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FNAF Movie Cast Guide

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is finally on the horizon! After years of hoping and waiting, the film is coming out on October 27–just in time for Halloween. 

Since the first FNAF horror game came out in 2014, fans have clamored for a film adaptation. The franchise has earned one, especially if you consider the success of the video games and the deep lore. 

Warner Bros. acquired the film rights in 2015, but the FNAF movie encountered many delays. Warner Bros. eventually gave up on the movie, and it fell into the hands of Blumhouse Productions. Founder and CEO Jason Blum respects the source material. As the FNAF movie producer, he has secured the services of a talented cast. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie currently has nine cast members, including two A-listers: Josh Hutcherson and Matthew Lillard, who will play William Afton. 

Casting History

The first casting news came in December 2022 with the announcement of Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson. At the time, we didn’t know their roles.

However, we later learned who they’d be playing during a live stream from popular YouTuber Dawko. Lillard would play the main franchise villain, William Afton, while Hutcherson would portray security guard Mike Schmidt. 

Dawko also revealed that Piper Rubio and Mary Stuart Masterson would join the cast. Masterson’s role is still a secret, but we know Rubio plays Abby Schmidt. 

In March 2023, Elizabeth Lail and Kat Conner Sterling joined the cast, along with Jessica Blackmore and Lucas Grant. 

This should cover the main cast. I’m sure a few other cast members are yet to be announced, but I doubt their roles will be significant. 

FNAF Movie Cast Guide

Matthew Lillard 

Matthew Lillard has the most fun role in the movie as he plays the chief horror villain in the franchise, William Afton. 

William Afton

William Afton is among the most devious horror villains ever, so he’s earned his step up to the silver screen. 

William co-founded Fazbear Entertainment, which opened Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Despite his success, Afton had a sinister side: he was a child killer. Afton often wore the spring lock suit of Spring Bonnie, a character the children who visited the restaurant loved. William would lure the kids to the back of the diner, where he killed them and stuffed their bodies in the other animatronic suits. 

However, the kids didn’t stay dead. Instead, their souls possessed the animatronics William had stuffed them inside. One day, they had their revenge. 

They attacked William, who ran to the back of the diner and hid inside the Spring Bonnie spring lock suit. However, the suit malfunctioned and fatally punctured him. 

However, thanks to Remnant, William also didn’t stay dead. He returned as Springtrap and later as various iterations, from Glitchtrap to Burntrap. William’s apparent immortality means he can return in different forms in several FNAF film sequels–if the upcoming movie is successful.

In the official film trailer, William is on the phone with Mike while behind a desk belonging to Steve Raglan, a career counselor. Is this his alias, or did he murder the real Steve Raglan and impersonate him to lure Mike to a potentially fatal job? We’ll know when the movie comes out. 

Matthew Lillard’s Past Roles

Matthew Lillard is a modern horror legend, and you can’t convince me otherwise. He was–spoiler alert–one of the villains in 1996’s Scream and killed it in his role as Stu. 

However, Lillard became a household name for his work as Shaggy Rogers in Scooby-Doo. He didn’t just star as Shaggy in the live-action Scooby-Doo films; he also portrayed the character in over 30 animated Scooby-Doo features, TV specials, and series. Lillard has become so synonymous with the role that you can’t imagine anyone else as Shaggy. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Matthew Lillard gives 110% to every role. Despite sharing screen space with another baddie in the first Scream movie, he’s among the most memorable villains in the Scream franchise. Lillard also performed the role of Shaggy so well that you naturally think of him when you think of the character–like how the late, great Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill became synonymous with Batman and Joker, respectively. 

Even in flopped movies, like the cult favorite Thirteen Ghosts, Lillard’s committed performance made them watchable. 

Matthew Lillard knows how to play unhinged characters and has experience playing villains, so he’s the perfect actor to portray William Afton. He will bring a devious, maniacal energy that suits the child killer. 

Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson plays Mike Schmidt, a security guard whose real identity is Michael Afton–William Afton’s son. 

Mike Schmidt

For brevity’s sake, let’s focus on the Mike Schmidt alias–since Michael Afton’s lore is significantly deeper and takes place over several games. Mike appears in FNAF 2 as a night security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. 

Mike experienced hallucinations during his shifts and survived attacks from the animatronics, which roamed the establishment at night. However, after surviving one week, Mike lost his job for tampering with the animatronics’ AI. 

The official movie trailer reveals that Mike is desperate for a job. Since Mike’s sister, Abby, accompanies him to his job as a night security guard, I’m guessing they live together and don’t have parents or close relatives. 

Josh Hutcherson’s Past Roles

Josh Hutcherson was a child actor, appearing in productions like The Polar Express and Journey to the Center of the Earth. However, it wasn’t until Josh landed a major role in the Hunger Games that he rose to prominence. The actor appeared in the first four films as Peeta, a rebel, and Katniss Everdeen’s love interest.

Josh has also landed supporting roles in popular films like The Disaster Artist. I found one horror film he’s acted in, 2017’s Tragedy Girls. He plays an influencer who targets the main characters. Tragedy Girls is a fun slasher movie, so seeing how Josh plays Mike Schmidt will be interesting. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Josh Hutcherson has that adorable puppy-dog look, so he’s a good bet for a relatable character. This is important for a horror movie like Five Nights at Freddy’s, where most characters are animatronics. 

FNAF is Josh’s chance to show he’s a true leading man, so I, for one, am rooting for him. 

Piper Rubio

Piper Rubio plays a new character, Abby Schmidt, in the FNAF horror movie. However, who is this character?

Abby Schmidt

Abby is Mike Schmidt’s young sister. In the games, his sister is Elizabeth Afton. So, here’s my question: is Abby a renamed Elizabeth Afton or an original character?

Based on the latest trailer (and after scrounging the internet), Abby could be an alternate version of Elizabeth, introduced so she can have a more prominent role in the sequels. Her name is also an anagram of baby, meaning Circus Baby might appear in the FNAF film. 

I also enjoyed how the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza want her to join their ranks. Circus Baby could be among them. However, since the animatronics are already possessed by the livid souls of William Afton’s child victims, they could be jealous of Abby being alive and attack her because of that jealousy. 

In the official trailer, we see Abby with Freddy Fazbear–in a taxi and outside Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. So, my question is: do the animatronics convince Abby to join their ranks, or does Freddy protect her–similar to how Glamrock Freddy protects Gregory in FNAF: Security Breach?

Piper Rubio’s Past Roles

Piper Rubio is a child actor, so Five Nights at Freddy’s is among her first roles. Before FNAF, she had minor roles in:

  • Unstable
  • Pretzel and the Puppies
  • How We Role
  • Holly & Ivy
  • Coop and Cami Ask the World

With Piper’s upcoming role in FNAF, you can be sure that her performance will pave the way for more prominent roles in future movies and TV shows. It all depends on how well the FNAF movie performs. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Despite her lack of industry experience, Piper’s role as Abby isn’t the most demanding. Additionally, it will be interesting to see her take on this alternate version of Elizabeth Afton. Josh Hutcherson will do most of the heavy lifting acting-wise, but I’m excited to see what Piper brings to the role. 

Elizabeth Lail

Elizabeth Lail takes on the role of Vanessa Monroe. 

Vanessa Monroe

In the games, we first met Vanessa as a beta tester for a virtual reality video game: The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. However, she later became a security guard for Fazbear Funtime Services. 

Vanessa became a villain by Security Breach, pursuing the main character Gregory and infecting the Glamrock Animatronics with a virus. However, she was influenced by William Afton’s digital consciousness, Glitchtrap. 

However, based on the movie trailer, Vanessa is a cop who warns Mike Schmidt about the threat the animatronics pose. Additionally, from what we can tell in the FNAF trailer, William Afton is alive, so he probably hasn’t influenced Vanessa to do his bidding. 

Elizabeth Lail’s Past Roles

Elizabeth Lail has already had a fair few roles, and since she’s still in her early 30s, her star will only keep rising. I saw her in the Once Upon A Time TV series as Anna of Arendelle. She also starred in Dead of Summer as Amy Hughes and had a role in NBC’s Ordinary Joe as Jenny Banks. 

Thankfully, Elizabeth is no stranger to horror. Dead of Summer takes place in a 1980s summer camp, and–like other slashers before it—a rising body count. Elizabeth also starred in Countdown, a 2019 horror movie about a mobile app that accurately predicts when you will die. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Elizabeth Lail has already demonstrated her acting chops in horror and supernatural settings, so she’ll be at home in a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. As supporting character Vanessa, I expect Elizabeth to play the cop as straight-laced–at least, in the beginning. 

However, suppose she ends up being Vanny in the FNAF movie sequels. In that case, I expect Vanessa to start falling under the influence of William Afton. This could happen in the later parts of the FNAF movie, if not the sequel. I reckon they’ll do away with the Glitchtrap because it would be complicated to show the character in a film with time limits. 

Kat Conner Sterling

Kat Conner Sterling plays Max in the upcoming FNAF horror movie. 


Max is a new character introduced in FNAF. We still don’t know if she’s another retconned character from the FNAF video games or if she’s completely original. 

Since Max has remained a mysterious character, I can only speculate. However, I have two suspicions. 

First, I suspect Max is Mike Schmidt’s friend or girlfriend. She could accompany him during one of the five nights and encounter the animatronics. Since she’s a minor character and the movie already has Abby–who I suspect might be the final girl, though it’s hard to tell in a franchise like FNAF–I think Max will be one of the animatronics’ victims. 

Kat Conner Sterling’s Past Roles

Kat Conner Sterling is relatively new in acting, having landed her first role in 2019. You can see her in The Resident, 9-1-1, and The Gifted. 

Why You Should Be Excited

This is Kat’s big-screen break, so she’ll give it her all. She’s also a franchise fan and revealed Freddy Fazbear as her favorite character, so hopefully, her passion for the franchise will fuel her performance in the movie. 

Mary Stuart Masterson

Mary Stuart Masterson
Image from Fandom

Mary Stuart Masterson portrays a mysterious character. However, we know it’s a villain. 

Mary’s Character

Theories have popped up online about Mary’s character in FNAF. Some fans guess she will play William Afton’s wife. In contrast, others imagine her as a character who constantly gets in Mike’s way or even the mom of one of the missing children. 

While any of those theories could be accurate, I have another: she’s playing Chica. 

All the actors I’ve mentioned above play human characters, yet FNAF has more animatronics than humans. Chica is among the few speaking animatronics and even sings and dances. Mary could be the voice of Chica, a villainous character among the original animatronics. 

Mary Stuart Masterson’s Past Roles

Mary is a seasoned award-winning actress, making her film debut in 1975’s The Stepford Wives. She starred in 80s and 90s classics like Some Kind of Wonderful, Fried Green Tomatoes, and At Close Range. 

Most of her roles have been comedic and dramatic, but Mary has also acted in horror movies. She starred in 1992’s Mad at the Moon, a romantic horror about a young woman who falls for a man who’s secretly a werewolf. However, I suggest you watch the more recent (and way more disturbing) Daniel Isn’t Real. It’s a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing whether the title character is a demon or a figment of the main character’s imagination. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Mary Stuart Masterson is a respected and seasoned actress with an impressive career. Her performances have convinced me that she can bring dramatic heft to her role and have fun with it. 


Yes, popular FNAF YouTuber CoryxKenshin is in this movie! He plays a cab driver. 

Cab Driver

There’s not much to say about this role other than that it’s a cameo. Abby and Freddy enter his cab, he muses why he always gets weirdos as passengers, and that’s about it. 

CoryxKenshin’s Past Roles

Despite being a popular FNAF YouTuber with over 7 billion views on his channel, he hasn’t had any acting experience. The FNAF movie is the popular YouTuber’s first acting role. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Why shouldn’t you? He’s one of the best video game YouTubers still active, he can make you laugh without trying, and he’s a franchise fan. Casting him is a very welcome piece of fanservice that shows how much research Jason Blum has done on the franchise. 

I love that FNAF is CoryxKenshin’s film debut. Since it’s a cameo, he will likely pour his all into the few moments he has. 

Lucas Grant

Lucas Grant
Image from Fandom

Lucas Grant plays Garrett, another mysterious character whose role will become clearer as the movie approaches release. 


FNAF has no character called Garrett. However, like Abby and the rest, he’s likely a character we already know. 

I agree with the internet’s speculation that Garrett could be the Crying Child. Garrett appears in the FNAF movie trailer during a flashback–at least, it looks like one–and he’s in the back of a car driving away from the distraught Mike Schmidt. 

Could we see the Bite of 83? That would be a dream come true–for me and countless other FNAF fans. 

Lucas Grant’s Past Roles

Lucas is still young, so his acting career is starting. The actor has appeared in Pam & Tommy, 9-1-1: Lone Star, and The Patient. 

Why You Should Be Excited

If my guess about Garrett being the Crying Child is accurate, we could see a live-action rendition of the Bite of 83! That scene should have moviegoers squirming in their seats. 

Jessica Blackmore

Jessica Blackmore
Image from Fandom

Jessica Blackmore plays Mike Schmidt’s mom. 

Mike Schmidt’s Mother

No one knows Mrs. Afton’s name in the FNAF horror games, and she only receives mentions. Because of her age, she probably appears in the flashback. I’m okay with that because the character will probably make Mike a more relatable character. 

Jessica Blackmore’s Past Roles

Jessica has had minor roles in movies and TV shows like Five Days at Memorial (I like that title), NCIS: Los Angeles, Leverage: Redemption, and more. 

As for horror, Jessica appeared in 2009’s The Sacred and 2008’s short movie Mina. 

Why You Should Be Excited

Jessica Blackmore knows horror, so she’s perfectly cast as Mike’s mom. The appearance of Mrs. Schmidt is also a welcome surprise as she can add to the franchise lore in new ways. 


Question: When Is The Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Releasing?

Answer: The FNAF movie will be released in theaters and on Peacock on October 27, 2023.

Question: What Is The FNAF Movie Casting?

Answer: The FNAF movie cast includes Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, Piper Rubio, Elizabeth Lail, Kat Conner Sterling, CoryxKenshin, Lucas Grant, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Jessica Blackmore. 

Question: Is YouTuber CoryxKenshin In The FNAF Movie?

Answer: Yes! The official FNAF movie trailer confirmed that CoryxKenshin is part of the FNAF movie. He will have a cameo as a cab driver who encounters Freddy Fazbear and Mike Schmidt’s little sister, Abby.


We might learn about new cast members and characters as October approaches and even about the mystery characters.

I’m looking forward to seeing them on the big screen–especially Matthew Lillard, my favorite. My excitement for the FNAF movie is through the roof, and I hope you’re also excited to see the promising cast do their thing. 

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