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Bonnet FNAF Guide

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For a video game franchise that tries to terrify you every chance it gets, Five Nights at Freddy’s has a surprising number of adorable characters. A prime example is Bonnet. She is an adorable pink rabbit animatronic that you’re more likely to cuddle than run from.

So, what’s the deal with Bonnet?

  • She is among the 5 animatronics that first appears in FNAF: Sister Location’s Custom Night Mode
  • She and Bon-Bon share the same model.
  • Even though she doesn’t have legs, Bonnet is among the few animatronics who have a walking animation.
  • She is one of several counterparts Bonnie has
  • She loves to giggle (Which can get annoying after a point)

Bottom Line Up Front

Bonnet is a cute animatronic who, despite her looks, can jump scare you and cut your progress short. She isn’t the most challenging animatronic to face—and her giggling gets real old fast—but I suggest taking her seriously when you meet her.

Bonnet’s Appearance


Like I mentioned above, Bonnet is basically a pink reskin of Bon-Bon. This means she has rabbit ears, green eyes, a black nose, a red bowtie, and a black button just below it. She has red cheeks and is predominantly pink. However, she has lighter pink accents on her stomach, paws, muzzle, and the inner part of her ears.

She basically looks like she couldn’t hurt a fly, and I’m sure her plushies sell well.

Bonnet Lore

Because of Bonnet’s relatively minor role in the grand scheme of FNAF, she doesn’t have lore to speak of (unless you want to read her fanfiction).

But because Bon-Bon is her main counterpart and he is attached to Funtime Freddy—literally, in this case—we can try to source some lore from this.

Here goes nothing…

The main baddie in the FNAF franchise is William Afton, who made Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon through Afton Robotics. Funtime Freddy’s outward goal was to entertain kids who visited the restaurant, but Afton secretly programmed him to kill children.

So, Afton probably made Bonnet for the same purpose: killing kids and night security guards while making them lose their guard through her cute, unintimidating looks. The only difference between Bonnet and Bon-Bon is that she is not attached to a bigger animatronic. This makes her lonely because if you survive the night, she will ask you to take her with you.

All things considered, this is kind of sad. Bonnet might be a murderous animatronic who will jump scare you if you don’t play your cards right, but she still wants a companion.


Bonet FNAF

Bonnet only appears in two FNAF games: Sister Location and Ultimate Custom Night.

FNAF: Sister Location

You will encounter Bonnet in the office. Here, will walk to the left side of the office while giggling. But don’t just ignore her. If you leave her alone, a jump scare awaits. You have to keep this from happening by clicking on her nose.

Ultimate Custom Night

Bonnet appears in UCN, but it’s not straightforward. You must summon her through Dee Dee (yet another cute animatronic) or Shadow Dee Dee (not so pretty). Once she appears, her actions are similar to Sister Location.


Bon Bon


This is Bonnet’s most apparent counterpart because skin color is the only significant difference between them. He is Funtime Freddy’s hand puppet, but he can also leave the hand and move around on his own. He appears in Sister Location’s Custom Night Mode, but you can also face him in Special Delivery.

Unlike Bonnet, you need to shock him to keep him from attacking you.


Bonnet and Bon-Bon are based on Bonnie, one of the original animatronics. He is an entertainer at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. He is also in Freddy’s band as the guitarist. But it turns out he was possessed by one of the children murdered by William Afton.

Bonnie appears in most FNAF games:

  • FNAF
  • FNAF 2
  • FNAF 3
  • FNAF 4
  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Help Wanted
  • Special Delivery
  • Security Breach

He also appears in the official novel trilogy and the spinoff games: FNAF World.

Withered Bonnie

Withered Bonnie

Has a bunny ever given you nightmares? Withered Bonnie will.

He is a withered version of Bonnie with a missing face, a missing left arm, missing upper teeth, and several holes in his legs. However, he became withered after the diner closed down. He was decommissioned (probably for being a glutton for murder) and replaced by the less intimidating Toy Bonnie.

Speaking of which…

Toy Bonnie

He is Withered Bonnie’s replacement and is a shiny animatronic. Toy Bonnie is generally blue with lighter inner ears and stomach. He has red cheeks, green eyes, a red bowtie, and two top teeth. He also looks friendly enough and performed at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Unfortunately, the diner closed down in 1987 because of the infamous Bite of ’87.


Question: Who is Bonnet in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Bonnie is the female counterpart to Bon-Bon. But unlike Bon-Bon, she is not attached to a bigger animatronic. Instead, she walks on her own.

Question: Is Bonnet in FNAF a Boy or Girl?

Answer: Bonnet is a girl based on her voice and appearance.

Question: Who is Bonnet Attached To?

Answer: Unlike Bon-Bon, Bonnet is not attached to anyone. This might explain why she will ask you to take her with you if you survive the night in Sister Location’s Custom Night.

Question: Where Did Bonnet Come From in FNAF?

Answer: Bonnet made her first official appearance in FNAF: Sister Location’s Custom Night Mode.

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