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Since I started Five Nights at Freddy’s, I have always looked forward to new animatronics. I loved animatronics like Glamrock Freddy but found ones like Nightmare Mangle exceedingly frightening. Either way, Scott Cawthon should be proud of his insane creations.

However, while animatronics like Freddy and his counterparts get all the attention, some barely receive any mention. These are the animatronics you face and forget about soon after. 

The Bidybabs are a stellar example. If you haven’t played FNAF: Sister Location, you probably don’t know them. Even if you’ve played the game, Bidybabs are among the first animatronics you forget–purely because they don’t have a prominent role. 

However, the Bibybads are criminally underrated. So before I tell you everything excellent (and spooky) about these animatronics, here’s the bottom line if you’re skimming. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The Bibybabs are little-known animatronics appearing in FNAF: Sister Location. There are two Bibybabs, and they accompany Circus Baby in the game at the Circus Gallery. 

The Bidybabs’ Appearance

FNAF Bidybabs sister location

The Bidybabs are tiny animatronics that resemble babies. However, these are not the babies you fawn over. Instead, they are babies only their maker, William Afton could love. They have pale, tan-colored skin, an orange triangular nose, square teeth (four teeth on the upper row and four more on the lower row), an orange lower lip, and orange eyelids.

Although their ears are tiny compared to their heads, they have five fingers on their hands, four toes, and a circular button on their tan chests.  To tell them apart, you must look at their eyes. For example, one Bibybab has blue-green eyes, while the other one has light-purple eyes. 

The Bidybabs’ jump scare animation is similar to other Funtime Animatronics. However, they split their faces to expose their endoskeleton and wires. 

The Bidybabs’ Behavior

Like most other Funtime Animatronics, the Bidybabs are sinister and creepy. On Sister Location’s second night, they suspect you are hiding in a spring lock suit and are determined to find a way inside. Unfortunately, they also defer to Circus Baby and are probably afraid of her. 

The Bidybabs’ Lore

FNAF Bidybabs sister location

The Bidybabs have a minimal role because they only appear for one night in Sister Location. However, here’s their story

After closing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, cofounders William Afton and Henry Emily went their separate ways. William Afton opened another pizzeria called Circus Baby’s Pizza. He made the Funtime Animatronic called Circus Baby as the pizzeria’s main attraction. 

However, Circus Baby killed William’s daughter, Elizabeth Afton, when the two were alone. This incident led William to make more Funtime Animatronics and open an underground facility, Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. 

To the public, the facility was a location they could rent out to have parties for their kids, with animatronics as entertainment. However, the animatronics were now possessed by the souls of William’s victims: the children he murdered.

These animatronics became sentient, and when they encountered a night security guard, they attacked, thinking it was William. 

William Afton made the Bidybabs to help Circus Baby perform in the Circus Gallery. However, while Circus Baby contained the soul of Elizabeth Afton, the two Bidybabs were not possessed. Instead, their programming–and loyalty to Circus Baby–made them sinister. 

William’s son, Michael Afton, disguised himself as a security guard to work at Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental. He encountered the Bidybabs on his second night.  Circus Baby was initially curious about Michael and wondered why he wanted to spend the night at the facility. She advised him to hide under the desk–there was a space that the previous security guard made. 

The Bidybabs appeared and tried to enter the space forcefully, taunting Michael. However, they soon gave up and left, believing they would eventually find a way inside. 

This is the last we see of the Bidybabs. 

My Theory

Circus Baby saw an opportunity when encountering Michael Afton, even though her soul didn’t know this was her brother. Unlike the other animatronics, Circus Baby warned Michael of the Bidybabs to gain his trust and show him she was on his side.

However, this was her ploy because Circus Baby wanted to escape the facility and needed a human body. She would do this through the Scooper, which scooped out the Funtime Animatronics’ endoskeletons and used them to make Ennard. The Scooper would then put Ennard inside Michael’s body. 

I doubt Circus Baby made the Scooper remove the endoskeletons of the Bidybabs because they weren’t possessed and were small, like the Minireenas

The Bidybabs probably didn’t mind because, unlike the Minireenas when Ballora was scooped, they didn’t become angry after Circus Baby’s endoskeleton was removed. Instead, they were probably relieved when Circus Baby left the facility through Michael Afton.

The animatronics left Michael the first time they encountered him because they sensed Circus Baby was watching them. So, they were probably tired of her and wanted to do their own thing without her. 


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location

FNAF Bidybabs sister location

The Bidybabs’ prominent appearance is in Sister Location. Unfortunately, they only appear on Night 2 and are among the game’s least challenging animatronics. 

On Night 2, move through the vents to reach Circus Baby’s Auditorium. The HandUnit will ask you to bring Circus Baby out of hiding with a controlled shock. However, you will have a power malfunction, and the HandUnit will reboot the system, turning itself off and the oxygen, vent locks, and security doors. 

Circus Baby will talk to you and ask you to hide in the space under the desk. After hiding there, drag the metal sheet to cover your hiding space.  When the Bidybabs appear, they will tug on the sheet and try to force it open. However, keep the area closed. If you let them open it, the Bidybabs will leap into the space and give you a jump scare, ending your progress. 

Other Appearances

FNAF Bidybab in closet easter egg found

The Bidybabs’ roles in other games are so minor that I consider these animatronics easter eggs. For instance, they could have been formidable enemies in Ultimate Custom Night. Instead, they only appear as background objects. Likewise, you can only see them in FNAF: Security Breach through an arcade cabinet. 

If you must play Bidybabs in a more prominent role, mods exist. For instance, an Ultimate Custom Night mod from DeviantArt user EliteRobo lets you face the Bidybabs. However, the mod replaces Withered Chica. 

If you want a different way to face the Bidybabs, a fanmade Minecraft roleplay mod lets you encounter these baby animatronics. If you want to read more stories with Bidybabs, Archive of Our Own has plenty of fanfiction featuring the animatronics.

However, some of these stories are unsuitable for younger kids. Meanwhile, other stories deviate from horror to venture into different genres. 


Baby Crawlers

FNAF Baby Crawlers

Baby Crawlers are the clearest counterparts to Bidybabs, though they don’t appear in the video games: instead, they appear in the books. They are three baby-like animatronics with clown paint, red cheeks, hollow eyes, red noses, and clown costumes.

The first Baby Crawler has rainbow-colored hair, red shoes, black paint above and below its eyes, and a massive spring on its torso. The second one has blue hair, fanged teeth, and red paint above its eyes. Finally, the third Baby Crawler has white hair, a green bowtie, and blue shoes. 

The Baby Crawlers appear in The Fourth Closet at Circus Baby’s Pizza. Two characters, Carlton and Marla, pass them in the playroom. 


The Electrobab is the electric counterpart of Bidybabs. However, it only appears in the Sister Location Custom Night mode. The Electrobab is identical to the Bidybabs. However, its eyes flicker like bulbs, and its eyes are yellow. When the Electrobab appears on the cameras, it drains the power while staring at you with flashing eyes.

To get rid of the Electrobab, administer a controlled shock. If you don’t, you will lose power too early and remain vulnerable to attacks from other animatronics. 


FNAF Minireenas

I consider Minireenas counterparts to Bidybabs because they have similar roles in Sister Location. While the Bidybabs accompany Circus Baby, the Minireenas perform with Ballora in Ballora’s Gallery. They are miniature animatronics resembling ballerinas, with white, mask-like faces and plain bodies–they only wear tutus.

Perhaps because of their programming, the Minireenas are attached to Ballora. So, when the Scooping machine removes Ballora’s endoskeleton, the Minireenas attack the first person they see. 


Bon-Bon is another tiny Funtime Animatronic with a similar role. However, while the Minireenas and Bidybabs are close to the animatronic accomplices they share space with, Bon-Bon is part of his accomplice’s body. 

Bon-Bon is attached to Funtime Freddy, replacing his right hand. He’s a blue animatronic with only an upper body, rabbit ears, red cheeks, a red bowtie, and a black button under the bowtie. Bon-Bon can detach himself to attack you and calms down the excitable Funtime Freddy. 

Bon-Bon’s female counterpart is Bonnet. She is identical to Bon-Bon except for one thing: she has a pink color scheme. 


Question: What Are Bidybabs?

Answer: Bidybabs are Funtime Animatronics appearing in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. They are tiny and resemble babies.

Question: Are Bidybabs Possessed?

Answer: No, Bidybabs are not possessed. William Afton, the primary FNAF villain, created them as companions to Circus Baby–and Circus Baby is the possessed animatronic.

Question: Are The Bidybabs Boys Or Girls?

Answer: We don’t know their gender. Since William Afton designed the Bidybabs to resemble babies, they have a genderless baby-like voice.


The two Bidybabs have a minor role in Five Nights at Freddy’s. I suggest playing Sister Location to experience them and their counterpart, Electrobab. The Bidybabs won’t impress you like Circus Baby or Ballora, but they are animatronics worth playing against. 

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