Vincent FNAF Guide

Vincent FNAF Guide

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Vincent is often seen (and known) as an alternate universe version of the Purple Guy.

He is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza owner, and he has a prominent role in The Return to Freddy’s fangames.

Vincent stands out because:

  • He is not canon. After Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, speculation was rife about the Purple Guy (and the Phone Guy). Fans
  • He helps out Mike Schmidt by calling him and offering tips and background information
  • In The Return to Freddy’s Classic minigames, he is both a killer and a helper

Vincent’s Appearance

Vincent is pixelated, so there is not a lot to his looks. He is purple in color with black eyes and black lips that form a smile. In The Return to Freddy’s 2, he is still purple and pixelated. However, his eyes now have small white pupils, and he wears a golden badge on his chest. Nevertheless, his smile remains, and he holds up a phone.

In The Return to Freddy’s 3, he is a deeper shade of purple, and his badge and lips are gone. Only his eyes remain. In The Return to Freddy’s 4, he has more prominent pupils, the smiling mouth remains, and the badge is more extensive. And in TRTF 5, he looks taller.

Bottom Line Up Front

Vincent appears in several TRTF fangames:

  • TRTF Classic
  • TRTF 2
  • TRTF 3
  • TRTF 4
  • TRTF 5

He mainly appears in the TRTF minigames, though he is mentioned in The Dreadful Truth.

Vincent Lore

Vincent was created by Tumblr user Rebornica, who made a series of FNAF fan comics. This was the first time the Purple Guy got a name, so the comic became quite popular.

The popularity was so significant, in fact, that people started referring to the Purple Guy as Vincent. Of course, this happened before Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was released. That game rendered Vincent irrelevant when it was released.

In fact, The Return to Freddy’s was initially called Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and it used stolen assets from the official franchise. However, this wasn’t Vincent’s final appearance. He also appeared in alternate universe fan games called The Return to Freddy’s.

In the games, Vincent is the person who calls Mike Schmidt and gives him information and tips on doing his job. He also shares details on animatronics.

Throughout the games (and a final digital novel called The Dreadful Truth), we learn that Vincent used to work at Fazbear Incorporated. However, he quit after realizing what his boss was doing to the other employees: enslaving them, beating them, and trapping them in animatronic suits that stabbed them.

Afterward, he meets up with his former colleague, Gron, who saw the same horrific ordeals. However, Gron hallucinates and enters a Golden Lockjaw suit which activates and kills him. Vincent sees this and rushes to Gron’s house, where he sees Gron’s son hanging from the ceiling with slit wrists.

In 1985, Vincent opened Fredbear’s Family Diner with animatronics like Chica, Bonnie, Doug The Dog, Sugar The Cat, KittyFazCat, Foxy, and Freddy. The restaurant surged in popularity, and Vincent hired a nightguard.

Vincent also killed BFP or the Lockjaw Child. However, in The Dreadful Truth, we learn that this one was an accident. In 1987, Vincent had a hallucination. While hallucinating, he put a child into an animatronic suit. The suit switched on and killed the child.

The child became a ghost who possessed the Bonnie suit. And soon, more animatronics started to move around. Vincent later expanded the building, turning it into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Two decades passed by with nothing of not happening. That is until Vincent hired Mike Schmidt as a security guard.

The ghost child put pieces of his soul into all of the animatronics, activating them and making them rip themselves apart. Vincent soon called Mike to describe his guilt about Gron’s death, and Mike quit the job soon after.

Vincent’s lore might not be as messed up as the canon FNAF lore, but it can still hold its own. However, I was not the biggest fan of the errors in the novel. Even though it’s a piece of fanfiction, the grammar and logic could be better.

So, don’t expect Hemingway if you choose to read The Dreadful Truth.


Vincent Lore

The Return to Freddy’s Classic

In the central part of the game, Vincent is the Phone Guy. He calls you on the five nights and offers helpful information to get you through the night. However, you can also see him in the minigames. You can access them by either dying, which doesn’t always happen or entering Custom Night number sequences.

In the first minigame, code “8/5/12/16/13/5/0”, you control Vincent at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Walk around until you reach the Parts/Service room. Here, you will see animatronics against the wall: Golden Freddy, Foxy, Chica, and Bonnie.

There is a Golden Freddy jumpscare if you walk to him. In the other minigame, you also play Vincent. The phone call from Night Four of the first Five Nights at Freddy’s plays while Vincent listens to the phone. As soon as the call ends, a Golden Freddy jump scare appears.

The Return to Freddy’s 2

This game is a prequel to TRTF Classic. Here, Vincent is still the Fredbear’s Family Diner owner. He appears in the Spring Bonnie minigame. Here, you play Spring Bonnie in a room with 6 hungry kids. You have to walk to them and feed them cakes, or they will turn red, showing their anger.

A purple car soon arrives, and Vincent enters the building. He approaches one child, then the child vanishes.

The Return to Freddy’s 3

Vincent in The Return to Freddy’s 3

This is the sequel to TRTF Classic. Vincent still appears exclusively in minigames. After you finish Night 5, the first minigame featuring Vincent starts.

You play him inside a building. Walk around until you reach the Parts & Services room. You will see Sugar and Lockjaw against the wall and a child in a blue shirt and black fedora. The child is crying, and if you approach them, they will run off to the opposite side of the room. The more you approach the child, the more they flee until they finally enter Lockjaw.

However, Lockjaw activates and kills the child. This is likely the reference to when Vincent had a hallucination and inadvertently killed the Lockjaw Child.

Vincent appears in another minigame called “He Has Been Here The Whole Time.” To access this minigame, you need to keep your eyes peeled for the Shadow Lockjaw poster in the office. Unfortunately, the poster rarely appears, so you have to keep looking for it.

When you see the poster, click on it to enter the minigame.

You will play as Shadow Lockjaw, who flies around locations from the game’s other minigames. For example, to find Vincent, go to the upper left corner of the first room. Vincent and Lockjaw are inside. Touch Lockjaw for the minigame to end.

Another minigame is called “A Past To Remember.” To activate this one, search for the drawing of Golden Freddy with a child and click on it. You will play as the Lockjaw Child alongside other children as they are being entertained by the animatronics.

You should go to the show stage and head behind it. You will reach a room with Golden Freddy. Do not approach Golden Freddy—that will kill you. Instead, jump onto the right wall to enter a secret room. Here, you will see a dead child and Vincent holding Golden Freddy’s head. Vincent then runs to you, and if you touch him or the child’s corpse, the minigame ends.

The next minigame featuring Vincent is “FBP.” To access it, press these buttons simultaneously: F B P.

You play as Vincent in this minigame. Then, walk around until you reach a small party room. Here, you will see some children—including Lockjaw Child—being entertained by Lockjaw. The minigame ends when you approach Lockjaw Child.

“Vigo’s Joyful Day” is the last minigame in TRTF 3 that features Vincent.

Rotate your office’s view to the right and push the top green crate to access it.

You play as Vigo, a snake animatronic exclusive to TRTF 3. You start off in a big green room with 4 happy kids. Enter the next room, which is identical, and a child is crying. Enter the next room, and you will see Vincent looking at a dead child.

You can then leave the minigame through the EXIT door.

The Return to Freddy’s 4


In the main TRTF 4 game, Vincent is back to call you and offer information on the animatronics. Vincent also appears in all the minigames. In the Night 1 minigame, you play as Vincent. Walk around until you reach a room with a crying child in a yellow top. When you approach the child, Vincent kills them, and the minigame ends.

Between Nights 2 and 4, Vincent enters rooms with other crying children. Vincent kills them all. In Night 5, Vincent finds Gron and a hanging child (probably Gron’s son). Gron walks away, trips, and falls into a Golden Lockjaw suit. He looks around, then the suit kills him.

The Return to Freddy’s 5

The Return to Freddy’s 5 was canceled. However, you can still download and play it in its unfinished state—just don’t expect a smooth experience. Vincent appears in two minigames here. In the first one, “After BFP Death,” you play as one of Vincent’s victims, the Kitty FazCat Child.

You start in a room next to Sugar the Cat. The other side has Vincent next to the dying Lockjaw Child in the Lockjaw suit. Vincent flees, the Kitty FazCat child weeps, and the minigame ends.

In “Phone Guy Death,” you play as the same child. Vincent is on the phone. When you approach him, you automatically stab Vincent to death. The minigame then ends.


William Afton

William Afton

William Afton is the canonical version of the Purple Guy, which we learn in FNAF 3. He is the franchise’s main villain. He built animatronics to murder children, and he also took part in the murders. However, his youngest child fell victim to one of those animatronics.

Afton eventually died while hiding from his victims’ souls. He hid in a Spring Bonnie suit that malfunctioned and impaled him. However, this wasn’t the end of William Afton. 30 years later, he comes back as Springtrap.


Question: Who Is Vincent in FNAF?

Answer: Vincent is a fan-made version of the Purple Guy (later revealed to be Willian Afton). Vincent was conceived by a Tumblr user called Rebornica.

Question: Is Vincent in FNAF?

Answer: No. Vincent exists in fan-made creations, like the comics from Rebornica and The Return to Freddy’s fan-made games.

Question: Who Is The Purple Guy?

Answer: The Purple Guy turns out to be William Afton, the main villain in FNAF. However, after the release of FNAF, fans took to calling him Vincent because of some popular fanfiction. In The Return to Freddy’s fan-made games, Vincent’s character is different from William Afton’s.

Question: How Do I Play Vincent in FNAF?

Answer: You can only play or interact with Vincent in the Return to Freddy’s fan-made games. However, you can also read about him in The Dreadful Truth, a fan-made novel that follows the Return to Freddy’s games.

Vincent FNAF Guide: Conclusion

Even though he is a fan-made creation, Vincent is an interesting character with a layer of depth you can appreciate. It’s worth playing the Return to Freddy’s game just to experience the minigames with Vincent.

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