Deedee FNAF Guide

Deedee FNAF Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is full of frightening animatronics you have to face. They are big, creepy, and can kill you with one jump scare. They are definitely worthy enemies. And then there is this little nuisance called Dee Dee. She is among the most annoying animatronics in the series, much like Balloon Boy.

Why do I (and many other gamers) dislike this piece of metal so much?

  • She is tiny and doesn’t even have a jump scare.
  • Despite that, she appears in front of you, singing and dancing
  • And after her song, you often have to face an additional animatronic

Dee Dee’s Appearance

Dee Dee (or DD) is a small humanoid toy animatronic, similar to Balloon Boy and JJ.

She has green eyes, brown hair, peach-colored skin, a triangular pink nose, and pink cheeks. Dee Dee also wears purple pants, a pink-and-yellow striped shirt with a big purple button in the middle, and a pink-and-yellow beanie with a giant rotating propeller on top of it.

Bottom Line Up Front

We see DD in two games:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s World
  • Ultimate Custom Night

Dee Dee Lore

Dee Dee

As a secret character and a toy animatronic, Dee Dee doesn’t really have any lore you can consider canon. However, we know that toy animatronics in the series were made by Fazbear Entertainment to replace the withered original ones. They were built for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza’s reopening in November 1987. Except for Mangle and The Puppet, they look relatively child-friendly (not counting their counterparts, which are often creepy).

We also know that the endoskeleton a lot of them use is Endo-02. Like the other toy animatronics, Dee Dee is friendly to kids but hostile to staff members. And in Ultimate Custom Night, we also see her gleeful nature.


Five Nights at Freddy’s World

Dee Dee is not part of the main game. However, she has her own minigame called DeeDee’s Fishing Hole. This is a game set in Fazbear Hills, the starting stage of FNAF World. You have to pay Dee Dee 10 Fazbear Tokens to play the game. However, no matter which character you have, you will play the minigame as Freddy Fazbear.

Simply move your boat from left to right and lower the fishing rod to catch fish. Fish are worth different Faz Tokens, from 1 Token to 50 Tokens. However, there is a Pearl Byte at the bottom of the lake that will earn you 100 Faz Tokens if you catch it. But there is plenty of fish above it, so patience and careful timing are crucial.

Ultimate Custom Night

This is the game that made the wider FNAF community know Dee Dee.

Dee Dee is not among the selectable animatronics on the menu. Instead, she will randomly pop up in the Office after your game has started. She then sings to you (and after a while, “Uh-oh! How unfortunate!” can’t get out of your head).

After her song ends, the difficulty will ramp up, or Dee Dee will add a new animatronic for you to face. The animatronics she adds are often selectable in the main menu.

However, she can also summon non-selectable animatronics like:

  • Plushtrap
  • Minireena
  • Bonnet
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Lolbit
  • Shadow Bonnie

I consider Dee Dee the most annoying FNAF animatronic. She randomly shows up, sings that infuriatingly catchy song, and makes your game harder. Yes, she makes even Balloon Boy seem likable. The only way to counter Dee Dee is to use DD Repel. You can unlock it by passing through a night.




XOR is the shadow version of Dee Dee. But, unlike her counterpart, there is nothing cheery or kid-friendly about how XOR looks.

XOR’s basic shape and form are the same as Dee Dee’s, down to the smile. However, her color palette has changed to black and grey. Her eyes are empty black sockets, she has black cheeks, and her skin is a light shade of grey. Her hat is black-and-grey with a black propeller and a red button (the only colorful thing about XOR). She wears black pants and a striped shirt with a big grey button.

XOR sings the same song as Dee Dee, but the pitch is lower, and it plays backward. The effect is quite eerie, to be honest. She appears in Ultimate Custom Night, but only when you reach the ultimate challenge mode: 50/20 mode. So, thanks to her, you face 56 champions instead of 50.

And DD Repel, which gets rid of Dee Dee, doesn’t work on XOR.

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy is not a direct counterpart to Dee Dee, like XOR. However, he is a toy animatronic with similar stylings.

He also wears a striped shirt and matching striped hat (red and blue in color), with a propeller on the cap. He is peach-colored, with red, blushed cheeks. However, he holds a sign reading “Balloons!” in one hand while the other carries a red-and-yellow striped balloon.

Balloon Boy first appears in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, and he is another annoying character. He likes to laugh, and if you let him get close, he will disable your lights. This gives other animatronics an easier time getting to you and giving you a jump scare.

We see Balloon Boy in:



JJ is a female toy animatronic (often called Balloon Girl). She looks similar to Dee Dee and Balloon Boy, with a striped blue-and-purple shirt and hat, blue cheeks, blue propellers, and peach skin.

We see JJ in:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator
  • Ultimate Custom Night

Like Dee Dee, JJ only has minor roles until we see her in Ultimate Custom Night. In that game, she acts similarly to Balloon Boy: being an annoyance more than a threat.


Question: What Does Dee Dee Do in Ultimate Custom Night?

Answer: Dee Dee cannot jump scare you in Ultimate Custom Night. However, she randomly appears and sings. After her song, the difficulty of the animatronics you face increases, or you encounter an additional one.

Question: Is Dee Dee a Boy or a Girl in Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Answer: Dee Dee is a girl toy animatronic. She has similarities to Balloon Boy and JJ.

Question: Is Dee Dee a Canon Animatronic?

Answer: That is up for debate because Dee Dee’s role is so minor, and she doesn’t appear in the main FNaF lore. However, I still consider her canon because she is a toy animatronic. These animatronics were made for the 1987 reopening of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Question: How Do You Select Dee Dee in Ultimate Custom Night?

Answer: You cannot choose Dee Dee. However, she will randomly appear as you play. Unless you have DD Repel, she will sing and either increase your difficulty or introduce a new animatronic you have to face.

Question: Who Voices Dee Dee in FNAF?

Answer: Dee Dee is voiced by Stephanie Belinda Quinn.

Deedee FNAF Guide: Conclusion: “How Unfortunate”

With the impact Dee Dee has on the Ultimate Custom Night experience, it is unfortunate that she doesn’t have a prominent role in more FNAF games. Still, Ultimate Custom Night is worth playing just to experience the curveballs Dee Dee and XOR throw at you.

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