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Best Fnaf Memes

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I started playing Five Nights at Freddy’s after the game had gone viral on YouTube–and my first FNAF game was the second one.

I have since enjoyed the countless horrors, jumpscares, and franchise lore. With FNAF’s surging popularity and an FNAF movie in production from Blumhouse Productions, it’s no surprise that the franchise has near-infinite memes. 

However, with so many options, which memes should you look at? You can spend countless hours online and only find a few genuinely funny and relatable ones. That’s where this guide comes in. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Five Nights at Freddy’s is full of thousands of memes. However, most miss the mark. The ones on this list are the only FNAF memes you should check out. 

Selection Criteria


Humor is the most vital criterion. The chief point of a meme is to make you laugh. If it can’t do that, it’s failed. Humor is subjective, and not everyone finds the same things funny–some might find a meme bland as others consider it offensive. However, the ones on this list made me laugh (and I hope they’ll do the same for you). 


This list features the best FNAF memes, not the best general ones. I ensured every meme I searched for was relevant to the franchise. In fact, the more obscure the meme is for casual gamers who don’t play FNAF, the better. 

The Best Memes

Kentucky Fried Toy Bonnie

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

 In 2015, KFC got into deep water when a customer accused it of serving a deep-fried rat instead of a chicken nugget. However, the fast-food chain was cleared after a DNA test proved the deep-fried rat was simply a misshapen nugget. 

Such a ridiculous situation lends itself to humor, and the internet did not disappoint with countless memes. This meme replaces the deep-fried rat with Toy Bonnie–who isn’t a rat but an animatronic rabbit. 

The caption describes rats when they see a KFC air fryer. In response, the image shows several Toy Bonnies in different stages of their jumpscares. The meme shows how willing rats are to jump into a KFC deep fryer–which made me laugh and cringe simultaneously. 

FNAF Cameras

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

If you’ve played the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror games, you know how the cameras increase tension. You look around in fixed angles and–often when you least expect it–see an animatronic wandering around.

This experience is frightening, especially if you’re new to the games and don’t know the animatronics’ attack patterns. 

This meme plays on the cameras. It scrolls around in typical FNAF fashion. However, instead of seeing a wandering animatronic, you see a cute dog staring at you. The meme isn’t scary, but the doggo makes it lovable. 

Credit Card Declines

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

“Your card was declined” is among the funniest–and most disturbing–memes of the past few years. The basic premise is you receive a service, like a haircut or surgery in more extreme cases.

However, your card is declined, and you can’t pay. The service provider then undoes their service hilariously (or gruesomely), like restoring hair or chopping off a limb. 

A patient has successful brain surgery in the FNAF version of this meme. However, when the card declines, the meme references the Bite of 83.

The Bite is among the most gruesome incidences in FNAF lore, where the Fredbear animatronic bites down on the head of the Crying Child, crushing his brain. 

The meme works because it implies the surgeon gets an animatronic to destroy the patient’s brain after the payment declines. It’s also disturbing because the Crying Child has one of the most tragic stories in FNAF. 

Freddy Fazbear vs Chuck E. Cheese

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

The “who would win” memes took over the internet as they compared the most unlikeliest characters and pitted them against each other.

The meme started simple enough with comparisons between superheroes or anime characters. However, the memes escalated until they compared unlikely figures, like dinosaurs and a meteor. “Who would win” memes are more morbid than ever, but still hilarious. 

In FNAF’s case, this meme compares Freddy Fazbear with Chuck E. Cheese. We know Chuck E. Cheese as an athropomorphic rat and the restaurant chain’s mascot. The meme pits the mascot against Freddy Fazbear, the mascot of the fictional Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place. 

This meme is a mismatch–which is the funny bit–as Chuck E. Cheese is a simple mascot while Freddy is a possessed animatronic bear capable of murder. 

Chica + Pikachu

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fivenightsatfreddy_edits

Pikachu is among the cutest fictional characters–and the most popular since many grew watching Pokemon. So, imagining the character as an animatronic is not what most of us would imagine, even in our nightmares. 

However, turning adorable characters into nightmare fuel is what the internet is for, and this meme doesn’t disappoint. 

The meme splices Toy Chica’s face onto Pikachu’s body–a crime against all things good in fiction. The meme also forgoes Toy Chica’s form in the Show Stage, where she looks normal.

Instead, we see Chica without her beak, exposing human-like teeth. Toy Chica also has black eyes with white pinpricks increasing the meme’s scariness. 

Chika+Pikachu is a meme that shouldn’t exist. However, because it does, the meme deserves its status as among the best FNAF memes. 

William Afton Dancing

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

William Afton is the main villain of Five Nights at Freddy’s. After establishing Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, he disguised himself as Spring Bonnie, lured unsuspecting children, and killed them. He then stuffed their bodies into animatronic suits.

However, the children didn’t find peace in death. Instead, their souls possessed the suits they were trapped inside. This description alone portrays William Afton as an atrocious man and an unforgettable villain from franchise creator Scott Cawthon

This meme pokes fun at William Afton. It shows a man in a purple shirt dancing–referencing William’s portrayal as the Purple Guy in FNAF minigames. The meme describes how William celebrates after killing kids and stuffing them in animatronics. 

This meme hints at what most FNAF fans know: William Afton is a heartless monster. Instead of showing remorse for killing children and causing unimaginable pain to those affected, he didn’t care and probably celebrated like the man in the meme. 

Grim Reaper vs. William Afton

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: freddysbestfriend

William Afton is among the most distinct villains in video game history. He not only killed children in gruesome ways–he is also practically immortal.

William died for the first time when escaping the souls of the kids he had murdered. The killer hid inside a Spring Bonnie suit, but the suit malfunctioned and fatally crushed his body. 

However, William Afton didn’t stay dead. Instead, he returned as Springtrap: his body was still trapped in the Spring Bonnie suit, and his soul possessed it.

However, the location burned down, and he died for the second time. William survived this fire, returning as Scraptrap. However, he burned in another fire. 

William’s consciousness returned as Glitchtrap, which downloaded into Burntrap. However, The Blob killed Burntrap. 

This meme shows the Grim Reaper coming for William Afton in Afton’s different forms. However, the following image shows the Reaper breaking down and having a drink–after all, William never stays dead.

The meme reminds me how powerful Remnant is, because William Afton would likely have remained dead without it. 

South Park x Fredbear

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: south_park_girl

I love how memes connect two unrelated media franchises. In this case, Five Nights at Freddy’s meets South Park. The meme shows the South Park boys at a birthday party: Kyle, Stan, Eric Cartman, and Kenny. However, they are probably at Fredbear’s Family Diner since Fredbear is the entertainer. 

However, the meme reimagines the Bite of 83. Fredbear is on the stage, and his jaws have clamped down on poor Kenny’s head. Blood covers Fredbear’s mouth, and the kids–plus Stan’s dad Randy in the DJ booth–look in horror. 

I love this meme because it pays homage to both franchises. It faithfully recreates the Bite of 83–Kenny’s friends probably pushed him into Fredbear’s mouth as a prank, and I’m sure Cartman would be the one with such an idea. The meme also honors South Park–the show’s earlier seasons killed off Kenny in almost every episode. 

Buried Chica

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnaf.memes

The Arrowverse is among the most ambitious TV crossovers, entertaining millions for years. So, the franchise naturally inspired memes. One of the most memorable memes shows The Flash posing on Oliver Queen’s grave with a peace sign. The meme went viral, and it wasn’t long before the FNAF franchise had its interpretation. 

This meme shows Toy Chica’s image on the headstone, while Funtime Chica’s face replaces The Flash. Funtime Chica replaced Toy Chica in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. 

Gamers vs FNAF YouTubers

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: fnafhumour

YouTubers made FNAF famous. Since 2014, YouTubers have received millions of views for uploading FNAF content ranging from guides to playthroughs.

However, playthroughs remain my favorite because they show the content makers getting scared and trying to figure out games that are not straightforward. 

We often tease YouTubers when they jump or scream at scary scenes. However, we do the same (or worse) when it’s our turn to play FNAF. 

This meme pokes fun at FNAF gamers for ridiculing those YouTubers for publicly showing fear. It shows how gamers are composed when watching others play a horror video game. However, they panic when it’s their turn to experience the game. 

Nightmare Pepe

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

Pepe the Frog is a green anthropomorphic cartoon frog from cartoonist Matt Furie. Pepe became an internet meme as early as 2008 and has remained among the most popular memes. Pepe is among the most easily-recognizable memes–most people have seen him in one form or another. 

Nightmare Pepe reimagines Pepe as a Nightmare Animatronic. The meme specifically chooses Nightmare Freddy complete with razor-sharp teeth, glowing yellow eyes, and brown fur.

We’ve seen Pepe in different forms–especially his sad form–but Nightmare Pepe is a terrifying reimagination. 

Glamrock Freddy’s Friends

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

Glamrock Freddy is among the most lovable FNAF characters. He is crucial to the gameplay and plot of FNAF: Security Breach. Unlike most other animatronics, Glamrock Freddy isn’t malicious. Instead, he befriends the human boy Gregory and protects him from Vanny and the other Glamrock Animatronics.

The animatronic is loyal to friends and hesitates to take their body parts to help Gregory escape the facility. 

This meme makes fun of Glamrock Freddy, though not mean-spirited. The meme shows the animatronic telling Gregory he values his friends.

However, the next part shows the other Glamrock Animatronics partying around Freddy’s corpse. Monty laughs and tells Glamrock Chica and Roxanne Wolf to dance on Freddy’s grave while Chica and Roxy play their instruments. 

The meme highlights what we know: the Glamrock Animatronics don’t care about Freddy like he does for them. If they valued him, it happened before Security Breach’s events. 

Glamrock Freddy vs. Funtime Freddy

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

Glamrock Freddy is a peaceful guy, contrasting the other animatronics. He can also sacrifice himself to help others. However, Funtime Freddy is as evil as they come. Funtime Freddy is diabolical and loves tormenting others. These two animatronics couldn’t be more different, which is why I love this meme. 

The meme shows Glamrock Freddy asking his counterpart why he kills kids–he also looks horrified. Meanwhile, Funtime Freddy is just as surprised that Glamrock Freddy doesn’t kill kids.

The evil Freddy enjoys murder, and he says so–which shows how twisted his programming is since a vengeful spirit doesn’t possess him. 

Kangaroo Glamrock Freddy

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

Yes, here’s another Glamrock Freddy meme. However, the animatronic’s popularity on this list is because of his selfless good nature that contrasts the other animatronics.

For instance, Glamrock Freddy carries Gregory in his stomach cavity to protect the boy from the other animatronics. The gesture is heartwarming, but ripe for memes. 

This meme pokes fun at the pair, likening them to a kangaroo mother and her baby. Freddy is the mother, carrying Gregory in his pouch. I never considered this comparison before, so the meme was a hilarious surprise. 

Ghostbusters vs. Animatronics

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

The Ghostbusters hunt ghosts, trapping them–especially the violent, vengeful ones. So, having them in the same universe as FNAF would be a cool mashup. This mashup would never happen in the real world, but this meme imagines how it would be. 

The meme describes an animatronic at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza who suddenly hears the Ghostbusters theme song. The image shows a man who stops eating, suddenly alert. 

If the two media universes merged, the actions of the animatronics would attract the Ghostbusters’ attention. After all, they contain children’s souls and have a murderous side. 

Ultimate Custom Night Crossover

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

Avengers: Infinity War remains among the most ambitious film crossover events. The film brought together different sets of characters without diminishing their personalities. 

This meme considers Ultimate Custom Night the Infinity War of video games, and I agree. This video game includes animatronics from most FNAF games and pits you against them. If you dream of facing Happy Frog and Balloon Boy, you can in Ultimate Custom Night. 

Home Alone At Night

Home Alone At Night
  • Source: Memedroid
  • Uploader: DailytheFreddy

FNAF is a horror franchise where the environment is essential to the scariness. You’ll jump at shadows nearly as often as the animatronics jumpscare you. So, being afraid of the dark when home alone at night is not uncommon–especially if you’ve just played a FNAF game. 

This meme highlights that fear. It shows that the slightest noise can frighten you, even if you know your imagination is the culprit.

The meme illustrates this point by illustrating Nightmare Freddy, one of the scariest animatronics in the franchise. When in a similar scenario, you probably won’t imagine Balloon Boy or Ballora–it will be the most frightening FNAF characters. 

Freddy and The Boys

Freddy and The Boys
  • Source: Memedroid
  • Uploader: gmanmeme1

“Me and the boys” is a meme that shows 60s Spider-Man villains smirking. The villains include Rhino, Electro, Green Goblin, and Vulture. Many users have used the meme to convey when a group of people is getting ready to do something naughty–or if they already have. 

In this meme, the “boys” represent the Classic Animatronics: Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy. The caption explains how pleased the animatronics are that the security guard’s power has run out. 

In the earlier FNAF games–where you can’t leave the office–maintaining power until 6am is crucial. You need power to keep the animatronics away. However, the animatronics will enter the office and kill you without resistance if the power runs out before dawn. 

Wreck-It Ralph In FNAF

Wreck-It Ralph In FNAF
  • Source: Memedroid
  • Uploader: Kairi34

Wreck-It Ralph is among the most popular animated characters from the past decade. He is also a video character in an arcade and can enter other games. 

This meme questions what would happen if Ralph entered a FNAF game. The meme shows Ralph holding Vanellope as they explore a dark hallway.

Bonnie and Chica are behind them, lurking in the shadows. Vanellope wonders why Ralph entered this game, and his response is he thought it was a pizzeria simulator. 

Ralph’s logic makes sense. If Pizzeria Simulator was your first game, you experienced a shock when the horror elements crept in. The game even startled veterans who expected a simple, slice-of-life offshoot. 

Chika on Drugs

Chica on drugs
  • Source: Memedroid
  • Uploader: wubstep

The “Meth? Not even once” meme was a viral meme poking fun at a real campaign with the same title. The campaign showed people before and after using the drug–they looked normal before but horrific after.

The campaign received attention, but probably not the one it desired. The internet parodied “Meth? Not even once” until many forgot the campaign’s existence. 

FNAF gamers did not remain behind when the meme went viral. This meme shows Chica and Nightmare Chica. Classic Chica represents how she looked before taking meth, while Nightmare Chica shows how she looked after she got hooked on the drug. 

This is another dark meme–don’t do drugs, obviously–but hilarious. I would swap the Classic Chica with Toy Chica to create a more significant contrast. 

FNAF Iceberg

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

FNAF is notorious for having a complicated backstory that doesn’t reveal itself. Many gamers play FNAF for the scares and are often shocked when they learn that the franchise has more complicated lore than most video game franchises. To understand the story, you have to:

  • Take notes
  • Pay attention to minigames
  • Browse every inch of each location
  • Complete each game and replay it as often as you can in case you missed something
  • Read guidebooks 
  • Check out conflicting fan theories on Reddit and YouTube

Completing a university thesis is less involving than deciphering FNAF. However, that’s what many fans love about the franchise–FNAF is a modern puzzle growing complicated with each successive game. 

So, this meme hits the nail on the head. The meme shows FNAF gameplay as the tip of an iceberg, but the backstory as most of it–and hidden. 

Circus Baby and Elizabeth

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: frxddy.fxzbear

“Traumatized Mr. Incredible” is a meme showing The Incredible’s leader in two contrasting images. He looks normal in the first image.

However, he appears traumatized in the black-and-white second image. The meme’s caption describes something normal correlating to the first image but something dark corresponding to the second. 

The FNAF version of this meme shows Circus Baby and Elizabeth Afton, William’s daughter. The pixelated image shows Circus Baby smiling while an ice cream cone lies between them. The image looks innocent–I even found it adorable the first time I saw it.

However, anyone who’s played Sister Location knows this is among the game’s most traumatizing scenes. Shortly after this image, Circus Baby graphically kills Elizabeth. So, the “Traumatized Mr. Incredible” meme is perfect for this scene. 

Among Us + FNAF

  • Source: Instagram
  • Uploader: calistolfo

Among Us took over pop culture for a few years, appearing on YouTube, in movies, and in memes. So, FNAF fans made a meme blending Among Us with FNAF. 

This meme shows Among Us characters wearing FNAF masks–specifically, they wear the masks of Glamrock Animatronics. Gregory is dead, and Glamrock Freddy asks who killed him. Vanny is covered in blood stains, and she says Freddy looks suspicious. The animatronics eject Freddy, though Vanny is the killer. 


Question: What Are The Best FNAF Memes?

Answer: FNAF has hundreds–if not thousands–of memes. So, the best ones are subjective. However, the best ones are funny and relevant to FNAF, as shown in this article.

Question: Where Can I Get FNAF Memes?

Answer: You can find FNAF memes on websites like Instagram and Memedroid. You can also view meme compilations on YouTube or Tiktok.

Question: Why Is The Bite of 87 A Meme?

Answer: The Bite of 87 is among the terrifying incidents in Five Nights at Freddy’s. The Bite is actually the Bite of 83 since it occurs at Fredbear’s Family Diner–the first location William Afton and Henry Emily opened. Fredbear bit into the head of the Crying Child in this incident. It became a meme when YouTuber Markiplier reacted to it.


FNAF has many memes. However, I’ve listed my favorites in this articles–and the ones I consider the best. To enjoy them, I recommend playing through every FNAF games. If you’ve only played a game or two, you might not understand all the references or know why these memes are so hilarious. 

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