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If you’re like me, you enjoy playing and replaying certain games. In my case, it’s horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, fatigue often sets in when you play the same thing repeatedly with no new insights or content to spice things up. Then again, this is common in offline games without open worlds that take years to explore.

FNAF offers compact experiences, but that’s the fun of it. However, once you’ve replayed the games several times, the experience can grow stale. There’s a solution, though: mods. You can change certain aspects of games that make them tougher, make visual changes, or experience new challenges through mods. They breathe new life into games.

In the case of FNAF, plenty of mods exist. I’ve gone through many of them to tell you about the most incredible, exciting, and weirdest ones.

Bottom Line UpFront

When made right, mods can enhance your gaming experience. That’s what the mods I’ve mentioned below do. They are the best ones you can play today (some of them get taken down for using unethical practices or being unstable). These mods will make FNAF feel fresh and exciting again.

Note that many mods belong to FNAF: Security Breach. This is because Security Breach is the latest FNAF game and offers the best support for modders. You can even make mods using tools like Blender.

How I Made My Selections

Mods exist in all forms, from new characters to gameplay changes.

I might be subjective in the mods I chose, so below are my selection criteria to give you a feel of my rationale.

  • Popularity: While some mods might be trendy for a few weeks or months, others stand the test of time. These are the mods that gamers have always loved, and with good reason.
  • Functionality: no one likes a buggy mess (except for Goat Simulator, of course). So, I’ve included mods that won’t break your game.
  • Versatility: though I’ve included mods for FNAF games, you will also see mods that put FNAF characters in other games. After all, you can’t have too much FNAF, even in other games.
  • Creativity: some mods offer pure entertainment while others show us the same characters in new ways. Either way, you can’t deny these mods’ creativity.

Let’s get started!

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Save File 100

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Save File 100

  • Creator: Toaster591
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Sometimes, you simply can’t 100% complete a game no matter how hard you try. Maybe there’s a puzzle you can’t figure out, a boss whose movements feel like cheating, or a hidden object you can’t find. It can get frustrating, but that’s where this mod comes in.

With “Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Save File 100,” you get a game save file at 100% completion. The mod unlocks all the achievements in the game for you. If you’ve struggled to complete Security Breach, you can finally get it off your “to-be-completed” list.

Installing this mod is straightforward. Simply save it at this destination on your PC: AppData\Local\fnaf9\Saved\SaveGames. If that doesn’t work, change the file’s name to “AutoSave” and try it again.

Hot tip: If a mod doesn’t work after following all the instructions, just look at the mod page and browse the creator’s guidelines or comments (if any). If it still doesn’t work, contact the creator, and they’ll get back to you with some luck.

2. Patrolling StaffBot Removal

Patrolling StaffBot Removal

  • Creator: Mazeo
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

STAFF Bots are a significant part of Security Breach.

They work as janitors, servers, and security guards. Most are harmless, but Security Bots and Alpha STAFF Bots can attack you, and Cleaner Bots will alert the animatronics if you get in their way. In short, these bots can hamper your progress and get on your nerves. The bots can be especially frustrating true if you’re trying to rush through the game and don’t want to face distractions.

That’s where Patrolling StaffBot Removal comes in. This mod removes the bots’ functionality, so you no longer have to worry about them.

The only parts that remain are their hats, but the bots are essentially gone. They won’t spot you, attack you, or alert the animatronics. This should give you an easier time exploring the game if you’re not up for a considerable challenge.

However, the caveat is that the game might become too simple in sections like West Arcade.

3. DAZassassin100’s Glamrock Foxy

DAZassassin100's Glamrock Foxy

  • Creator: DAZassassin100
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Roxanne Wolf replaced Foxy in Security Breach. However, Foxy is among the most popular animatronics, so you might wish to face him instead. If this is you, consider your wish granted. “DAZassassin100’s Glamrock Foxy” is a Security Breach mod (among the most popular ones) on Nexus Mods.

Creator DAZassassin100 replaced Roxanne Wolf with Glamrock Foxy, so you face him every instance Roxanne Wolf should appear. It gets better: the modder made three versions of the skin:

  • Shattered
  • Clean
  • Dirty

Drop the mod into the game’s Content/Paks folder to install it, and it should work. If you like this mod, I suggest looking at DAZassassin’s other ones, like GlamRock Bonnie. The modder has also created fan art for additional IPs like The Mandalorian and Star Wars Battlefront 2.



  • Creator: SteelWool
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Remember the DJ Music Man boss fight? It was intense, frightening, and overwhelming because of DJ Music Man’s massive size. However, what if you faced Circus Baby instead and, to worsen things, you had to fight her when she was significantly larger and had spider legs?

That’s what this mod gets you. DJ Circus Baby still has the movements of DJ Music Man, so it won’t be a new experience when it comes to gameplay. However, DJ Circus Baby now has a massive form that makes her the stuff of nightmares. I applaud the imagination of SteelWool.

5. Smol Heady Freddy

Smol Heady Freddy

  • Creator: Bubble Vee
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Glamrock Freddy is among the few animatronics who try to save you instead of murdering you. In Security Breach, he is Gregory‘s ally and resists Vanny’s power. Through this mod, Glamrock Freddy also becomes a bit of comic relief. His head shrinks to a fraction of its standard size, though the rest of him remains the same.

This mod is a special one for me. It reminds me of Beetlejuice when the title character meets Harry the Haunted Hunter (a character with a super-small head that contrasts his large frame).

6. No More Mazercise Mod

No More Mazercise Mod

  • Creator: Storebrand_Mods
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game:FNAF: Security Breach

Ugh, Mazercise. This puzzle is among the most frustrating ones in any FNAF game. You have to navigate an unforgiving maze that makes losing your way and sense of direction easy. Even when replaying Security Breach, Mazercise is one of those sections many gamers don’t look forward to playing.

No More Mazercise Mod is a lifesaver if you’re among these gamers. As its name implies, the Mod removes this pesky puzzle by removing all the walls except those that help you reach the end of the room. If you install the mod, remember to get the Mazercise control key before you enter the vent. Otherwise, it will break the quest.

Speaking of installation, No More Mazercise takes more effort than copying and pasting. You can install it through two methods: using FNAF: SB Mod Loader or Unvernum. Whichever you choose, the mod page has all the installation info you need.

7. The Weeknd Blinding Lights over Fazer Blast song

The Weeknd Blinding Lights over Fazer Blast song

  • Creator: Vic
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Remember the Fazer Blast section of Security Breach? The background music is okay, but what if a song by The Weeknd played instead?

This mod plays the pop star’s song, “Blinding Lights.”

This song is a refreshing addition, especially if you’re replaying the game. Music is among the first things I turn off when replaying games because of how monotonous it gets. This mod is a godsend to guys like us. It also helps that the transition to the song is seamless, making it feel like the developers licensed the music (and it makes me wish for more mods like this).

8. Restored Blacklights

Restored Blacklights

  • Creator: SonicBoom13561
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Games: FNAF: Help Wanted & FNAF 3

There were a couple of things Scott Cawthon developed for FNAF that never saw the light of day. One of them is a Blacklight texture that gave the animatronics a haunted look with glowing eyes. This mod restores the blacklights by replacing the textures of Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy. You can see it at work in:

  • FNAF 3
  • FNAF 1
  • Segments of Help Wanted (Title Screen, Action Figures, Gallery, and Parts and Service)

The mod doesn’t work for every level in Help Wanted, but it’s an admirable effort, especially considering that the earlier FNAF games are not the easiest to mod. Restored Blacklights adds spookiness to the game and gives the main characters a new, intimidating look.

9. Five Nights at Freddy s 2 Rebooted

Five Nights at Freddy s 2 Rebooted

  • Creator: flanik
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Games: FNAF 2

FNAF 2 has its fair share of animatronics. This ramps the tension, but what if the game slimmed down? That’s what you get with Five Nights at Freddy s 2 Rebooted. According to the mod’s premise, Fazbear Entertainment closed down again because someone used the spring lock suits.

So, the owners sent in a new security guard to oversee how the restaurant removed its animatronics. The only remaining animatronics are the original ones, and it’s you against them. This mod doesn’t just give you the experience of playing as a new security guard; it also makes the game feel like FNAF 1. To top things off, it also allows cheats like skipping nights.

10. The Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod

The Five Nights at Freddy's Mod

  • Creator: mephilislive
  • Source: CurseForge
  • Games: Minecraft

Yes, FNAF has gained popularity in Minecraft. In The Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod, the FNAF world comes to Minecraft. It offers animatronics, custom structures, and more, including:

  • The Office from FNAF 1, 2, and 3
  • Pirate Cove
  • Withered Animatronics
  • Kids Cove
  • The Stage

This mod shows how FNAF has grown in popularity and seeped into other games. However, since the modders created The Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod in MCreator, expect a few bugs (nothing game-breaking or ruinous to your experience, but it probably won’t be smooth sailing).

11. FNAF Breach Mods for Minecraft

FNAF Breach Mods for Minecraft

  • Creator: WeVAD Apps
  • Source: Google Play Store
  • Games: Minecraft Pocket Edition

FNAF Breach Mods for Minecraft is similar to the above mod. However, this is a mobile-only mod for your Android device. It also needs Minecraft Pocket Edition to work. Once you meet those requirements, though, you get an in-depth FNAF experience, including:

  • Areas from Security Breach and other FNAF games
  • Animatronic skins like Montgomery, Bonnie, and Freddy

The mod also receives periodic updates from its creators, so it’s significantly more stable than it was in earlier months. This commitment has made FNAF Breach Mods for Minecraft a hit: it has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store.

12. GTA 5 Mod Five Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Pack

  • Creator: JR59
  • Source: Patreon
  • Games: Grand Theft Auto 5

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 5, have you ever wished you could get an animatronic as a player character?

Thanks to GTA 5 Mod Five Nights at Freddy’s Nightmare Pack, that’s possible. This mod replaces the player characters with nightmare animatronics:

  • Nightmare Bonnie
  • Nightmare Freddy
  • Nightmare Chica
  • Nightmare Foxy

You can still go on your rampages throughout the game world, but this time you’ll be doing it as armed animatronics.

The only caveat with this mod is that it isn’t free. To get it, you must be a Patreon subscriber to JR59, which starts at $10 per month. Paying is not a great deal if all you want is this particular mod. However, it might be worth considering if you also install JR59’s other GTA V Mods (which add characters from different IPs into the game).

13. Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod

Five Nights at Freddy's Mod

  • Creator: WerewolfGuardian
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Games: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You can’t talk about mods without mentioning Skyrim. Skyrim is among the most-modded games of all time, so it’s only natural to have a FNAF mod.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Mod lets you play as FNAF characters. Imagine riding a dragon as Balloon Boy, becoming a Withered Bonnie-shaped vampire, picking pockets as Shadow Bonnie, or cooking Skyrim delicacies as Chica. Just push your keyboard’s ~ button to switch characters and type “Showracemenu.”

This mod also has a distinct twist you won’t find anywhere else: you can play as FNAF-related characters you’ve never seen outside minigames (or even personalities related to FNAF). The characters include:

  • Mike Schmidt
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald
  • Purple Guy
  • Markiplier (yes, the Markiplier)

14. Glamrock Bonnie Over Monty

Glamrock Bonnie Over Monty

  • Creator: Me and Steel Wool Studios
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Montgomery Gator, or Monty in short, is among the most challenging animatronics you can face in Security Breach. He’s faster than the other Glamrock animatronics, and since he’s donning sunglasses, you can’t stun him with the Faz-Cam or Fazer Blaster. As a result, taking Monty down is often an arduous process.

Monty is also the new bass guitarist after Bonnie. If you want to face the original guitarist, this mod brings him in his Glamrock form. Glamrock Bonnie over Monty replaces Monty with Glamrock Bonnie. This is just a visual upgrade, so don’t expect Glamrock Bonnie to act drastically different from Montgomery Gator.

Instead, enjoy the sleek look of this intimidating animatronic as he pursues you and tries to give you a jump scare. He even looks great after losing his bottom half (like Monty). Like several other Security Breach mods, you need Unverum to install Glamrock Bonnie over Monty.

15. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Revised

Five Nights at Freddy's: Revised

  • Creator: Hunter_Towe
  • Source: ModDB
  • Game: FNAF 1

If you’ve mastered FNAF 1 and are looking for ways to make it fun and unexpected, take a close look at Five Nights at Freddy’s: Revised. This mod adds unlockable content and subtle details like:

  • Endless Night
  • Cheats
  • Prizes
  • Extras Menu
  • New Custom Night AI

My favorite mode is Endless Night, and I got hooked once I played it for the first time. The mode lets you play for a neverending night. Depending on how you tweak the other settings, this mode can be a breeze or soul-crushingly challenging. Imagine being constantly alert and on edge for hours until one of the animatronics finally gets you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Revised feels like the FNAF 1 DLC we never got, and it’s among my favorites to fire up when I’m up for a challenge.

16. Horror ReShade for Security Breach by Kaito

Horror ReShade for Security Breach by Kaito

  • Creator: Hunter_Towe
  • Source: ModDB
  • Game: FNAF 1

Have you ever looked at Security Breach and thought it was too bright, colorful, and happy-looking? If so, this mod is for you. Kaito’s Horror ReShade for Security Breach changes the game’s shading and makes it bleaker and darker. This bleakness gives Security Breach the feel of the first few FNAF games and other horror games (like Outlast).

Even though this is a fantastic mod on its own, I’d prefer something darker and grittier, maybe even a version with washed-out colors that feels like an old black-and-white movie. Unfortunately, that would make things like DJ Music Man increasingly frightening.

To install it, install the Reshade folder and use its “.ini” file as a source. If the mod doesn’t work, get in touch with the modder, who has a Discord channel.

17. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 NPCs / ENTs (Toy Edition)

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 NPCs / ENTs (Toy Edition)

  • Creator: pillow
  • Source: Steam Workshop
  • Game: Gary’s Mod

Gary’s Mod is among the best physics sandbox games you can play. The game strongly supports modders, so it’s no surprise it also has a couple of FNAF mods.

The coolest one I found is Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 NPCs / ENTs (Toy Edition). From the mod’s driven creator, pillow, you can now relive the terrors of FNAF in Gary’s Mod. It gives you access to characters from different FNAF games. They don’t run, but they whisper, have scare sounds, and jump scare you.

Depending on your settings, you might kill them (which I found immensely gratifying) or make them immortal. For instance, you can make Balloon Boy immortal and immune to your flashlight. However, he will cause other animatronics to attack you. Furthermore, since they don’t run, they teleport closer to you, which I found unsettling.

18. Five Nights at Vault 5

Five Nights at Vault 5

  • Creator: ZuTheSkunk
  • Source: ModDB
  • Game: Fallout New Vegas

Five Nights at Vault 5 brings the core FNAF experience to Fallout New Vegas. After installing Five Nights at Vault 5, you will find a new Vault in the top-center part of your map. Here, you will find the Arena, which gives you a survival training program. The program needs you to survive inside from midnight to 6 AM for five consecutive nights.

During that time, you will face sources of radiation and robots. A gift awaits you inside the Reward Room if you survive the entire five days. However, Night 5 is the toughest. You will only face one robot (The Nightmare), but it’s the most difficult to challenge. As an extra twist, you must also take note of the radioactive doors; after enough exposure, you will die.

Despite the mod’s popularity, ZuTheSkunk took it down in 2021 because he wasn’t satisfied with its quality. I beg to differ, along with many others; I felt the mod captured the essence of Five Nights at Freddy’s since you are helpless against the robots and have to be cautious. You can try out the mod from the link above and decide whether it’s excellent.

19. Roxy-Freddy Swap

Roxy-Freddy Swap

  • Creator: Trevor SInclair
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

Golden Freddy is the first animatronic I’ve empathized with in the franchise. However, not everyone likes Golden Freddy, and some would like to see him as the bad guy pursuing you.

That’s possible with the Roxy-Fredy Swap mod. Roxanne Wolf (or Roxy) becomes your friend and ally while Golden Freddy hunts you down. This switch makes for an exciting twist, mainly if you’ve grown fond of Golden Freddy in previous playthroughs.

However, note that Roxy’s tail won’t move if you install this mod. That’s because she uses Golden Freddy’s model, which doesn’t have a tail. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic mod.

20. The Classy Wetbot

The Classy Wetbot

  • Creator: Misonel
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

The Wet Floor Bots in Security Breach don’t do much more than staying in the background and watch you move. They are simple machines with glowing lights for eyes and round ears.

Misonel is a modder who decided to give the Wet Floor Bots some love. He created The Classy Wetbot, a mod that turns the machines classy. The changes are simple: a twirly mustache, a tiny top hat nestled between the ears, and a monocle linked to a gold chain that trails beyond the screen.

The change is purely cosmetic, but it should bring a smile whenever you look at these bots. To complete the bots’ look, I would add a bowtie and perhaps a cane. Installing The Classy Wetbot is straightforward. Simply copy the mod’s .pak file into the game’s root folder (fnaf9/Content/Paks).

21. Character Menu Backgrounds

Character Menu Backgrounds

  • Creator: Duskin Mods
  • Source: Nexus Mods
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

FNAF: Security Breach has progressive menu screens that show the game’s various locations while panning slightly. There’s nothing particularly wrong with these menus, but after seeing them for the hundredth time, it’s normal to yearn for something different. I know I did.

Character Menu Backgrounds from Duskin Mods changes that. Instead of locations, it uses the game’s characters for the menu screens. Character Menu Backgrounds gives us a refreshing change that still feels faithful: it’s something you can envision the developers making.

The characters Duskin Mods featured include:

  • Glamrock Chica
  • Montgomery Gator
  • Roxanne Wolf (she shares a screen with Glamrock Chica)
  • Golden Freddy
  • Shattered Glamrock Chica
  • Shattered Roxanne Wolf
  • Burntrap

Character Menu Backgrounds is a fantastic way to let you know what you’re getting into and the animatronics you will face. I highly recommend it.

22. Minecraft Pig Over Freddy

Minecraft Pig Over Freddy

  • Creator: RSH
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

If you can have FNAF mods in Minecraft, you can certainly have them the other way around. For example, Minecraft Pig Over Freddy is among the weirdest mods for Security Breach (if we’re talking about family-friendly mods).

As the name implies, this mod makes the Minecraft pig replace Golden Freddy. You get a pink pixelated pig you can ride on instead of hiding inside. The mod certainly makes for a different experience, though I think it would be stranger if the game had a third-party mode so you could see yourself and how goofy you look riding the pig.

If you’re looking for a mod that respects FNAF canon, avoid Minecraft Pig Over Freddy at all costs. However, this mod should pique your interest if you’re looking for a laugh.

23. Megareena’s Mega Pizzaplex

Megareena's Mega Pizzaplex

  • Creator: Springey
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

How would Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex look if Freddy wasn’t the main mascot but Megareena? The short answer is “creepier than you’d think.”

Megareena’s Mega Pizzaplex replaces Golden Freddy with Megareena throughout the pizzaplex. This includes posters, toys, wall paintings, and  your main ally. Although, I’ll admit, seeing Megareena approach me for the first time instead of Golden Freddy (then see her stomach open up) frightened me.

However, you can’t fault the modders’ dedication. Megareena’s Mega Pizzaplex took a lot of work, and creator Springey got help from other artists to bring it to life. The result is a distinct location that will make you glad Golden Freddy is your friend, not Megareena.

24. FazGlock


  • Creator: Haise Sasaki
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

In any FNAF game, you use a flashlight and environmental tools to slow down, stun, or scare away the animatronics. Unfortunately, such weak tools create a tense atmosphere because you must take care of your tools while keeping an eye on the enemies.

If you’ve ever wished to have the power to kill the animatronics instead of disabling them, this mod will make you grin. FazGlock arms you with a Glock, which you can use to disable the animatronics. This time, you are the one pursuing the bots.

The mod makes a refreshing change, and you can use it to vent out on your robotic pursuers. The only issue is the prompt realization that Security Breach doesn’t have an overwhelming number of enemies, so you must search for them.

25. Security Breach: ENDGAME

Security Breach: ENDGAME

  • Creator: MLSpence3D
  • Source: GameBanana
  • Game: FNAF: Security Breach

You probably never thought of two IPs in the same sentence, “Five Nights at Freddy’s” and “Marvel’s The Avengers.” However, modder MLSpence3D did. Thanks to the modder’s twisted imagination, we have Security Breach: ENDGAME. This mod turns the Security Breach characters into superheroes.

  • Roxanne Wolf becomes Black Panther
  • Golden Freddy becomes Iron Man (Iron Bear, specifically)
  • Vanessa becomes Loki
  • Chica becomes Black Widow
  • Gregory becomes Spider-Man
  • Montgomery Gator becomes Drax

Modder MLSpence3D also added posters of the actual Avengers to the corresponding characters’ walls. With this mod, I replayed the whole game to see the characters’ slick looks, especially Iron Freddy, who looks remarkable.

Security Breach: ENDGAME is the crossover you didn’t know you needed.


Question: Is FNAF for 9-year-olds?

Answer: Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game with an age rating of twelve and up, so it’s definitely not intended for a very young audience. These games involve jumpscares and an unsettling ambiance that wouldn’t be suited for nine-year-olds. Still, the games don’t include blood or gore that could otherwise scare children.

Question: Is FNAF still owned by Scott Cawthon?

Answer: Scott Cawthon stated in 2020 that he would retire from video game development. He still helped as an advisor on Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted and Security Breach. The games are currently being produced by Steel Wool games.

Question: Does GameStop have FNAF stuff?

Answer: Game Stop currently doesn’t carry any FNAF hoodies, but they often stay stocked on various plushies, Funko Pops, and other types of merchandise.

Question: Does FNAF have blood?

Answer: As stated in an earlier question, Five Nights at Freddy’s is more on the innocent side of horror video games, so there is no blood or gore. All the various death screens in the game are simple jumpscare from the animatronic that attacked and then a cut to black.

Question: Is Glamrock Freddy good?

Answer: While seemingly friendly and helpful in this game, Freddy will still attack if you let his battery run out. Besides, Freddy is your best friend and mech suit in this game.

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