also neon green, except for a white eye, and his stomach has a radioactive symbol.

Radioactive Foxy looks like he’s just crawled out of a toxic dumpsite, and his translucent appearance makes him look like just the merest touch will melt off your skin. Of course, you could say the same for the other skin from the Wasteland Event, Toxic Springtrap. However, Radioactive Foxy has a chilling, ghostlike effect.

Black Heart Bonnie

Black Heart Bonnie FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Heart Stoppers Event

Similar Skins: Heartsick Baby

When it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, FNAF is probably not the first thing you think of. That is until you discover Black Heart Bonnie.

Black Heart Bonnie has the same shape as regular Bonnie. However, he no longer has fur. Instead, glass makes up his entire body. The glass is shattered and cracked in many places, with an enormous hole in his torso. His eyes are black with red pupils, his bowtie–which rotates–is also cracked glass, and a massive red heart is inside his torso, and it’s still beating.

Dark Water Bare Endo

Dark Water Bare Endo FNAF AR Skins
Image from Fandom

Event Released: Wicked Tides Event

Similar Skins: Piranha Plushtrap, Sunken Toy Bonnie

Humans naturally fear the unknown, and few things are as hidden or alien as creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean. The Wicked Tides Event leaned into this, and we saw earlier how terrifying Piranha Plushtrap is. Now, let’s examine Dark Water Bare Endo.

The character doesn’t look like a Bare Endo anymore as he has a body: a blue, fishy, watery one. The head resembles an angler fish, complete with a lure on top. His eyes are big and white, he has gills for ears, and his teeth are big and sharp. His stomach has several colors, faintly resembling a coral reef, and several tendrils stick out of his shoulders and elbows.

If a creature from the deep became an animatronic, Dark Water Bare Endo is how it would look.


Question: What Are The Best FNAF AR Skins?

Answer: The best FNAF AR skins include:
• Dark Water Bare Endo
• Black Heart Bonnie
• Radioactive Foxy
• Broiler Baby
• Great Escape Golden Freddy
• Little Red Chica
• Swamp Balloon Boy
• Catrina Toy Chica
• Firework Freddy
• Toxic Springtrap
• Magician Mangle
• Piranha Plushtrap
• VR Toy Freddy
• Clown Springtrap
• Clockwork Ballora
• Flamethrower Bare Endo
• Black Ice Frostbear
• Curse

Question: How Can I Get A Skin in FNAF AR: Special Delivery?

Answer: The best way to get a skin is by waiting for events every few months. You can then buy the skin you desire. Alternatively, you can encounter an animatronic with a particular skin that attacks you. The animatronic might drop its skin as a gift if you defeat it.

Question: Are The FNAF AR Skins Canon?

Answer: No, they are not canon. The developers made them for fun and to enhance your gameplay. Beyond their looks and fun factor, the skins have no relevance to FNAF lore.

Question: How Many FNAF AR Skins Are There?

Answer: Including the originals, there are over 59 skins currently in FNAF AR: Special Delivery. Depending on the developers’ plans, there might be new skin releases.


There you have it. I found these the best FNAF AR skins, and with good reason. If you’ve gone through the article or skimmed it, I’m sure a few skins have caught your eye. From creepy to awesome, something should pique your interest.

Other than my top picks, my recommendation is Little Red Chica. The skin looks fantastic, Chica is more intimidating than ever, and it’s a clever spin on a timeless character. If you could only get one FNAF AR skin, that would be my top pick.

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